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Preventive medicine focuses on maintaining physical and mental health of an individual as long as possible; it consists of prevention of several diseases and anti-aging medicine, both aimed to perform a preventive control of organism aging process throughout one's life, to avoid risk factors and precisely choose the most suitable kind of prevention (change of lifestyle, recommended medication, vitamins, microelements, food, recommended additional tests, etc.)

The goal of preventive medicine is to optimize state of health satisfactory at any age BEFORE a disease develops, is diagnosed and treated.

At Capital Clinic Riga clients are consulted by Dr. med. Jana Janovska:

   - Preventive medicine specialist,

  - Chairman of Baltic Association of anti-aging and preventive medicine, 

  - Lecturer of Internal diseases department at Riga Stradinsa University (RSU) and RSU scientific researcher,

  - Dr. Jana Janovska for several years mastered preventive medicine knowledge in Paris and Luxembourg.

Press release of the second meeting of the Committee on International Cooperation and Medical Tourism



On 05.11.2015  took place the second meeting of the Committee on International Cooperation and medical tourism. Among the participants were the representatives of public associations, who chose this Committee  as main and additional same time.

Among the main issues on the agenda was discussion of the Committee's work in December 2015 and 2016, consideration of proposals for the organization of the Committee on recovery and rehabilitation and the Charity Committee  in health care as a subcommittee of the Committee on International Cooperation and medical tourism, and other current questions.


On 29th of  September – 1st of  October in Kiev was held  successfully one of the largest events in Ukraine in the field of medical tourism - International Medical Tourism Exhibition and Conference MTEC.Kyiv.2015, which is traditionally held in parallel with the exhibition "Public Health" and Tourism market "UITM" .

Organizers of the exhibition - Premier Expo, Global Healthcare Travel Council and Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism.

Participants of the MTEC.Kyiv exhibition were medical and rehabilitation centers, hospitals, agencies and medical tourism clusters of  Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, Israel, Croatia, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Cyprus, the Czech Republic.

Anyone within three days had the opportunity to visit the exhibition stands of healthcare companies to explore the activities of organizations, services, achievements and advantages of the treatment. The  stand of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine was working for answers to the professional questions about  health system of Ukraine.

Violetta Ianyshevska: “Medical tourism maintain country economy


DoctorGeo&DoctorSPA Magazine

At the end of the last century, a trip to another country for medical treatment for ukrainians seemed something unreal. Internet just appeared and conquered countries and continents. And learn about the possibilities of treatment in foreign countries, to find the best hospital for treatment of a particular disease can be mainly on the advice of doctors or friends who have traveled abroad and have the necessary information and contacts.

Only in recent years with the development of modern information technologies the situation has changed greatly and the concept of "medical tourism" has become widely known. Though there is nothing new in this term , except the title itself. Already thousands of years ago people combined travel and treatment.

Medical tourism includes such concepts as "health tourism" - when people travel to improve health and appearance; "Diagnostic tourism" - where the main goal  is body examination (check-up), to make the correct diagnosis, to obtain the so-called "second opinion» (second-opinion); and proper "medical tourism" - when the main purpose of travel is to treat.

Med tourism  ... - the engine of national progress

Over the past decade the global market for medical tourism (MT) has already been formed and shows high growth rates. For example, revenues from the MT grew from $ 40 billion in 2004 to $ 500 billion in 2012, representing 14% of total tourism revenues ($ 3.2 trillion) as a whole, or 1.8% of world GDP. In developed countries, health care is a significant part of the economy of the state. According to the US Census Bureau, the annual income of the country's industry in 2012 was about $ 1.7 trillion. World Bank data show that spending on health in the EU can rise to 8% of GDP in 2000 to 14% in 2030.


In September 29 - October 2, 2014 was successfully held the 2nd Medical Tourism Exhibition and Conference MTEC.Kiev.2014 - the unique event, which is held annually jointly with exhibitions “Public Health” and “Ukraine International Travel Market” (UITT). Each day was full of events aimed at tuition, searching for new partners, demonstrating their services, being in the know of world medicine achievements. The international medical tourism market, as one of the promising area is fast growing, that explains the widespread interest among participants and crowded conference rooms.

Video report of MTEC.Kiev.2014 can much more better transmit  the event atmosphere and participants can mentally come back to the end of September and call to memory how it was.

See you next year at MTEC.Kiev.2015! Join us!


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