Liver cancer treatment abroad

Liver cancer occurs as a result of abnormal growth and degeneration of liver cells, followed by the development of a malignant tumor. For such a neoplasm, there is a tendency to early metastasis throughout the body, so the patient's life depends on how early the examination is carried out and the diagnosis is made.

Important! With liver cancer, the symptoms do not appear for a very long time, and the symptoms that appear are often confused with the symptoms of other diseases (hepatitis, cholecystitis). The patient is treated for a long time, cancer is detected at a late stage, when time has already been lost.

Liver cancer

Liver cancer treatment abroad includes the use of innovative techniques and the latest advances in the early diagnosis of oncology, which are not yet available to patients in home-country clinics. For example, methods for diagnosing liver cancer in Israel clinics allow to detect the disease at the earliest stage, when precious time has not yet been missed and there is hope for a complete recovery of the patient.

The approach to the treatment of liver cancer in foreign and domestic clinics is fundamentally different. In foreign oncological centers, a multidisciplinary group of doctors including specialists in the field of hepatology, chemotherapy, and radiation oncology, works with the patient. This approach allows you to adapt the standard treatment regimen to the individual characteristics of each patient.

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Benefits of Liver Cancer Treatment Abroad

Patients choose liver cancer treatment in clinics abroad because

  • Choosing a treatment method, the characteristics of a particular patient are taken into account: age, other chronic diseases, drug tolerance by the body. There is no standard treatment regimen, even for two people with the same diagnosis, it will be different;
  • In many foreign centers, patients are provided not only with therapeutic, but also psychological assistance. Psychologists work with people to help them get through a difficult life period;
  • The clinics have a price list for treatment with fixed prices for each procedure. The cost of treatment and its components are absolutely transparent.

How is liver cancer diagnosed in clinics abroad?

Often liver cancer is not a primary, but a secondary neoplasm, i.e. metastasis of the oncological process in another internal organ. Therefore, for a more accurate diagnosis, an examination of the whole body is prescribed.

To make an accurate diagnosis in clinics for the treatment of liver cancer abroad, the following studies are carried out:

  1. Physical examination, which includes palpation of the abdominal organs: liver, spleen, etc. The doctor examines the skin and whites of the patient's eyes for yellowness, looks for signs of ascites which is a constant component of liver cancer;
  2. To clarify the diagnosis, a series of blood tests is performed;
  3. Diagnostic imaging tests. These are MRI and CT, fluoroscopy, angiography, ultrasound. They help not only to detect a tumor, but also to determine its size, location, degree of penetration into the surrounding tissues, resection, damage to other organs and large blood vessels;
  4. With this procedure, you can take a sample of liver tissue for histology. In foreign clinics, this is done using laparoscopy, aspiration with a thin needle, or by surgery.

Attention! The presence of a malignant neoplasm in the liver is indicated by an elevated level of alpha-fetoprotein in the patient's blood.

Innovative methods of treatment of liver cancer abroad

Liver cancer treatment abroad

If a tumor is diagnosed at an early stage, the goal of treatment is to completely eliminate the oncological process with a minimum side effects. When treating liver cancer in clinics abroad, much attention is paid to how the patient tolerates therapy; doctors try to minimize the negative consequences of cancer treatment. If the disease is severe, the goal of treatment is to achieve a remission period, relieve symptoms and prolong the patient's life.

The patient can receive the following types of treatment:

  • Immunotherapy. Medications designed to improve the function of the immune system of the human body;
  • Targeted therapy. This is a new treatment method that is not used in our clinics. During therapy, the tumor is deprived of nutrients and oxygen, after which it dies. In liver cancer, a medicine is used to suppress the blood vessels that feed the tumor;
  • Embolization and radioembolization. A chemotherapy drug or tiny balls filled with a radioactive substance is injected into the affected area of the liver through a large blood vessel using a flexible tube. The method allows the destruction of tumor cells without damage and radiation exposure of the surrounding tissues and internal organs;
  • Proton therapy. This is a fundamentally new way to expose directly the tissue of the malignant neoplasm. Available only in a few clinics in the world;
  • Radiofrequency ablation. A local treatment method in which heat energy is used to destroy cancer cells if surgery is not recommended for the patient.

Surgical treatment and transplantation of a part of the liver is used if a suitable donor is available.

Which country to choose for oncology treatment?

All advanced treatment methods are used in clinics in Europe, Israel, USA, and Asian countries. You can choose a suitable country depending on the treatment method and the financial policy of the clinic:

  • People travel to Germany or Israel for mild chemotherapy with targeted drugs;
  • In Singapore and South Korea, minimally invasive and radiosurgery is well developed;
  • People go to China for cryosurgery. Also traditional oriental medicine is popular that helps to recover after treatment: acupuncture, massages, herbs.

The cost of liver cancer treatment in foreign clinics

The price of liver cancer treatment abroad depends on the stage of the disease, treatment methods, the prestige of the clinic and the qualifications of the attending physician. Therefore, the cost of treatment can be found out only after passing the diagnosis.

Here is the approximate cost of individual procedures in several countries (in dollars):


Price in Israel

Price in Turkey

Price in India

Price in Germany


from 2500

1500 - 2000




from 23000





180000 - 200000

68000 - 75000

39000 - 45000



from 26000

18000 - 20000

On request

from 25000

Violetta Yanyshevska
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