Happiness to be parents..... due to surrogate motherhood

Some day in everyone's life comes a time, when you need to think about family and descendants, with whom would like to share all the knowledges and experience we have got and even a desire to teach a child of craft of our ancestry, which is transmitted from generation to generation. But, modern people are not hurry up to build a family, clarify that first of all is important to provide a material base for themselves. Most of the people do not pay attention the fact, that childbearing age, for both woman and man, is reduced every year and because of the bad environment, constant stress, malnutrition, the fast pace of life are completely impact on human health, which could lead to irreparable consequences and diseases various nature, and as a result to the "infertility".

Although, there are other causes of infertility: the physiological characteristics, endocrinological, immunological and even psychological. If earlier, this problem does not bother anyone, because this problem did not exist, today 20% of couples faced with such problems.

However, modern reproductive medicine continues to develop, which allowed solving many reproductive problems of the majority of couples. At the same time, with developing of new technology of reproductology is also, rapidly developing a market of medical centers. Only in Ukraine approximately thirty medical clinics, which help couples to have a healthy baby. But, what do those couples, where the medicine in their cases is powerless? When, the health of woman does not allow to gestate a baby and even to become pregnant. For example, different deformation of the cervix cavity, complete obstruction of the fallopian tubes or their absence, illness of various kinds, when the pregnancy and the birth process may present a threat to the woman's life, as well as multiple attempts at in vitro fertilization, which unsuccessfully ended. But, even in this case, there is a way, which can help such couples, that is "surrogate mother."

Surrogacy - this is probably the only one way to help spouses with similar situations.

In many countries, this method is not used, because it is not regulated by law, some countries is not allowed surrogacy motherhood on a commercial basis, or perhaps because of religious reasons in principle. However, in Ukraine surrogate motherhood is permitted and is considered to be morally acceptable.  According to the law, the rights of couples (genetic parents) are fully protected. All process of surrogate motherhood is accompanied by experienced lawyers, fully respecting all the legal aspects of the law, and this method is only use strictly for medical reasons. Surrogacy method in Ukraine is strictly forbidden to single women and gay couples. Surrogate mother can only be fully healthy woman, both mentally and physically. The main condition for a women is to have their own children, as well as the willingness to give birth naturally way. If potential surrogate mother is married, it is absolutely necessary to have permitted the spouse.

What is this method? The received embryo by fertilization of the egg genetic mother by sperm of the genetic father, and transference this embryo to the body of a surrogate mother, so a surrogate mother is only responsible for the physiological stages of the whole process of pregnancy and the baby birth. Interesting to notice that the cost of this method in Ukraine starts from is 35 000 $, which is much more accessible than in many other countries, for couples who need help in creating a complete family. Also, the great advantage of Ukrainian nation and Ukrainian surrogate mothers are favorable legislation, professionalism and vast experience of reproduction clinics, the similar appearance of Ukrainian nation with European inhabitant, a great gene pool, high intelligence and culture education, as well as favorable pricing. So when you decide to need help of a surrogate mother, the only way - just go to Ukraine.