Online doctor consultation in Ukraine and abroad. Telemedicine.

It is difficult to disagree that technology makes our life more comfortable and convenient: the invention of the Internet, smartphones, the development of computers and new communication standards 4G and 5G contributes to the emergence of new channels and new ways of communication between people from all over the world, it’s enough to recall the opportunity to see the person through video calling in Skype, Viber or WhatsApp applications, which, for example, allows patients to receive online doctor consultation hundreds of kilometers from the clinic. All this contributed to the emergence of a new term - telemedicine, which with the development of medical tourism has become even more relevant. Let's look into this a bit more.

What is online telemedicine? Types of medical correspondence consultation.

Online doctor consultation through gadgets

Telemedicine or online doctor consultation is a branch of modern medicine in which a medical specialist has the opportunity to remotely discuss clinical problems that concern the patient and provide the necessary medical and diagnostic recommendations using existing gadgets with audio or video connection.

Today, the following types of telemedicine services exist around the world:

  • telemedicine consulting;
  • telemonitoring;
  • telescreening;
  • telepresence;
  • teleassistance;

 Interestingly! The most common is telemedicine consultation, or more simply, online consultation at a distance, which is an important part of the daily medical diagnostic work of doctors, i.e. there is a process of video or audio consultation with the patient, which ensures the approximation of qualified help, it allows  to quickly make and transmit clinical decisions, improves the quality and accessibility of medical care.

Online consultation of doctors with worldwide recognition

        For example, a patient from Iraq or China, knowing about the high quality of Ukrainian reproductive technologies, wants to consult with reproductologist in Ukraine about his treatment. On the contrary, a patient from Ukraine needs a consultation from a professor from Germany… Such a remote video doctor’s appointment will save not only time but also money: the cost of online admission is cheaper than an individual live consultation. Everything is simple - use online communication. If doctors have additional questions, they will consult with their audio communication colleagues. The family doctor can send the doctor of narrow specialization the results of tests using the Internet, and those, in turn, can establish a diagnosis. Doctors already conduct video consultations with each other through accessible programs, for example, Skype or instant messengers (Viber, WhatsApp and others), sending photos if, for example, it is a question of dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, bedsores and another.

The second opinion of the doctor is extremely important for a more accurate diagnosis, especially in cases of complex or rare diseases. Typically, patients need a consultation with a professor, or a consultation with a world-famous physician.

Advantages of the Doctor’s Second Opinion service and online consultation:

  • You will receive the expert opinion of a leading doctor from around the world regarding your disease. The important thing is that without wasting your time, effort and money on a trip abroad.
  • You can get a doctor’s consultation among the best specialists - professors, doctors of sciences, heads of specialized departments.
  • You will not wait in line to get an online appointment with the right specialist.
  • Complex medical terminology will be explained to you in a clear language through video communication.
  • You can ask any questions regarding the options for diagnosing and treating a particular disease during a video consultation. 

How much does online doctor consultation cost abroad and in Ukraine?

Video consultation of a doctor

The cost of online doctor consultation directly depends on his qualifications and employment. Quite often it is difficult for a world-famous doctor or how people are said the luminary of medicine, find time in his busy schedule of patients, operations and the like. After all, consultation is not only directly in communication. This requires a thorough study of the patient’s medical documentation, analysis of CT discs, MRI and other data. Also, the cost differs in different countries and different clinics. Also, the cost of an online consultation is affected by whether or not an interpreter is necessary and whether further written conclusions and translation of the results of the consultation are necessary. That is, the cost of online doctor consultation abroad and in Ukraine is individual and will be determined after the analysis of each specific case. Estimated prices:

  • Remote medical consultation in Ukraine - from 300 to 1500 hryvnas
  • Remote medical consultation abroad
  • from 50 Euros (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia)
  • from 100 USD (Turkey)
  • from 200 Euros (Germany, France, Israel, etc.) 

How to find a qualified doctor online and arrange a consultation with him?

Important! In addition to using the online search services of a qualified specialist, the patient has the opportunity to entrust this search to experts and professionals in order to find a solution to their clinical case as soon as possible. Ukraine also has excellent opportunities in this. The progressive development of the private sector of Ukrainian medicine, especially with the increase in medical patients from abroad, allows companies and clinics to effectively use telemedicine technologies in the treatment of patients from all over the world. UAMT can help you with this. The members of our Association are specialists in many areas of medicine - reproductologists, oncologists, surgeons, cardiologists, pediatricians, ophthalmologists, neuropathologists and others, not only from Ukraine, but also from many countries of the world, in particular Turkey, Israel, Germany, Georgia, Spain, Austria, Latvia, Spain, Italy and France.

        Therefore, do not waste your time - apply for an online consultation with a doctor, both in Ukraine and abroad right now - fill out the application, briefly describing the essence of the issue and our specialists will organize everything! You will be offered the optimal solution, taking into account the medical diagnosis and the need to obtain a second opinion (second opinion) of the doctor. Appointments are made round-the-clock for remote appointments.