Leukemia treatment in clinics of Belarus

Leukemia treatment in Belarus

The basis of leukemia as a disease is the formation of blast (young) blood cells in the bone marrow instead of normal (mature) ones. Blast cells divide uncontrollably, replacing normal blood cells. Over time, this manifests itself in the form of weakness, multiple hemorrhages on the body, enlarged lymph nodes and bone pain.

Standard leukemia therapy does not always give a positive result. Many patients go to Belarus for treatment of blood cancer, where doctors have experience and the necessary equipment for transplantation. In addition, the cost of an operation in the republic is one of the most affordable in Europe. Treatment of leukemia in Belarus with a bone marrow transplant allows to return to normal life even for those patients who are at high risk of relapse.

Belarus is one of the leaders in the treatment of acute child leukemia

Most patients choose acute leukemia treatment in Belarus, because the country ranks 8th place among 67 in terms of the effectiveness of therapy, ahead of even the United States. Cancer clinics in Belarus do not use toxic high-dose therapy, the effectiveness of which has not been proven. 70% drug therapy for leukemia consists of self-produced drugs that are protected from fake.

Another advantage of Belarus in the treatment of cancer is the high qualification of doctors who are constantly improving their knowledge in Europe. Treatment is carried out exclusively according to the Moscow-Berlin protocol, which provides 88% survival of children for five years.

Diagnostic assessment of blood cancer in Belarusian medical centers

Diagnostic assessment of leukemia in Belarus includes the following methods:

  • The study of peripheral blood: study leukocyte formula, the value of ESR, specific gravity;
  • Coagulogram: determination of the state of the coagulation system (platelets, coagulation factors and their inhibitors);
  • Myelogram - counting the number of malignant myeloblast cells in the blood;
  • Computed tomography to detect metastases;
  • Ultrasound and endoscopy of internal organs to determine the degree of damage;
  • Biopsy of lymph nodes, ilium;
  • Histological examination of the imprints of the lymph nodes and other tissues of the patient;
  • Determination of immune status by immunophenotyping;
  • Cytochemical, genetic, molecular studies.

Features of the treatment of leukemia in clinics of Belarus

Blood Cancer Clinics in Belarus

Detailed diagnostics make it possible to determine in which cell line the malignant transformation occurred, to establish the type and form of leukemia, which usually takes no more than two days. The choice of treatment methods will depend on the diagnosis. Clinics for the treatment of leukemia in Belarus use such innovative methods as:

  1. Chemotherapy in combination with own stem cell transplantation. Blood is taken from the patient and frozen before chemotherapy to protect normal cells from high doses of drugs. After chemotherapy, these cells are introduced back, contributing to a more rapid restoration of the normal blood formula;
  2. Molecular sighting (targeted) therapy. In contrast to standard chemotherapy with cytostatics, which inhibits the growth of tumor cells, targeted therapy is aimed at inhibiting the growth and development of malignant cells;
  3. A bone marrow transplant from a related or unrelated donor. It is used in children with especially aggressive leukemia, prone to exacerbation. In this case, the concentrate of donor cells is injected dropwise, the immune system is completely rebuilt, which takes from 4 months to a year.

The cost of treating leukemia in Belarus

Build on the high professionalism of Belarusian oncology hematologists and the sufficient equipment of clinics for therapy according to European protocols, the prices for treating leukemia in Belarus are more than affordable. The cost is several times lower than for similar services in the centers of Germany and Israel:

  • Diagnosis of acute leukemia: 100-120 euro;
  • Induction therapy of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (30 days): 1200-1500 euro;
  • Consolidation or induction therapy of acute myeloid leukemia (7 days): 400 euro;
  • Treatment of lymphogranulomatosis according to the DAL-HD protocol - from 3 thousand euro;
  • Therapy of non-Hodgkin malignant lymphoma according to the German BFM protocol - from 3 thousand
Violetta Yanyshevska
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