Treatment of breast cancer in Israeli clinics

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a malignant formation that damages its tissue. The number of deaths of women from cancer ranks 2nd place.

However, Israeli medicine is increasingly confident that cancer will be cured today. Qualitative diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, innovative methods used in Israel in the treatment of breast cancer have helped many women save their lives and return to normal routine. Therefore, a huge number of patients from different countries come to Israel to treat breast cancer.

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Advanced methods for diagnosing breast cancer, which are used in Israeli clinics

Diagnosis of breast cancer

Doctors always conduct a survey in the clinic, even if the patient is already diagnosed from abroad. This is due to the fact that often a diagnosis is not confirmed. Or the diagnostics performed on obsolete equipment does not give a complete picture of the disease.

In Israel, usually clinics for the treatment of breast cancer appoint:

  • blood tests: reveal pathologies of internal organs, various inflammatory processes;
  • blood test for tumor markers: the presence of a high content of a specific type of protein indicates the development of the tumor even at the earliest stages;
  • Ultrasound and mammography: to study the location of the tumor, determine its size;
  • PET-CT: can detect metastases in any part of the body;
  • histological study to study tissue particles.

The results of the survey form a further individual therapeutic plan.

What effective methods of treating breast cancer can be prescribed in Israel?

Treatment of breast cancer in Israel

In Israel, as a rule, the treatment of breast tumors takes place in several stages:

  1. Elimination of neoplasm. Surgical intervention is the most effective method, especially if the disease is detected in the early stages. During the operation, not only the tumor is removed, but an urgent biopsy of the lymph node is performed. In the case when cancer cells are not found, they are also absent in other sites. In this case, you can do without removing the nodes and the subsequent lymphostasis.
  2. Prevent the spread. At this stage, three methods are used, which can be used separately from each other or combined:
    • Chemotherapy. If the tumor is too large, then the treatment begins precisely with chemotherapy. Often the method allows you to save your breasts.
    • Biological therapy. It is performed with certain types of tumor pills with the help of herceptin medication.
    • Hormonal treatment in hormone-dependent forms. Reduces the effect of estrogen on cancer cells.
  3. Prevention of relapse with radiation therapy.

What is the effectiveness of breast cancer treatment in Israel?

Medicine in Israel has always been a priority and financed by the state in the first place. This allowed to achieve success in the treatment of many diseases, including oncology.

Almost 100% is currently achieving the effectiveness of treatment for breast cancer. After treatment for the first 5 years, almost all patients remain alive. And the breasts can be saved in 90% of cases.

Progress does not stand still. But Israeli medicine is not just his companion, but is a real engine of progress.

Prices for treatment of breast cancer in the best clinics in Israel

The cost of treating breast cancer in Israel may differ depending on many factors. The most significant - at what stage the disease is diagnosed, what type of treatment was prescribed - surgery, chemotherapy, hormonal or radiotherapy, and the necessary duration of the procedures performed.

Procedure Assuta Clinic Shiba Clinic Suraski Clinic Hadassah Clinic
PET-CT 1000$ from 1900$ 1000$ -
Oncologist consultation from 720$ - 650-1100$ -
Biopsy - - from 650$ -
Mammography 360-560$ - 480-700$ -
Genetic examination - - from 1480$ -
CT of three cavities from 560$ - from 1800$ -
Mammography + ultrasound from 220$ - 520-700$ -
Scintigraphy - - from 450$ -
Consultation of a surgeon from 475$ from 450$ from 750$ 500-600$
Blood test for oncomarkers from 20$ - 350-400$ -
Tomosynthesis from 1105$ - - -
Mammoplastics 10000-13000$ - - -
Mastectomy from 13000$ - 12000-16000$ -
Intraoperative radiotherapy from 5000$ - 30000-50000$ -
Irradiation therapy from 10000$ - from 7000$ from 10000$
Immunotherapy 3800-5000$ - 1500-5000$ -
Target therapy - - 1500-5000$ -
Pemprolizumab from 2000$ from 2000$ from 2000$ from 2000$
Breast cancer hormonal therapy from 1250$ - from 300$ -
Chemotherapy from 620$ - - from 1200$
Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor