An innovative method for the treatment of intestinal cancer with the use of artificially synthesized antibodies in the Confraternität Private Hospital in Austria.

Austria is among the leader countries in the study of cancer. World-renowned oncologists from the Confraternität Private Hospital, who are constantly searching for new methods of effective treatment of various types of oncology, also contributed to the history of scientific evolution in medicine. In the same article, we will talk about innovative approaches in the treatment of intestinal cancer in Austria.

It is worth recalling! The basis of modern therapeutic methods for the treatment of cancer is the principle - the cooperation of multidisciplinary medical experts, which allows doctors to increase the ability to determine the most accurate and effective treatment method in each individual case. The human body is a holistic structure, so it is extremely important to look at the problem from different medical directions.

New intestines cancer treatments increase patient chances of treatment

The scheme of action of antibodies

Modern technology does not stand still, and the developed “biological weapon” today is already starting to save hundreds of lives. Used biological methods of therapy, which use artificially synthesized antibodies in the treatment of intestinal cancer, are an example.

Modern approaches are used for the following types of intestinal cancer:

  • colorectal cancer;
  • cancer of the sigmoid colon;
  • colon cancer;
  • cancer of the duodenum and small intestine.

It is important to emphasize that not only the location of the tumor, but also the histological picture and clinical manifestations of intestinal cancer are important in choosing the most appropriate therapeutic approach.

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How does Cancer Therapy of Artificial Synthesized Antibodies Work?

 Large intestine

Antibodies introduced into the human body by artificial means act as an experienced detective, immediately determining the location of the signs of a tumor on the surface of a cancer cell. At the same time, our immune system successfully recognizes and destroys them. This mechanism allows to successfully fight tumor cells.

Today, specialists in the development of treatment use the following types of antibodies: bevacizumab, cetuximab and panitumumab. As a rule, their use occurs along with other chemotherapy drugs (immunochemotherapy). But scientific researchers did not stop there and are developing other types of antibodies for targeted therapy.

Cancer is no longer a sentence, because science does not stand still. Progressive therapies in the treatment of colon and rectum cancer have made it possible to treat patients with metastases in the organs - the liver or lungs. It is also important to note that when using neoadjuvant chemotherapy with antibodies in treatment, metastases can be removed from the liver in almost 50 percent of cases. In addition, we all know the unique property of the liver to self-repair, which gives the patient additional chances to improve the quality of life in the postoperative state.

Molecular genetic tests, which are taken from the tumor tissue, suggest how the therapy will work in different patients. The test results allow you to determine an individual treatment plan, possibly using various methods.

Best Cancer Therapy - Prevention

Colorectal cancer

It is important not to forget! The most difficult thing in the treatment of cancer is the neglect of the process. It is very important to pay attention to the general condition of the body and, what is important, to undergo a systematic examination of the body. For example, the development of intestinal cancer can occur for a sufficiently long period due to intestinal polyps, the nature of which is initially benign. Colonoscopy allows specialists to identify polyps and successfully remove them during the procedure. Thanks to systematic preventive examinations using colonoscopy, intestinal cancers can be prevented in 90% of cases. The Confraternität Private Hospital offers in the list of procedures a "soft colonoscopy" - sedation, that is examination and removal of polyps is carried out under "mild" anesthesia, which is absolutely painless for patients.