The Professional event of the year was held on February 20-21, 2020 - MedTW.Ukraine - Medical Tourism Workshop 2020, which combined the business interests of a large number of Bayers and Suppliers of the medical tourism world once again.

The Event took place in the heart of Kyiv, in the hospitable conference hall of ALOFT KYIV and brought together representatives of 12 countries, more than 120 participants, including representatives of medical centers, specialized clinics, SPA resorts and hotels, rehabilitation centers, medical services companies, associations, clusters, medical tourism providers, assistants and insurance companies, travel and medical tour operators, diagnostic centers and doctors.

There were busy and fruitful two days. Representatives of Germany, Austria, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Spain, Lithuania, Czech Republic and other countries worked successfully with Ukrainian medical tourism specialists without any epidemiological threat.

The first day was in the form of FAM-tour. Bayers visited medical clinics in Kyiv, working in the field of medical tourism and with their own eyes, were convinced of the high level of organization of providing not only medical services, but also the availability of high-class and professional services which match the world standards.

The second day was in the format of a conference, B2B meetings, panel discussions and consultations.

MedTW.Ukraine 2020  usually covers all leading and of the most important areas of inbound and outbound medical tourism, reports, speeches and discussions, which have highlighted the most relevant aspects not only of the epidemiological, legal, statistical problems of modern medical tourism, but also more narrowly aimed at satisfying the interests of the relevant specialists of reproductive, biotechnological, rehabilitation, oncological, neurological, neurosurgical, dental, rejuvenating-health, narcological, etc.

Natalya Strokovskaya, CEO of DoctorGEO & SPA Agency and Journal, opened the conference. The information that Ms. Natalia shared with the listeners and participants of the workshop was extremely valuable and was based on the processing of online medical treatment requests abroad by DoctorGEO readers. The most popular requests were submitted. Based on this information, you can adjust the information about your activity and get more profit in the health and wellness business in terms of search engines.

Violetta Yanyshevska, President of the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism and President of the Global Healthcare Travel Council - GHTC, shared a topical analysis of market redistribution and technology competition. Ms. Violetta managed to surprise the seductive audience with some unexpected aspects, such as innovations in medicine are no longer a constant competitive advantage, to provide useful tips and inspire all participants to further develop, grow, and thrive on the path of medical & health tourism of Ukraine.

Ігор ТорськийІрина СисоєнкоКаріна Вайнер

The panel discussion on the features of the legislative changes in the sphere of medical tourism, moderated by UAMT Vice President Igor Torsky, was extremely useful. Head of the Reform Office at the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, President of VAFK - Ukrainian Association of Physical Rehabilitation and Balneology Irina Sysoenko told what exactly is awaiting medical tourism in view of the changes in the legislation in the tourism sphere, in the reform sphere and as the most expedient market participants should be ready for these changes. In particular, it were discussed about the specific features of the law on medical tourism recently enacted in Israel. Karina Vainer, head of Israel medical tourism company New Life Assistance, shared the first results of the implementation of this law and its impact on the activities of medical tourism companies in Israel. Obviously, Ukraine should take into account both the positive and negative experience of a country that is one of the industry leaders.

The MedTW speakers were representatives of various ukrainian and foreign clinics, whose speeches impressed sometimes the experienced audience with unexpected notes of "anti-advertisement", such an unusual for the general consciousness of perception of reports, or "non-typical" services for the medical tourism industry.

Анна ВегенГалина СербінаГрупа Сан Донато


Anna Vegen, head of DeutschMedic GmbH from Germany - Сurrent oncology methods and critical attitude in medical tourism;

Galina Serbina from the Institute of Reproductive Medicine, Ukraine - Features of the provision of reproductive medicine services;

Victoria Lugakova and Julia Krynychna of San Donato Medical Group from Italy - what technologies of medicine of the future are available today;

Anna Neumayer and Tatiana Worster from the Austrian Wienna Privatklinik - The importance of combining a multidisciplinary approach and modern methods to achieve the best results in the treatment of cancer;

Sergiy Khudoliy from MedicoMente Rehabilitation Center, Ukraine - New approaches to addiction treatment.

Wienna PrivatklinikСергій Худолій

As always happens at such events organized by UAMT with the partner DoctorGEO, Ukrainian healthcare providers have gained valuable insights into which countries and in which field of the tourism industry have gained certain strengths and which countries have conceded without keeping up with the rapid changes in the medical tourism market, what new players have appeared on the professional area and what unique advantages they offer to an increasingly demanding clients

At the event were effective B2B meetings, representatives of both parties received valuable information, experience, important acquaintances, as usual, there was a drawing of valuable gifts and prizes.

Our participants are respected professionals and newcomers of the field of medical tourism, have received a lot of pleasure from productive cooperation, from new business acquaintances, we are very thankful to the hospitality of the new stylish Aloft Kiev Hotel, satisfied with delicious exquisite dishes and good service.

The event was organized by DoctorGEO & SPA with the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism ..

More photos and official photo report of MedTW.Ukraine 2020 HERE


UAMT congratulates colleagues, partners and members of the Association on the successful start of the 2020 conference season and awaits you for our new events, which will be announced later. Follow us and stay ahead!