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Last update date: 05/11/2019

Before contacting the services of the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism (UAMT), please read our terms of use. Visits to the UAMT website and its use are regulated by terms and conditions.

When you go to the UAMT website and use it, you confirm that you have read these terms and conditions of use of the website and agree to them. Otherwise, you cannot use the website of the UAMT organization.

Site use

The objective of the operation of the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism website is to provide information on the organization of treatment / wellness procedures in other regions and countries other than the place of residence, to provide patients with medical services called medical tourism. In the context of this, the site provides information about the best foreign clinics and various medical institutions, as well as specialists providing medical services in them. Information about each of them is carefully checked, and only those that have the right to conduct medical activities are published.

The content of the UAMT website can be used only for educational purposes. For this reason, a site visitor should not use the information provided on the site for self-treatment of health problems and all kinds of diseases. To do this, seek medical advice from UAMT specialists.

Due to the fact that some information in the field of healthcare is changing rapidly, even with a frequent updating of the site content, some information on the site may be outdated or include minor inaccuracies or typos. The management of the UAMT website approves the desire of its users to prove the truth of the information presented on the website when referring to other sources or to employees of medical institutions.

Limitation of liability

In providing medical tourism services, UAMT is responsible for transmitting genuine documentation and assisting in advising on medical issues. The UAMT organization does not issue directions for the provision of any medical services, but advises on the organization of treatment / rehabilitation in Ukraine and abroad. To resolve such issues and obtain the information necessary for treatment or rehabilitation, UAMT provides the opportunity to consult with qualified specialists who are representatives of partner companies.

Due to the fact that the choice of a medical institution, as well as a specialist, is made by the user of UAMT services, this person takes responsibility for this. Responsibility for treatment, the range of medical services rendered are borne by institutions and specialists providing medical services in full. In the event of a certain situation or complication at any stage of the patient’s treatment (before, during or after treatment) in which the institution or specialist providing medical care is not competent, they are fully responsible for this. In this situation, they are obliged to contact a medical institution knowledgeable in this matter and contact the patient's relatives.

The UAMT organization does not oversee the work of institutions and specialists providing medical services, as well as hotels and organizations carrying passengers. Taking this fact into account, UAMT is not responsible for their activities, the services they provide, any delays, malfunctions, losses, accidents, injuries that may arise as a result of the absence, non-observance or violation of the services chosen in advance and various persons of these organizations, as well as does not refund for this.

Information protection on the site

The information presented on the UAMT website and which is original is protected by various laws (on copyright, patents, intellectual property, trademarks), regulations, international agreements and treaties. With this in mind, any use of the protected information provided on the UAMT website is prohibited without written permission of the UAMT organization.

The content of the site, which may include information on medical services provided by medical institutions of Ukraine and other countries and information on services provided by UAMT, as well as advertising materials, is the property of UAMT or third parties. Names other than the name of the UAMT organization, and various logos that may be located on this site are service and trademarks of partner companies. Their use can be feasible only with the permission of the owners of service and trademarks.

Privacy Policy

UAMT is concerned about protecting the personal data of users of its website. UAMT guarantees the confidentiality of personal information provided by users on the site, and is responsible for this.

The privacy policy of personal data approves the principles of their use. Each visitor to the UAMT website, as well as a person registered to contact the UAMT organization for the services it provides, automatically agrees to the use of the provided personal data.

Site Changes

The Ukrainian Medical Tourism Association and the site management reserves the right at any time to make changes to the information presented on the site, as well as the Terms of Use.

Contact us

If you have any questions or comments on the above Terms of Use, you can contact us by e-mail: uamtoffice@gmail.com.

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