Cancer treatment in clinics of Belarus

Cancer treatment in Belarus

Today, the Republic of Belarus is the undisputed leader among the countries of the former Soviet Union in the quality of treatment and survival of cancer patients. In addition, Belarus according to these criteria may well compete with leading European and American medical centers.

Cancer treatment in Belarus is successfully carried out by more than nine well-equipped and fully staffed clinics with qualified personnel.

The leading medical institution specializing in the treatment of most types of cancer is the RNPC of the Russian Medical Academy. N.N. Alexandrova. This medical institution is the largest oncological research and development center in the republic, whose specialists carry out the development and testing of the effectiveness of the most promising methods for diagnosing and treating oncology.

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The benefits of cancer treatment in clinics of Belarus

Why you should opt for cancer treatment clinics in Belarus:

  1. Belarusian oncology centers have the most modern medical and diagnostic equipment, allowing not only to carry out successful treatment, but also to diagnose the disease at an early stage of development;
  2. Equipped with the latest technology, operating rooms allow for the most complex (and sometimes unique) surgical interventions;
  3. The highest competence of Belarusian oncologists, many of whom are not only engaged in research work, but also constantly improve their skills by attending seminars and internships at leading world medical centers;
  4. Separate attention is deserved by the fact that the cost of treatment in the Belarusian clinics is significantly lower than the world's leading cancer centers.

The qualification of Belarusian oncologists is recognized worldwide

Belarusian oncologists

Belarusian oncologists are constantly trained in the world's leading medical centers specializing in the treatment of cancer patients.

Thanks to the vast experience of cancer therapy, the quality of cancer treatment in Belarus has reached the same level as the leading European cancer centers.

Moreover, almost half of all oncological diseases are detected at the initial stage of their development, which can significantly increase the patient's chances of recovery.

What methods of oncology treatment are used in Belarus?

Clinics specializing in the treatment of oncology in Belarus in their practice rely on European medical standards.

Belarusian oncologists fully own the entire spectrum of classical and innovative methods of antitumor therapy, for example:

  • Complete or partial removal of the tumor (except for classical abdominal operations, advanced methods of minimally invasive surgery are used);
  • Treatment with gamma radiation;
  • Chemotherapy;
  • Hormone therapy (especially effective in neoplasms localized in hormone-dependent organs);
  • Immunotherapy (Effect on the tumor with modern immunostimulating substances);
  • Therapy with targeted drugs (therapeutic technique involving the use of drugs that affect the molecular structure of the tumor).

Cost of cancer treatment in Belarusian oncology clinics

Prices for the treatment of oncology in Belarus are set only after consulting with a specialist and directly depend on the severity of the disease, the complexity of the therapy, the extent of metastasis and the need to involve additional specialists (immunologists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, etc.).

On average, the treatment of oncology in the republican oncological centers will cost about five thousand dollars, and in severe cases about ten thousands.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor