Cancer treatment prices in Indian clinics

Cancer treatment in India

The uniqueness of Indian medical science in terms of cancer treatment in India is the fact that it combines modern advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment (using modern equipment, for example, cyber-knife) and methods of nontraditional medicine, such as ayurveda and yoga. This approach is considered balanced and holistic, because in the treatment process, and especially treatment of oncology, the patient’s psychological attitude plays an important role, which makes it possible to significantly increase the chances of healing.

The application of the experience of centuries-old practices, coupled with the modern achievements of medical science, makes it possible to speak with confidence about the effectiveness of the methods of therapy. The survival rate of patients with oncology after five years after the treatment of oncology in India is 80%, which is comparable with the indicators of leading European and American clinics, compared to 43% in Russia.

Modern cancer treatments in India

Indian doctors have many years of internship experience in leading American and European clinics, and now they apply in practice the advanced treatment methods.

Doctors from India believe that the psychological attitude of the patient is important to treat the disease. Therefore, in addition to high professionalism, they have strongly developed ethical principles. It helps to surround the patient with comprehensive care and attention. These factors are valuable for foreign patients, which choose a place for treatment. In recent years, medical tourism to India has become very popular among patients from America and Europe.

Diagnostic procedures for detecting the disease are carried out using advanced methods:

  • computer tomography;
  • endoscopy;
  • complete blood count;
  • Ultrasound scanning;
  • MRI;
  • genetic tests for susceptibility to cancer;
  • radioisotope method;
  • biopsy of affected tissues and cytological study.

The choice of treatment method is determined collectively basing on the results of research by several specialized experts.

The most commonly used method of cancer treatment in clinics in India is surgery. it is successfully used in the treatment of breast cancer, gastrointestinal tract cancer, prostate cancer.

Another area of oncology treatment is radiation therapy. The use of modern equipment in combination with advanced techniques allows you to successfully deal with cancer in the late stages of the disease. High-precision equipment affects the affected tissues with radioactive rays, killing cancer and stopping the development of a tumor.

Along with the surgical methods of treatment, Indian medicine offers chemotherapeutic treatment when a complex of drugs is prescribed to a patient individually, taking into account the obtained research results and the stage of the cancer process.

Traditional Indian medicine against oncology

Traditional Cancer Treatment in India

The richest centuries-old traditions of Indian medical school say that people with cancer are more likely to be affected because they are not in harmony with themselves, with their bodies. Therefore, in addition to the usual methods of treatment, Indian doctors preach the basics of ancient spiritual treatises, showing patients how to find the required peace of mind, based on the principles of wisdom of previous generations.

The number of medical tourists to India is growing from year to year, and the main reason, in addition to the low cost of treatment, is the confidence that the doctors of Indian hospitals have mastered the yogic anatomy of the human body to perfection. Consequently, in addition to purely medical drugs and methods, the knowledge of many generations of ancient Indian healers is used, giving the patient confidence that oncology is not a sentence, and this is the first significant step in the fight against illness.

How much does cancer treatment cost in Indian clinics?

The cost of cancer treatment in India is significantly lower than in Western Europe, the United States or Israel, which is caused by the general standard of living of Indian society, but at the same time, in terms of the equipment of clinics and the professionalism of doctors, it is at one of the highest places in the world.

Estimated prices for cancer treatment in India are as follows:

  • radiosurgery (cyber-knife) - cost of intervention from $ 10,000;
  • surgery for cervical cancer - from $ 8,000;
  • chemotherapy from 3 full courses - from $ 6500.
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