2019 March, 28 - 29

Ukraine, Kyiv city, RADISSON BLU HOTEL, Yaroslaviv Val Str. 22

B2B & B2C effective format


We changed a format of a traditional conference and business meetings to increase the efficiency of your visit to Ukrainian capital.

B2B Workshop

Companies presentations

Conference and panel discussions

Patients consulting


Only professional suppliers and buyers who work in the field of medical tourism


♦ Medical Centers
♦ Specialized Clinics
♦ University Hospitals
♦ SPA resorts and hotels
♦ Rehabilitation Centers
♦ Medical service companies
♦ Associations and Clusters


♦ Doctors
♦ Medical tourism providers
♦ Tour Operators
♦ Assistance companies
♦ Insurance companies
♦ Private Diagnostic Centers
♦ Internet portals
Participating countries:
Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Turkey, Israel, India, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Spain, Italy, France, Georgia, Korea and others.


◊ Meet with a large number of professional buyers from Kiev and from all over Ukraine, find new partners. Number of buyers 50+

◊ Accept applications for treatment immediately during meetings

◊ Make negotiations in a convenient format "face to face" in a comfortable hotel environment

◊ Make a presentation to a large audience - increase interest in your services

◊ Take part in a panel discussions and demonstrate your competence

◊ Consult patients

◊ Get contacts of all participants of the event to complete it

◊ Choose the opportunity to brand your perticipation in the event to stand out from others
 Extend the range of partners, establish prospective contacts

 Increasing the potential partners' loyalty

 Applications from the patients

 Recognition of your company in Ukraine

 Recognition of your specialists and treatments

 The latest up to date information about a medical and health tourism in Europe and Ukraine
◊ Experienced organizers: IAPMT, DoctorGEO and UAMT are the big players in the medical tourism market in Ukraine and CIS

◊ We have strong partnerships with medical tourism agents

◊ Great potential: visa-free regime with the European countries has opened many opportunities for Ukrainian patients
You will be able to see the Dnipro river, Maidan, Khreshchatyk, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra Holy place, and others beatiful places!
In the menu - Ukrainian traditional borshch, varenyky, chicken a-la Kiev, Kiev cake...


28th of March 2019

10.00 - 18.00 consultations in the private clinics or business negotiations

28th of March 2019

29th of March 2019

10.00 - 10.30 Registration of participants

10.30 - 13.30 Medical tourism conference and panel discussions

13.30 - 14.30 Lunch

14.30 - 18.30 В2В-meetings on the intended schedule

18.30 - 20.00 Cocktail, informal communication



1400 EUR

◊ a workplace (table, 4 chairs), roll up

◊ personalized page in the catalog

◊ publishing the information about the company at website

◊ posting the information on the pages of social networks Facebook and LinkedIn

1900 EUR

◊ a workplace (table, 4 chairs), roll up

◊ workplace for consulting patients in a private clinic or business negotiation on 2nd day of MedTW

◊ publishing the information about the company at website

◊ posting the information on the social networks Facebook pages and LinkedIn

4 000 EUR

◊ the brand activities (1 printing banner, information in folders)

◊ company presentation at the conference 15 minutes

◊ participation in panel discussions

◊ a workplace at the workshop (a table, 4 chairs), roll up

◊ workplaces for consulting patients in a private clinic or business negotiation on 2nd day of MedTW;

◊ publication in the catalog: cover #2, personal 2 pages

◊ placing an interview with the company in the category EXCLUSIVE at website

◊ posting the information on the social networks Facebook pages and LinkedIn pages

6 000 EUR

◊ all activities during MedTW are included;

◊ additional advertising & activities could be discussed with organizers according your needs;
700 EUR -  expoplace

150 EUR
- a translator (one whole day)

150 EUR/night- special price for accommodation in the Aloft hotel Kyiv

400 EUR - Company presentation at the conference 15 minutes

150 EUR – advertisement on participant catalogue 1 page, size А5

400 EUR – the cover #4 in participant catalogue, size А5

1400 EUR – advertising article in the printed DoctorGEO&SPA Journal, 2 pages, size А4

650 EUR – advertising article in the online DoctorGEO&SPA Journal, 2 pages, size А4

350 EUR – email marketing service 18000 professional contacts
 10 % Discounts in the case registration before 31st of Junuary 2019;

 Discounts for UAMT members & DoctorGeo partners;

 If you are sharing a table with a partner, its 60% additional price;

 Applications will be accepted in order to the filled and signed form.




Inna Dashchenko,

Vice President IAPMT

The International Association of Physicians in Medical tourism IAPMT -
a public organization which unites the practicing doctors (public hospitals and private clinics), health managers, administrators of private medical centers, medical tourism operators and other participants in the healthcare market of the CIS countries. The IAPMT is engaged in the information and practice activity in medical tourism, organizes medical info-tours for the doctors and medical agents to the clinics of the world. It also appears as a co-organizer of the various events in the field of medical tourism and conducts market research for its members. Start of activities of the IAPMT - April 2012.

Natalia Strokovska,

Director DoctorGEO, Health Tourism Expert on CIS countries

DoctorGEO - is a Russian-language analytical platform
with information about the treatment and rehabilitation abroad for the citizens of CIS countries. Printed DoctorGEO&SPA magazine - it’s a publication for the VIP clients and industry professionals with current information on medical tourism. DoctorGEO also appears as a partner and organizer of the business events in the field of medical tourism for the medical clinics, insurance companies, medical agents, practicing doctors. The company operates since 2012.

Violetta Ianyshevska,

President UAMT, the international expert of medical tourism, member of the advisory board of the Global Healthcare Travel Council

UAMT is the international association what successfully develops
the Medical Tourism industry and has over 5 years of successful experience in the healthcare sector. UAMT is joins of the Top-hospitals, healthcare and medical tourism clusters, leading companies which provide medical tourism services from around the world (14 countries). The main goal of UAMT is development of medical tourism and international collaboration between players of this market. UAMT is one of a founding and of active member of the Global Healthcare Travel Council. UAMT has worked with hospitals around the globe in developing healthcare clusters and international patient departments for long-term international strategic plans.

Event location is RADISSON BLU HOTEL

Our address

02002, Ukraine, Kyiv

Nikolsko-Slobodskaya st., 1a, of. 76


Tel / Fax: +38 044 541 09 79

Mob tel.: +38 050 330 10 08

Working Hours

Mon-Fri from 9:00 to 18:00


e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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