Diagnosis of diseases in Israeli clinics

Diagnostics in Israel

Israeli medical institutions for two decades are popular for medical tourists. Everybody knows “Ichilov” or “Assuta”, because professionalism and modern equipment perform real miracles.

The most common areas of treatment are cancer, autoimmune, cardiovascular diseases, cosmetology, and rehabilitation. Comprehensive diagnostics in Israel are less expensive than in the EU countries, the United States. Over many years of work, the doctors of the clinics of this country have learned to identify the most rare and complex diagnoses, have created protocols for the management of diseases. High-precision ultrasound, MRI, and other methods of research help to recognize oncology in its early stages.

Treatment and diagnosis in Israel is a way to protect yourself; most patients have high chances of survival. You can buy health, and for an affordable price.

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The cost of diagnostic in Israeli clinics

Price of diagnostics in Israeli clinics

Prices for diagnostics in Israel - especially for oncology - are lower than the European average by 30-40%. The estimated cost of some services currently is:

  • Basic diagnostics of oncology is from 1900 up to $ 2700, the exact cost depends on the type;
  • Examination and diagnosis of patients with leukemia and blood diseases - from $6,400 - $8,000;
  • Diagnosis of heart disease and ischemia from $510;
  • Diagnosis of diseases of the spine (hernia) from $11600.

You can find out exactly how much the diagnostic of diseases in Israel costs by leaving a request on the UAMT website. Describe the diagnosis and symptoms in the form of feedback to get an approximate calculation of the cost in all the most popular clinics.

What are the advantages of a survey in Israel?

Survey in Israel is performed using the equipment, which minimally affects the body. Beam, ion, other types of radiation have an extremely small degree of exposure, which reduces the health risks and the occurrence of side effects.

The main advantages of diagnosis in Israeli clinics:

  • Big amount of comprehensive programs of different price availability;
  • Multidisciplinary laboratories allow to do various types of analyzes, including genetic ones;
  • Maximal usage of minimally invasive practices, such as endoscopy. The advantage of such methods is the rapid and accurate determination of the state of virtually any organ, cavity, including hard-to-reach (bile ducts, small vessels, renal pelvis);
  • Modern equipment that simplifies the collection of samples. It also allows medical manipulations simultaneously with the examination;
  • The widespread introduction of computer diagnostics, three-dimensional modeling.

How is the Check Up program performed?

The Check Up program is a rapid survey that takes up to 48 hours. The patient receives quick qualitative results, giving an opinion on the general state of health, indicating the risk of developing diseases. At the moment, this service is one of the most popular among medical tourists.

The program includes the admission of the following doctors: therapist, cardiologist, gynecologist/urologist (depending on the gender of the patient), a dermatologist, a nutritionist, an ophthalmologist, and tests are being carried out, as well as passing prescribed procedures and tests.

Check Up in Israel includes:

  • Laboratory tests - general tests, tumor markers, genetic tests;
  • Various types of CT, PET and mammography including;
  • X-ray examinations;
  • Cardiomonitoring - duplex ultrasound (Doppler), ECG, angiography, other methods;
  • Radioisotope methods, for example, scintiography, giving high precision results.

Diagnosis of diseases in Israel is an affordable opportunity to preserve health, identify diseases at an early stage, when the chances of cure are high, and the cost of treatment in Israel is not so great.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor