Members of the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism (UAMT) have unique benefits:

1. Education. Trainings.

  • Participate in trainings and educational programs conducted by UAMT; 

  • Share experiences with leading experts of the world of medicine. 

2. Сonferences.

  • Participate in conducted measures (supported by UAMT): take part in national and international conferences on preferential terms.

3. Аdvertisement.

  • Advertise  services on the UAMT's website and other websites related to medical tourism, UAMT's  magazine and other advertising and information media;

  • Advertise  services during the promotional and public relations activities;

  • Participate in various Internet  projects to develop medical tourism;

  • Participate in the establishment and operation of a forum for the communication between  patients, medical professionals, insurance companies and other healthcare providers.

4. Standardization.

  • Promote the development of norms and standards for health care institutions, enterprises, organizations that are engaged in medical tourism; 

  • Have favorable conditions for standardization clinics by international standards.

5. Development of medical tourism.

  • Develop international relations between medical practitioners Ukrainian and foreign experts;

  • Have access to market research medical tourism, both in Ukraine and abroad;

  • Interact with Ukrainian and international public organizations, voluntary organizations;

  • Obtain and provide objective information about the best medical institutions and leading clinics of Ukraine, the quality of their medical care, efficiency and effectiveness of treatment; 

  • Have support from UAMT in promoting and protecting the reputation of medical tourism in Ukraine, promote high quality medical services and international standards of treatment and prevention.