Cardiology and cardiac surgery at clinics in Austria

Cardiology in Austria

Cardiology in Austria is a comprehensive and highly effective medical service that requires a specialist to provide titanic efforts, patience and the highest level of professional qualification. In addition, treatment of the cardiovascular system requires appropriate equipment and effective therapeutic techniques.

All of the above is fully present in Austrian cardiology centers, which makes them one of the most popular medical institutions of this profile in the European Union.

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How is cardiological diagnostic performed in Austria?

Almost all cardiology clinics in Austria are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment, which makes it possible to identify most pathologies even in the early stages of their development.

For the diagnosis of heart disease in Austria such methods are used:

  • Electrocardiography is a diagnostic method that allows you to evaluate the heart rate;
  • Echocardiography - used to visually assess the condition of the heart, large vessels, etc.
  • Coronary arteriography - identifies and localizes diseases such as heart disease, defects in the coronary vessels and myocardium;
  • Scintigraphy - allows using a specialized contrast medium to study perfusion, vitality and the work of the heart muscle.

Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery in Austria

The medical arsenal of cardiac surgery in Austria includes a large arsenal of minimally invasive methods of surgical intervention, which minimizes the occurrence of side injuries.

Usually for the treatment of cardiac diseases in Austria, the following types of minimally invasive surgical interventions are performed:

  • Heart Valve Surgery - Used to correct congenital and acquired defects in the heart valve. In some cases, a small longitudinal section may be necessary to perform the intervention;
  • Surgical intervention for heart disease - used to correct the atrium and ventricular septal defect. The operation occurs by inserting a catheter into the femoral vein;
  • Surgical treatment of ischemia - is the implantation of a stent, covered with special medications.

The best cardiology clinics in Austria

The highest quality treatment in cardiology clinics in Austria can be obtained at the following medical centers:

Treatment of heart disease in the Confirmation clinic in Austria

Confraternität Private Hospital

In this medical institution, you can not only undergo a full and comprehensive examination (electrocardiogram, telemetry, sonography, ultrasound, computed tomography and others), but also get high-quality treatment of almost all known diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Cardiac surgery at the Vienna Private Clinic

Vienna Private Clinic

The hospital provides a full range of services for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac diseases. Thanks to the use of the latest equipment, it became possible to conduct a simultaneous visual examination of the heart and minimally invasive surgery.

Treatment at the Rudolfinerhaus Cardiology Clinic


Using the latest equipment and an innovative method of catheterization (with access through the radial artery on the wrist) allows you to quickly undergo a complete diagnosis of the cardiovascular system, as well as receive high-quality treatment of diseases such as atherosclerosis, narrowing of the vascular lumen and many others.

Graz Ragnitz

Graz Ragints

The "Interdisciplinary Center for the Treatment of Heart and Vascular Diseases" operating in this medical institution allows you to successfully diagnose and treat almost all cardiac diseases, and the use of the latest medical equipment in the center makes the treatment not only effective, but also quick.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor