Treatment of prostatitis in clinics of Turkey


Exceptionally “male” disease prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate gland. By its nature, the disease can be infectious, caused by an infection brought into the body or other external factors: maintaining a sedentary lifestyle, irregular sex life, stress, hypothermia, salt, spice, alcohol abuse, etc. The risk group includes men aged 20 to 45 years, although there are frequent cases of treatment of older patients, due to the development of stagnant processes in the pelvic organs of the body of a man.

In terms of development, Turkish medicine is not inferior to leading European countries, but the services provided are much cheaper, which attracts many medical tourists. A special place among the services provided is the treatment of urological diseases. Most of the specialists in urology studied and trained in American and European clinics, and are fluent in modern methods of diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, treatment of prostatitis in Turkey is economically feasible, because for a small amount of money the patient receives high-quality treatment that is not inferior to the best world clinic's urological treatment.

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How is the diagnosis of prostatitis in clinics in Turkey established?

Diagnosis of prostatitis is based on a thorough examination of the patient, and includes the following studies:

  • history taking - during the interview, a specialist can identify the reasons that led to the development of pathology;
  • complete blood count - giving an idea of the nature of the disease, and the general condition of the patient;
  • analysis of the patient's urine and sperm - able to identify the infectious component of the etiology of the disease;
  • rectal examination - allowing the doctor to palpate the inflamed gland and get an idea of ​​its deviation from the normal state;
  • ultrasound - giving the opportunity to visualise the diseased gland.

It should be remembered that clinics for the treatment of prostatitis in Turkey are equipped with all the necessary modern diagnostic equipment, and the final opinion on the nature of the disease is given by a urologist, who also prescribes treatment.

Prostatitis treatment methods used in Turkey

Treatment of prostatitis in Turkey

The treatment of a disease is prescribed on the basis of the results of research and, depending on the nature of the disease, the following therapies can be prescribed:

  • Antibiotics. They are prescribed for the infectious nature of the disease, as a rule, the course of treatment lasts from 4 to 6 weeks, during which the drugs are taken;
  • Alpha blockers. Drugs that relax muscle fibers at the junction with the bladder, their use allows you to get rid of the common symptom of prostatitis - painful urination;
  • NSAIDs;
  • Massage of the prostate gland. It is an effective method of treatment, produced by medical personnel.

Prices for the treatment of prostatitis in Turkish clinics

The cost of treating prostatitis in Turkey can depend on many factors: the class of the chosen clinic, the package of services provided, the nature and complexity of the diagnosed form of the disease. Approximate prices for the treatment of prostatitis in Turkey range from $ 1,500 to $ 8,000 per course of treatment.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor