Heart transplantation in India

Heart transplant in India

The heart is the organ that fully ensures the working capacity of the living organism. Just a few dozen years ago, the first organ transplant was performed by surgeons, which was successfully.

Today, in different countries there are clinics that are engaged in heart transplant and transplantation - one of the most complicated surgical operations.

The issue of donation and transplantology is especially acute in our country, since even there is no legislative support. Moreover, there are no clinics with the necessary equipment, absence of the donor base, the lack of transport logistics for the delivery of organs.

That is why most heart operations are performed abroad. For many patients, heart transplantation in India or Israel was the only solution in a difficult situation.

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Why are heart transplants often carried out in India?

Indian clinics are leaders in heart transplant operations. India is considered one of the few countries where organ transplantation is allowed from the donor base. Every year more than a hundred cardiosurgical operations are carried out in the country, including transplantation for children.

Positive moments of transplantation in India:

  • Heart transplantation in India is not the only such operation. Liver, kidneys, intestines, etc. are also successfully transplanted here;
  • About 25 operations are performed per month;
  • The best remission rates in the world;
  • 95% of the successful outcome of the operation;
  • Indian physicians were first to perform a complex heart transplant;
  • Opportunity of surgery for people over 55;
  • Successful children heart transplantation;
  • Access to the global donor base.

What is the procedure for heart transplantation in India?

Heart Transplantation Operation in India

In Indian centers, a heart transplant operation is performed by highly professional transplant surgeons with a positive outcome in 95% of cases.

To perform a surgical intervention, the donor's organ is taken according to the waiting list. The degree of complexity is high, and to perform the operation it takes at least 4 hours under general anesthesia.

In general, there are two methods of surgery:

  • open heart surgery;
  • operation on a functioning heart.

In case of an open heart operation, an artificial blood circulation device is connected to maintain oxygen levels in the blood and supply organs. During operations on a working heart, there is no need to connect the device. This is a new and more sophisticated technique, but it is considered more effective.

The remission phase includes the patient's stay in the clinic for several weeks, as well as further monitoring of the patient's condition and the delivery of all necessary tests. Also, rehabilitologists are working to help bring the patient into shape after a transplant, develop exercises and techniques that contribute to recovery of the patient.

Heart transplant prices in India

The price of heart transplantation in India is not the only factor in decision-making, but, perhaps, one of the main.

Organ transplant is allowed when:

  • the presence of a related donor;
  • presence of organs of a cadaveric donor, in case if it is not suitable for Indian patients at the moment. In this case, adults wait for up to three months, and children - up to 6.

Surgery in India cost 3-4 times cheaper than in the same Germany or Israel.

People attribute this to the fact that India is considered a poor country, where salaries are not the highest. On average, the highest medical staff earn 230-250 $ per month, which is considered an elite class of society. Therefore, the doctors here are the best. Also, most of the future doctors are trained in Eastern and Western Europe, where the level of education is quite high.

The number of medical centers and clinics where organ transplantation is performed, the number of patients and the level of salaries allow to set the price of transplantation in India at times cheaper than in large European and American clinics.

The cost of heart transplantation in India is from $ 90,000. In the US hospitals, the price of an operation varies from $ 950,000. In Germany, the issue price starts from 170 000 €, in Israel - 200 000-350 000 $.

Choosing India for a heart transplant, you are guaranteed to perform surgery on the newest equipment, using the latest techniques, with the participation of highly qualified specialists.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor