Examination (diagnosis) abroad

Survey abroad

Medical examination is one of the most important preventive measures, allowing to accurately assess the condition of your body, identify hidden symptoms of the disease and begin proper and effective treatment. Medical diagnostics abroad is a high-class comprehensive examination program that allows you not only to ascertain your health, but also to detect the first signals that have not been manifested before.

Most Ukrainian patients prefer to undergo a comprehensive examination abroad, where they use newer equipment, spend less time on all procedures and tests, and the accuracy of the results is at least 98%.

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What are the advantages of a survey abroad?

The first and, perhaps, the main advantage of the survey abroad is the high accuracy and reliability of the results obtained due to the fact that the latest equipment is used, and the interpretation is made by professional experts.

Diagnostics abroad has a number of indisputable and competitive advantages compared to Ukrainian:

  • The use of modern and advanced technologies to diagnose the early stages of the disease at the molecular level;
  • The introduction of effective methods of examination of the body;
  • Competent medical personnel who can interpret the results with high accuracy;
  • Ability to combine examination with rest or work;
  • High quality conditions of stay in clinics and centers;
  • The use of imaging equipment with minimal exposure to the body;
  • The ability to conduct unique procedures to determine the risk of developing cancer;
  • The use of advanced state-of-the-art techniques that allow to study in detail the structural changes in body tissues.

What modern methods of diagnosis of diseases are available abroad?

Diagnostics abroad

Modern diagnostics of diseases abroad offers a variety of extensive and focused diagnostic techniques:

  1. Visual diagnostics. Foreign clinics offer to investigate their health using computed tomography, MRI. They allow to study in detail the internal organs of the patient in various projections. Patients with cancer are encouraged to undergo PET-CT, which determines cancers in the initial stages;
  2. Endoscopic examination. European endoscopic procedures allow you to explore the internal organs with thinnest flexible probes. They are equipped with microscopic cameras, and with their help a specialist can perform tissue sampling for further analysis if necessary;
  3. Isotope scan method. With this procedure, radioactive isotopes are injected into the patient's body with the help of which it is possible to conduct studies of his internal organs;
  4. Examination of cardiovascular abnormalities. Cardiography and echocardiography are used to diagnose cardiac abnormalities. Also, abnormalities allow you to determine the stress test with heart rate tracking.
  5. Molecular genetic study. Examination of patients for genetic abnormalities and the presence of cancer cells is made by foreign experts before IVF.

Examination of the whole organism - Check Up program

Check Up abroad

The Check Up program is a comprehensive examination of the entire body, which is recommended regularly by advanced medical centers around the world.

Absolutely all patients who take care of their health, but are not 100% sure, can undergo diagnostic measures under this program. The program will also allow patients with an existing diagnosis to determine the reason of the problem. It can be also helpful for people who want to minimize the risks of hereditary pathologies.

Check Up abroad allows you to determine initial stage of the disease and pathology:

  • Liver and kidney;
  • Of cardio-vascular system;
  • Endocrine glands;
  • Diabetes and others.

The developed program allows patients to quickly complete all procedures and prescribed therapy.

What are the prices for diagnostics abroad?

The cost of diagnostic procedures abroad depends on several factors - this is the incoming list of procedures, additional services and the reputation of the clinic.

The most expensive examination is carried out in clinics in Germany and Israel, since all the conditions have been created in them for the implementation of high-quality and effective diagnostics. However, if the price of diagnostics for the integrated program in Israel starts from $1,300, then in Germany prices are 30% higher.

Approximate price of diagnosis abroad:

  • Examination in Germany - from 490 to 6400€;
  • Diagnostics in Israel - from $60 to $4000;
  • Clinics of Turkey - $250-600.

Diagnostics of oncological diseases in the world's leading centers costs from $800 to $7,000, and cardiac studies from $100 to $6,200.

Qualitatively performed comprehensive examination in the avangard center of Europe will allow you to prevent and stop the development of pathologies in time, which can be very dangerous in the advanced stages. Be always healthy!

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor