Treatment in the Sanatorium Heviz (Hungary)

According to the effectiveness of the treatment of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, the Heviz resort is among the three best in Europe. Many patients come to Heviz Lake for treatment to visit unique thermal springs, which provide two-thirds of all therapeutic efficacy.

What treatment methods are used on Lake Heviz?

Лечение на озере Хевиз

A good treatment result in Heviz is largely due to the unique properties of water rich in sulfur compounds and minerals from a thermal spring, the depth of which reaches forty meters. The source of mineral water is so unique that its chemical composition is completely renewed within a few days, and its temperature never drops below twenty-five degrees Celsius.

Water from this thermal spring is enriched with minerals such as sulfur (indispensable in the treatment of arthritis), calcium (has a strong strengthening and anti-inflammatory properties), sodium (necessary for the normal functioning of skeletal muscles), potassium (provides normal contractility of muscle tissue), iron ( increases the consumption of oxygen by cells), bicarbonate and sulfate (have the strongest regenerative and analgesic properties). Thermal waters are also enriched with Thiobacillus bacteria (improves the absorption of sulfates) and noble gas radon (enhances the production of anti-inflammatory hormones).

The arsenal of sanatorium facilities of Lake Heviz includes:

  • Mud therapy - a unique method of treatment based on the beneficial effects of peat mud containing the same minerals as water;
  • Underwater traction of the spinal column - a unique procedure that allows for effective decompression of the spine by stretching it under its own weight or by means of loads attached to the legs;
  • Physiotherapy - is used as an addition to the main treatment course, it includes massage, as well as treatment with a laser, ultrasound and a directed magnetic field.

Best health resorts on Lake Heviz in Hungary

The best resorts on Lake Heviz in Hungary are:

Hospital Natur Med Carbona

Natur Med Carbona

A medical institution located half a kilometer from the lake in the picturesque park. The hospital has: access to mineral water from its own thermal spring and several permanent thermal pools.

Sanatorium Europa Fit Superior

Europa Fit Superior

A unique sanatorium specializing in the treatment of degenerative diseases of the joints and spine, for the treatment of which mineral water was carried out in the institution (five species). In addition, highly effective spinal traction procedures are carried out in the thermal water pool.

Hotel Aquamarin in the resort of Heviz


Due to the unique medical staff, the presence of two thermal pools and a salt room, the resort specializes in treating diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary system and respiratory system.

Danubius Aqua

Danubius Aqua

The sanatorium has its own park, several thermal pools, as well as well-equipped departments, with special rooms for patients suffering from various kinds of allergies.

Treatment in Danubius Heviz

Danubius Heviz

The medical institution specializes in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, pancreas and upper respiratory tract.

Features of treatment at the Heviz resort

The treatment features at the Heviz spa in Hungary include:

  1. Constant water temperature - the temperature of the water in thermal springs, regardless of the weather, is kept at twenty-five degrees;
  2. Impact on the hormonal system - the mineral composition of thermal water has a direct effect on the activity of the hormonal system, increasing the production of hormones responsible for stopping the inflammatory process;
  3. Prohibition of active movements during procedures - due to the high load on the heart and blood vessels during therapeutic baths, it is strictly forbidden to perform movements that require a large application of forces.

The cost of treatment in Heviz (Hungary)

Prices for treatment in the Hungarian resort of Heviz depend on the time spent in the lake, the frequency of bathing and the number of treatment procedures.

Heviz Lake Wellness Cost:

  • Three-hour swimming - 260 UAH;
  • Four-hour bathing - 290 UAH;
  • One-day subscription - 390 UAH.
Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor