How much does mammoplasty cost abroad?

Mammoplasty abroad

Breasts are one of the most prominent parts of a woman's body and have always attracted attention. Breast is very affected by age and other changes. After the birth of a child, even a small bust is not able to return to its previous size and shape. Well, the owners of magnificent forms can not even dream about it. Mammoplasty abroad solves this problem. Surgery helps to return to its former shape and helps to get the breast of the right size.

Mammoplasty is a surgical operation that allows you to make breast augmentation abroad or simply to correct its volume. The operation can be performed in several ways. It all depends on its goals. Lipofilling allows you to tighten the breast, augmentation plastic increases the size, and reduction reduces it.

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Benefits of Breast Augmentation Abroad

Breast plastic surgery abroad is quality implants that look more natural and serve for many years. They are considered as the safest. Plastic surgeons work with leading companies that produce only modern models. These implants contain a cohesive silicone gel that does not flow if the membrane is damaged.

Among other arguments in favor of conducting the operation abroad:

  • The possibility of making implants for order, based on the patient's preferences;
  • There is an individual approach to each client. Before the operation, the surgeon conducts a conversation with the patient, finds out all the nuances, advises on each method of intervention, talks about all the advantages and disadvantages;
  • Foreign clinics are equipped with modern devices that help minimize tissue injury. The operation will take only a few hours, and the healing will take place quickly and without complications;
  • World-renowned plastic surgeons perform breast augmentation abroad. They annually take advanced training courses, learn new methods and use modern approaches. The patient can expect a favorable outcome even in cases of severe breast ptosis or asymmetry;
  • Fast recovery. It all depends not only on professional care, but also on the use of modern drugs and techniques.

What types of mammoplasty are available for patients abroad?

Breast augmentation abroad

There are two types of surgery - surgical and non-surgical. They have significant differences: material, course of intervention, durability of the result.

Augmentation mammoplasty and breast augmentation

The most popular method of surgery. It is carried out using implants. Such mammoplasty helps to increase the size and improve natural forms.

Based on the type of agumentation surgery, mammoplasty abroad takes up to two hours. Small incisions are made in places that are invisible. There are the following types of intervention:

  • Inframammary. Carried out directly under the breast;
  • Transverse. The surgeon makes an incision around the areola or nipple;
  • Axillary.

Each of the approaches has its own advantages and disadvantages. The end result is discussed with the surgeon. Implants can be placed under or over a muscle. It all depends on the individual constitution, breast size and skin condition. The location of the implant and its type are determined prior to surgery using a 3D model. Implants that are located under the muscle have a more aesthetic and natural result.

Breast lipofilling

It is carried out using the patient's own fat transplantation. Thus, you can add volume to the bust, correct congenital symmetry and get rid of the mistakes of previous operations. Adipose tissue transplantation is performed from any part of the body and is an excellent alternative to artificial implants.

Breast augmentation with autologous fat has a number of advantages for many women - it is a natural material that does not cause any allergic reactions. Fat is taken from the places where it is most concentrated and transplanted into the breast. After the operation, a natural result is obtained, both tactile and visual.

In the process of this type of mammoplasty, the required amount of adipose tissue is injected into certain areas using lipofilling. This is how the shape and volume of the breast changes. Small incisions are made around the areola or in the folds. To understand what the result will look like in the end, an individual 3D model is made. So the surgeon will understand how the fatty tissue will be dispersed inside.

Reduction mammoplasty (breast reduction)

Surgery, during which excess adipose tissue is cut off. The surgeon removes parts of the breast and resizes the bust to the desired size. The reconstructive procedure is suitable for those women who are tired of large breast. The patient's body will become more proportional. After the procedure, you feel lightness and physical activity increases.

Advice! Before starting the operation, you need to decide and discuss with the surgeon to what size the patient wants to reduce the bust.

Mastopexy (breast lift)

The purpose of the surgery is to tighten the breasts that have sagged. Suitable for patients with advanced stage of ptosis. Such breasts not only have an unaesthetic appearance, but also entail a number of consequences that have a detrimental effect on a woman's health. Due to the lack of natural ventilation, sweat and dirt accumulate under the bust and cause skin problems.

With this type of mammoplasty, you can acquire the desired shape with a minimum of postoperative scars.

There are many options for surgery to get an excellent result. With the help of mastopexy, you can reduce the bust, but the breast itself will get a beautiful and toned look. Based on the wishes of the patient, implants can be used.

The surgeon makes a T-cut (from the nipple down). Then he makes an additional incision under the mammary gland. Removes excess gland tissue and fat, cuts off the skin. The nipple is positioned and secured. The tissue itself is tightened and a cosmetic seam is made. If implants are required, they are placed under the muscle.

How much does mammoplasty cost abroad?

The price of mammoplasty abroad can vary significantly, sometimes in two or more times, depending on the choice of clinic, the type of intervention and the country of operation.

However, most of the cost of breast augmentation abroad depends on the qualifications of the specialist performing the surgery. You cannot save on this point, because for a successful outcome and obtaining the desired result, the operation must be performed by an experienced and highly qualified plastic surgeon.

Surgeon determines the type of operation, selects a high-quality implant and makes decisions on other important points, such as:

  • way of access to the mammary glands (through the areola or armpit);
  • the place of the implant installation (under the muscle or breast).

The way the operation is carried out and the surgical access affect the complexity of the process, and hence the cost of the entire procedure.

Mammoplasty price in Western Europe

The most qualified specialists are concentrated in Western European countries. Surgeons have the greatest experience in such operations. If you choose one of these countries (Italy, France, Germany and Austria), the patient may not worry about the quality of implants or postoperative care.

  1. The first country to open a price rating is Switzerland. Here, a full range of surgery (individual selection of anesthesia, drugs and implants) costs from € 10,000. But it should be noted that the qualifications of Swiss surgeons and the quality of rehabilitation are worth the money;
  2. France and Germany are located just below. However, the level of service there is just as high, they just lag behind in cost. The level of work of surgeons here is no different from that in Switzerland. The average price for surgery here is 8-9 thousand euros;
  3. Italy and Austria are in third place. There, the cost of the entire complex costs € 7000-8000. The quality of services here corresponds to the high Western European level.

Cost of breast augmentation in Eastern Europe

These countries can offer a more affordable pricing policy when compared to their western neighbors. The difference is that medical personnel are paid less for their work.

Countries that are part of the European Union (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland) use Western European techniques and equipment in their clinics. With their help, you can get the desired result that will delight you for many years.

Each surgeon is certified by the European Union. This indicates a high level of professional work. The price corresponds to the quality of the services provided. The cost of the operation ranges from € 3000-5000 for the entire complex of procedures.

Breast augmentation prices in Israel and Turkey

Plastic surgery is very developed in Turkey and Israel, because these peoples value aesthetic beauty very much. The advantage here is the absence of language problems.

Communication with doctors and medical staff does not cause any difficulties, because many of them know Russian, English, German. This criterion is very important for many patients. At the stage of preparation for mammoplasty, there are many questions that need to be discussed with the surgeon. The cost of breast augmentation surgery here ranges from $ 4000-6000.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor