Treatment in clinics of Austria

Treatment in Austria

Austria annually receives tens of thousands of patients from different countries for treatment. A huge number of people who want to get treatment in Austria is not at all accidental. The country ranks 3rd in terms of the quality of medical services provided. Austrian doctors are recognized by the world community as one of the most qualified.

Much attention in the country is paid not only to the treatment of diseases, but also to their prevention. And, in addition, Austrian clinics have a high percentage of patients who were satisfied with the treatment and service.

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The main benefits of treatment in Austria

Many patients who have previously been treated in clinics in Austria have noted the benefits of Austrian medicine:

  1. High quality of services - the state of Austria invests a large percentage of the budget in healthcare, and therefore all clinics are equipped with modern equipment and use the latest medical technologies;
  2. Taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient in the preparation of diagnostic and treatment programs - the quality of the medical services provided is very strictly controlled by state authorities. This further enhances the responsibility of the medical staff;
  3. Qualified doctors - future specialists undergo 6-year training at the university, and then a few more years of internship. And only after that the young doctor is trusted with the health of the patients.

Other advantages of treating diseases in Austria include the safety of staying in the country, beautiful nature and fresh air.

Best clinics in Austria

If you are not familiar with Austrian clinics, when choosing a medical institution, pay attention to its specialization and main areas of activity. The country has a sufficient number of medical centers from which you can always choose the right one.

The most famous clinics in Austria:

Private clinic Debling

Private clinic Debling

One of the most famous Viennese medical facilities. Nine years ago, Debling received a prestigious award - entered the ten best clinics in the world according to WHO.

Private clinic Debling

Confraternität Private Hospital

The clinic is located in the heart of Vienna and is considered as the most traditional. The clinic offers treatment of the musculoskeletal system, including sports traumatology, treatment of cancer, cardiology, all types of surgical treatment, treatment of metabolic disorders.

Golden Cross

Goldenes Kreuz Privatklinik ( Golden Cross Private Clinic )

This clinic is the most popular for solving women's health problems. In particular, it is here that the largest private maternity ward in Austria. Also, there is a center for breast health certified according to international standards (Doc-Cert certificate, Switzerland) and a center for the treatment of endometriosis and other departments, such as oncology, surgery and ENT.

Vienna Central Hospital

Central Vienna Clinical Hospital

An ancient institution that began its history more than 300 years ago. Today it is one of the most progressive centers in Europe.



Private hospital specializing in the treatment of various diseases. Unlike other clinics, you can bring your doctor here, to whom you have confidence.

Vivamayr Clinic

Vivamayr Clinic

Located in the south of Austria. This is a modern medical center, which opened recently. It is one of the most prestigious. Specializes in wellness programs.

Nonna Brener Wellness Center

Nonna Brener Wellness Center

To get to this rejuvenation and health center located in the Alps is not easy: the clinic is designed for only 4 clients.

Prices for the treatment of diseases in Austria

All medical clinics in Austria differ in their pricing features. In two approximately identical medical facilities, the price can vary by 10-12%. At the same time, treatment in state clinics can cost as much as in a private center. In most cases, treatment prices in Austria are at an average level (in Turkey, the same procedure will be cheaper, but in Germany or Israel - more expensive).

The patient’s health status and the need to use certain diagnostic and treatment methods are also important. Therefore, the cost of treatment in Austria is individual for each patient.

More detailed information can be obtained by leaving a request on our website. Our specialist will not only give an approximate cost, but also provide an official estimate for treatment, which will allow you to plan your budget in advance. At the request of the client, we can help to contact the selected clinic and arrange a trip. All association services are free for patients.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor