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Global Healthcare Travel Council unites medical tourism associations from more than 40 countries and it is the directing and coordinating platform for health within the global system. GHTC is responsible for providing leadership on global health issues, the agenda of medical research, the establishment of norms, standards and ethics, the development of evidence-based, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends in the context of medical tourism.


Turkish Association of Medical Tourism (TNTS) – the most largest association in the world, bringing together 278 healthcare institutions and health tourism. It's private and public clinical and clinic centers, hospitals, SPA, thermal SPA and Wellness - hotels, travel, transportation and assistance companies.

Our mission is to provide quality healthcare to all categories of patients in different directions, by bringing them to treatment in the best hospitals, clinics and medical centers in Turkey with the highest level of accreditation, operating exclusively via the official offices around the world...

Provided services:

  • extramural medical consultation of foreign experts;
  • independent assessment of the treatment;
  • alternative medical opinion;
  • off-site consultation of foreign experts.

The Economic Forum is the most important initiative of the Foundation "Institute for Eastern Studies") and is aimed at developing the interaction of European countries, primarily the states of Central and Eastern Europe. The activities carried out by the Institute contribute to the expansion of political, economic, cultural and scientific ties between the states of this region.


Foundation of Healthcare and Wellness Promotion

  1. Promote India as a destination : We intend to promote India as a destination by bringing all stake holders of Medical Value Travel Business together. This will be achieved by going into new geographies from where India does not get much business as of now or gets less business compared to our competing destinations. The activities will include; Doing Road shows in Target destinations, doing exhibitions and participating in the destination shows as a country instead of individual entities.
  2. Bringing the Industry together ; This not only includes bring Hospitals and MVT players together but also to bring inputs from AYUSH entities, Pharma companies, equipment companies, NABH and Travel companies together.

UBI Medical Center is an international clinic of family and restorative medicine of premium class. It provides complex support for a person throughout the life.
Since 2011, UBI has been operating in the luxury segment, guiding by a holistic approach to the body and applying bioregulation drugs and methods.

Used methods: drainage-regenerative infusion therapy with Heel preparations, amino acids, phytopreparations; biopuncture; step autohaemotherapy for Reckeweg; pressotherapy; physiotherapy, hydrocolonotherapy, etc.


Intour Polska

Intour Polska team is an international and multilingual team with documented experience in various tourism sectors and from different European countries, providing insights into different cultures, lifestyles and thinking. We successfully combine tourist trips, business trips, conference services, transportation, hotel reservations, tickets, guides, organization of visas and other necessary services into one strategic group.

We provide full visa support, we carry out the client's visa procedures with high quality and “painlessly”.

We know the specifics and realities of local markets. Knowledge of not only the language, but also the mentality, culture and customs allows us to work in certain markets extremely effectively and not stereotypically.


Kozyavkin International Rehabilitation Clinic - rehabilitation of patients with Cerebral Palsy and other lesions of the nervous system

Established in 2003 in Truskavets (Ukraine), the Kozyavkin International Rehabilitation Clinic is the Ukrainian leading rehabilitation clinic treating patients with different neurological disorders, including cerebral palsy, scoliosis, sequelae of cerebrovascular disease, craniocerebral trauma, motor developmental delay in children, etc. 

Kozyavkin International Rehabilitation Clinic in Truskavets has more than 15 years of practical experience in treating patients with the help of a unique treatment method created by Professor Volodymyr Kozyavkin. Each year thousands of patients, both children and adults, undergo here intensive and complex neuro-rehabilitation by the Professor Kozyavkin Method.

Assuta is the leading private hospital network and the largest surgical center in Israel. Across the nation in 7 different locations, Assuta operates four hospitals and three institutes including: Imaging institutes, Cardiology institutes, Dialysis units, IVF centers, Oncology institute, Women’s Health centers, Gastroenterology units, Pain clinics, Sleep clinics, specialist clinics, and more.

With a history of success, Assuta remains committed to a set of core principles that have assured its place as a leading Israeli medical center since its establishment in 1934.


EVEX Medical Corporation - is the largest chain of hospitals country-wide, currently represented with 54 healthcare facilities in 6 regions of Georgia, which occupies 26.4% of the total hospital bed capacity; is included in the Georgia Healthcare Group PLC listed on the London Stock Exchange premium listing. 

Medical tourism services: transplantation, orthopedic surgery, infertility treatment, oncology, ophthalmology, urology, neurosurgery, plastic & aesthetic surgery.

EVEX’s dedicated international patients division provides full support and works closely with many international insurance companies as well.


Vehbi Koç Foundation, a part of the Koç Group, Turkey’s largest and Fortune 500 company, addresses the fundamental needs of life for a modern and developing Turkey through the promotion of education, health and culture. Koç Healthcare Institutions are non-profit worldclass hospitals that prioritize research and education. American Hospital, Koç University Hospital and MedAmerican Ambulatory Care Surgery Center operate under the roof of Koç Healthcare Institutions. We aim to maintain our reputable position in healthcare sector by ensuring reliable patient care, mutual and transparent communication, self-assessment and continuous development while preserving international quality accreditations and standards.

"Astra Dent" is the largest chain of dental clinics in Kiev, Ukraine.

It was founded in 2006 and already has eight modern clinics equipped according to the world standards. Convenient location, close to transport interchanges and hotels provides a flow of not only Ukrainian, but also foreign patients. Patients from the United States, Great Britain, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and Poland come to our clinics to get a comprehensive treatment. Monthly, we provide medical service for about 5,000 patients.

Each of our clinics is equipped with modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment from such well-known world manufacturers as Sirona, Karl Zeist, Seiler, Picasso.
"FLORIS" is a multidisciplinary medical center that operates in Ukraine (Sumy city) since 1998.

Specialists of FLORIS developed and introduced the latest scientific achievements in the field of ultrasonic diagnostics into the medical practice of Ukraine.
The main directions of the medical center "FLORIS": all types of ultrasound studies of any complexity; clinical and diagnostic laboratory that is certified and works according to international quality standards; radiography, mammography, densitometry, endoscopy, etc; consultations of highly qualified and experienced doctors.

We are chosen by citizens of Italy, Germany, Denmark, Britain, France, Iran, Iraq, Palestine.


Soul Spa Anti-Age is an oasis located in the city center where you can take advantage of the services of the best specialists in the field of Anti-Age Medicine and Spa services.

Our services range:
-Cell rejuvenation programs
-Diagnostics and advice of the best specialists
-Anti-Age WOMAN & MAN Therapy
-Detox and SPA-programs,
-Restaurant of healthy food,
as well as programs that our doctors will individually select for you.

In Soul Spa Anti-Age you can discuss a holistic approach to skin care and body care with our special experts.

Mission Soul Spa: The world around us is a reflection of our inner reality. Choosing the path of perfection, we create the harmony of life.

Soul Spa unites eastern philosophy and modern scientific medicine in a unified methodology for prolonging life and revealing the potential of true beauty.

Municipal and medical preventive institution "Chernigоv regional oncological dispensary" -  is a specialized medical institution of the third level of medical care. 

Oncological dispensary has modern therapeutic and diagnostic fixtures and equipment: linear accelerator; thoracoscope; endoscopic equipment; computerized tomograph; lymphopress; digital mammograph; ultrasound equipment. Oncological dispensary provides qualified inpatient and consultative out-patient care.

Medical Center "Clinic Manufactura" is a new, versatile medical institution that provides highly specialized diagnostic, consultative, surgical and rehabilitation medical care. The medical center uses the most widespread world standards and the latest technologies, effectively warns and solves health problems in the most difficult cases.

Clinic "Manufactura" specializes in neurosurgery, general surgery, traumatology and orthopedics, as well as provides expert medical services in the following specialties: cardiology, therapy, gastroenterology, endoscopy, proctology, neurology, urogynecology, aesthetic medicine. To the services of our patients diagnostic center: MRI, CT scanning, radiography, ultrasonography, laboratory examination.

Dnipro Premium Clinic is a team of adherents that implement a set of important, interrelated actions required for effective treatment of the patient on the territory of Ukraine and abroad.

The tasks set by the company - cooperation with leading clinics of the world, research laboratories, the best doctors, who have excellent reputation. Company is constantly researching of new opportunities of world medicine.

Academician V.I. Gryshchenko Clinic for Reproductive Medicine (previously “Implant”) is the first IVF clinic in Ukraine, founded in 1990. The first successful IVF cycle (in 1991) was held here. The clinic provides a full range of reproductive services: in-vitro fertilization, including cryo-cycles, ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, TESA, microTESA, morphokinetic embryo selection, PGD by NGS, sperm and oocytes donation, surrogacy.

Excellent equipment and experienced professionals ensure high effectiveness: the frequency of clinical pregnancy is 50.3%, after the first attempt of IVF. It increased to 91.8% after the second.

Medicana Health Group is a leading chain of private multidisciplinary medical centers in Turkey.
Quality of service in all clinics of Medicana Health Group complies with world's leading medical institutions and fully complies with international standards in the field of health.

Medicana Health Group provides services to the highest international standards in many areas, such as infection control, patient care, risk management, patient safety, staff qualifications, information resources management.

Medicana's goal is to achieve the highest level of healthcare quality, fully focused on the needs of the patient and his recovery.
Medifrance Solution is an accompanying partner for foreign patients seeking medical treatment in France. French medicine has a long-standing international reputation for excellence and was ranked the best in the world by the World Health Organization. Medifrance Solution organizes medical stays for people from all countries tailored to their health conditions and budget, enabling them to enjoy French medical excellence in the comfort they deserve.
Truskavets is a balneological resort in Ukraine. In the world table of ranks  the Truskavets resort is the European leader in the effectiveness of many diseases treatment without using of medication. The main "source of health" is healing water that has unique mineral composition: more than 50 biologically active natural organic and mineral substances. The most famous mineral waters of Truskavets are "Naftusia", "Sofia", "Maria", "Yuzya", "Bronislava". The city has many private and public clinics, hospitals, SPA&Wellness hotels, International Clinic of Rehabilitation. The city has more than 700 skilled doctors and about 2,000 secondary medical personnel.
Institute of Cell Therapy is a research, specialized, medical and diagnostic institution operating in Ukraine since 2004. Specialists of the Institute of Cell Therapy are developing and implementing into medical practice the newest scientific achievements in the field of cell technology, Cryomedicine and non-drug therapies. All methods of treatment, stem cell culture and cryopreservation techniques of various cells and tissues are protected by numerous patents and copyright certificates, have received international recognition and have demonstrated high efficacy in clinical practice.

Grekomed company offers professional services in the organization of therapeutic, rehabilitative and recreational tours to Greece.

The company coordinates all stages of preparation for a trip to Greece for treatment and provides all services for health journey - air flight, selection of hospital, physician, resort or hotel, program, visa support, additional services.
Dental Clinic "Dantist Pushkin" in Dnepropetrovsk city (Ukraine) is always ready to help patients with any problems and wishes. You will not be afraid, because the treatment is completely painless. Analyzing all the diagnostic material, doctors will offer the best treatment plan with all the features of the patient and ensure the long term and reliability.

Clinic's services: radiology; therapeutic dentistry; dental surgery; prosthetic dentistry; orthodontics; implantology; periodontics; endodontics; whitening.

Grand Marine is health and fitness center, which is a fundamentally new model of medical practice that combines the capabilities of spa treatments and modern medical technology with the use of minimally invasive surgical treatment - endoscopic gynecology and otolaryngology.

Grand Marine includes a medical center and a four* SPA-hotel that allows the patient to live comfortably with his family.

Into-Sana is the leader among the largest private medical companies in Ukraine. Company has achieved this level thanks to the professionalism of doctors, the medical quality control, the complexity of the provided services, as well as 20 years of experience.

Into-Sana include an ambulance, a multidisciplinary clinic, health insurance services, wide range of services for the diagnostics, a private clinical laboratory, a modern health center with a wide range of specialists, 24-hours surgical care, and one of the largest hospital among private medical companies in Ukraine.

ilaya Medical Center has some of the best conditions in Ukraine to provide quality health care: expert class equipment, advanced medical technology, high standards of rooms cleanliness, European level of service.

The center provides a full range of care for patients - from the laboratory tests to providing medical provision. The Center also offers a service through integrated programs to obtain a wide range of assistance on more favorable conditions.

The company not only engaged in clinical practice, but also conducts research activities in the field of cell technology. The center has an innovative and cryostorage biolaboratory.
Center for Hearing and Speech "Medinсus" - private health maintenance organization, that offers a highly specialized services in the field of otolaryngology, ear noise, speech therapy, psychology, balance disorders, selection and sale of hearing aids, hearing and speech rehabilitation. In addition, our specialty is the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with hearing implants, including patients needing cochlear implantation. We carried out the operation and hospitalization in Otolaryngology, Audiology and Phoniatrics.

Modern Cancer Care Hospital (LISSOD) is the private oncology clinic of Western model that provides a full cycle of oncological care: prevention and diagnosis of cancer, cancer treatment and rehabilitation of patients. Evidence-based medicine and the using of international standards underpin of the hospital's activity. Since 2007, with the opening, the clinic had been staffed by experts from leading oncology centers of Israel. On the basis of LISSOD since 2009, had been established the Center of modern mammalogy, received international recognition.

"Latvian American Eye Center" (LAAC) is the first clinic in Latvia with a unique method of treatment of eye diseases, developed in the United States. Thanks to this, LAAC still is a unique private health center that combines the tradition of professional care of clients with modern technology and a high level of knowledge.

Clinic founded by Professor John Joseph (Joseph McDermott) from California, USA in 1993. Thus, the model is based on the work LAAC developed and used in North America Technology patient care. The staff uses modern equipment in the medical and diagnostic process - tested, certified, approved quality standards of the EU and the United States.
Ortho-Clinic is a certified facility providing outpatient and inpatient services in Latvia since 2008. Partners - Latvian Olympic Committee, all the leading professional sports clubs in Latvia. On the basis of the clinic students and residents of the University of Latvia undergo training, as well as doctors from Latvia and Eastern Europe.

In 2013, Ortho Clinic has opened the first in the Baltic countries newly built private medical center specializing in traumatology, orthopedics and rheumatology. Currently, the center is the only place in Latvia with a full range of services in the treatment of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system - from consultation and diagnosis to surgical treatment and rehabilitation.
Dr. Janis Gilis Plastic Surgery Clinic was established in Latvia in 1992, a leading plastic and microsurgery hospital of Gailezers-Janis Gilis.

According to the American trend, the clinic is equipped with the latest medical equipment, medical supplies high quality and complemented by carefully selected and professional staff.

The American Association of Plastic Surgeons awarded only one doctor Baltic membership association member - Dr. Gilis.
Medicīnas sabiedrība ARS Clinic was founded in 1988 as the first private medical institution in Latvia. Over the years, the clinic has become one of the biggest centers offering medical services in Riga, where the advice of more than 200 specialist doctors providing medical care qualifications.

Dental Clinic ARS is the largest branch of Diversified Medical Center Medicīnas sabiedrība ARS. For more than 27 years of clinical work in a professional manner and is one of the few dental clinics in Riga that has received an international quality certificate ISO 9001: 2008, which is a confirmation of the quality assurance provided dental services on an international level.
Baltic veins clinic is expert in solving vein problems  for over 15 years. The clinic is located in Latvia, and offers an extensive diagnostics of veins and treatment using all the latest methods and combinations: laser and radiofrequency surgery, the steam method. As a leader in medical innovations, the clinic offers a new, innovative approach - closing the vein using a biological glue: harmless and painless method.
Меzzo Anti Age Clinic - is an innovative clinic of advanced medical capabilities and technologies. The professional medical stuff of the "Mezzo Anti-Age" clinic provide services in the following areas: Anti-age therapy / gynecology / urology / endocrinology / psychology / energy therapy / nutrition / gastroenterology. Advanced diagnostics of the body, including genetic tests, combined with hardware procedures, help to effectively introduce restorative therapy techniques and SPA procedures aimed at preventing aging and improving the quality of life!

Since 1997, the Clinic of Plastic Surgery and Medicine rejuvenation "ANA Cosmo" takes a leading position in the list of the most prestigious clinics in Ukraine and the CIS countries. The clinic has the highest level of accreditation of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, 8 internationally recognized know-how, the latest equipment and technologies. The clinic meets the European standards and protocols of safety and healthcare quality.
"ANA Cosmo" employees are leading specialists of Ukraine, which have international diplomas and certificates.
Isida is a one of the leading specialized clinic of women's health, that combines obstetrics and gynecological complex with three outpatient centers. Isida Medical Centers specialize in treatment of infertility, obstetrics, gynecology, mammology and pediatric observation.

The clinic has the international quality certificate ISO 9001.

In 2015 Isida became a winner of the two major European awards - International Socrates Award and European Awards for the Best Practices 2014.
"Kardiolita" (former Vilnius Center for Cardiac Surgery) is a private general hospital, one of the largest private medical institutions in Lithuania and Baltic countries.

The clinic was founded in 1998, it provides a full range of medical services and it is the only medical institution in the Baltic countries that received a certificate of international organization for accreditation "Joint Commission International". It certifies that structure, management, equipment, personnel, infrastructure, environment and all provided services correspond to the international standard.

The clinic has accumulated many years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of patients from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Western Europe.
Eurolab Medical Center provides the complex of healthcare services. In clinic you have possibilities to pass tests, to be screened on the most modern diagnostic equipment (ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, X-ray, mammography, endoscopy)- the latest generation of SIEMENS and consult with qualified doctors.  Most of doctors know foreign languages and have abroad experience. It allows to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment. Professionalism and personalized approach, attention to each patient, unique diagnostic technologies and high level of service are primary features of Eurolab medical center.
The DNC - Center for Clinical Neurology and Neurorehabilitation has:
  • 15-year experience of working with the most problematic pathology of the nervous system,
  • search and introduction of new technologies for studying the mechanisms of nervous system damage in various diseases,
  • development of author's techniques, introduction of modern achievements of science and technology in clinical practice, allowing to use new opportunities in the therapy of "incurable" and intractable diseases of the nervous system.

The Medical Center "Heart Life Hospital" is a cardiac surgery clinic, which operates on the basis of the National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery named after N.M. Amosova of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Specialization of the medical center is cardiosurgery. At the disposal of our patients are the best medical practices and experience of a medical institution with more than 60 years of history, comfortable accommodation in modern wards with the latest equipment for medical care in pre- and postoperative period, organization of surgical treatment of cardiovascular diseases and pathologies, medical and client service of international level, including the service of foreign patients, as well as the use of innovative medical technologies for cardiology.

I.D.Clinic — is a multidisciplinary medical center that provides all kinds of services in the field of aesthetic surgery, medical cosmetology, and vascular surgery. Clinic, skillfully combining innovative methods of treatment with the validity of the classic treatment approaches.


"Mother and Child" is a network of modern high-tech medical centers for reproductive health. MC "Mother and Child" specializes in the treatment of infertility, pregnancy monitoring, prenatal diagnosis, gynecology, mammology, andrology, urology, genetic research, surgery and psychological support of patients. Every year the Medical Center for Reproductive Medicine "Mother and Child" helps hundreds of married couples become happy parents.

Doctors MC "Mother and Child" are specialists of the highest category, many of whom are members of the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine, as well as the European Association for Human Reproductology and Embryology.

The clinic has an international quality certificate ISO 9001: 2015, and is also the recipient of the awards: "The choice of the year 2014", as the best clinic of the VRT of Ukraine, "Brand of the Year 2015", "National Medical Award", "Ukrainian People's Award" in the nomination "Reproductive Clinic Medicine 2017 ».


Alpha-MED24 is a medical rehabilitation center, the main direction of its work is to help patients dependent on alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling, substance abuse and mental illness.

The effectiveness of the method  is in an individually selected treatment program, which is based on a competent rehabilitation process and complete rejection of the use of substitution therapy. In the field of psychotherapy, for the treatment of endogenous diseases, neurotic disorders, hypnosis is actively used, and rational psychotherapy. In psychiatry are engaged in the treatment of schizophrenia, bi-polar disorders, epilepsy.

The complexity of the approach, the highest qualification of the doctors (narcologists, neurologists, psychiatrists) and the willingness to fight for each person - make it possible to achieve the highest rates in the treatment of patients



Dental clinic DentaDerm since 2007 renders professional dental services of high level – esthetic dentistry, surgery, orthodontics, esthetic cosmetology, dental reception of children.

The clinic has formed the team of specialists who can solve the most complicated clinical cases. 

Dental clinic DentaDerm gives you beauty, health and freedom of communications.


«Center for Mind Stimulation» - is the modern medical center of international level. Since 2013, successfully carrying out the treatment and rehabilitation of children's neurological disorders, also, providing its services to the foreign patients. The main specification of the center is children's neurology and psychiatry (cerebral palsy, autistic spectrum disorders, cerebral dysfunction, mental and speech development delay, social adaptation disorders).


«PhilDent» is a private dental clinic, founded in 2011 by a young ambitious team, which is an best example of ultramodern clinical and aesthetic dentistry of the European level in Ukraine.

Highly qualified specialists of the clinic provide a wide range of services for their clients - from regular preventive examination to the surgical procedures of different levels of complexity. The clinic works on the basis of modern and high-tech equipment of the best manufacturers in Germany, Japan, Israel and Switzerland, which allows using the new newest methods of diagnosis and treatment of patients. We use the technology of the future today!

Director of the Dental Clinic "PHIL DENT" - Georgy Alexandrovich Filippov


New Life Assistance — is a company that is engaged in the organization of treatment in Israel. Helps to arrange the training and internship of the medical stuff in the best Israeli medical centers and countries in Europe and the CIS as well. Our company is the only medical assistance worldwide service in Israel that offers assistance in matters related to medical care for the tourists with insurance claims. We offer our assistance in matters of legal support to all who searching treatments in Israel.



Memorial Hospitals Group was established in February, with the mission of becoming a world-class brand in healthcare. Our objective is to make a difference with pioneering practices in the sector with our distinguished staff and satisfaction-oriented service approach. Introducing world-class quality healthcare services to Turkey, Memorial Şişli Hospital is the first JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited hospital in Turkey, and 21st in the world.

Memorial is the home of trust in healthcare with its expert physicians and healthcare staff, patient-oriented service approach, quality policy, state of the art diagnosis and treatment equipment, and comfortable facilities.


MODRYCHI REHABILITATION CENTER is a modern rehabilitation center with high European standards of medical treatment and care of patients with the best specialists who have international medical experience. Created for people with disabilities, complex trauma and injuries.

The unique centre for handicapped people, which provides a full range of rehabilitation and spa services, including the training of social and everyday living skills, recreation and sports to improve quality of life and full integration into society.



ReFuture Clinic – medicine of the future. 

Technologies are now more powerful than genetics. Health is no longer associated with age. Any pace of life can be compensated. Within a couple of hours a week you can look and feel 15-20 years younger.

ReFuture Clinic is a club clinic for age management in the heart of Kyiv.  Our goal is to increase and maintain a high level of health and beauty of our clients at any age.

Youth can be bought. We have the answers to all key queries about health, longevity and beauty.


Logo Assa

Dental center “Assa Dental Group” was founded in 2012. Since that time the center achieved leading world standards and demonstrates high results in the field of total esthetic reconstruction of the smile. Dental doctors constantly increase their professional skills through participation’s in the international symposiums, register patents in the field of orthopedic dental application. The team is supported by the potential of the newest equipment and innovation technologies in their day-to-day practice.

The main goal of our team is to deliver the highest possible result even in the complicated situations, fulfill the client expectations and their financial investments.

We have happy and grateful customers from different countries, including Australia, Canada, Korea and many European Countries.


Логотип АССА

PremiQaMed has been successfully operating in the private medicine market in Austria for over 28 years and is extremely attentive not only to the quality of its medical services, but also to the comfort of patients. PremiQaMed relies on cooperation with leading specialists of all medical fields - professors and chief doctors of university clinics - and the latest medical technologies.

PremiQaMed is especially attentive to the coordinated collaboration of clinic specialists. After all, only thanks to the active cooperation of the diagnostician, attending physician and specialist doctors can achieve the most complete recovery.

The international department employs specialists who help international patients with all organizational issues and provide medical translators.


Логотип Асса

Medical center “Oftalmika” is a modern ophthalmic center that was open in the year 2005 on the base of the City Clinical Hospital named after Professor Leopold Girshman – one of the oldest and most known ophthalmic clinics of Ukraine.

Honesty, openness and responsibility towards the patients are the main principles of Medical center “Oftalmika”

Today it is a modern medical institution having latest generation of ophthalmic equipment, using the most advanced technologies for examination and treatment of the patients.    We employ the best ophthalmologist in the region and leading ophthalmic surgeons of Ukraine, who are members of the European Society of Cataracts and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS)

Annually, approximately 45 thousands of patients are treated at Oftalmika MC, highly qualified specialists provide quick and safe treatment of cataracts, glaucoma, treat retinal diseases and diabetic retinopathy, help the visually impaired people.

Thanks to high professionalism of the center’s surgeons multiple surgeries of cataracts, glaucoma and laser vision correction were successfully performed at  our medical center for patients from different countries:  Germany, Israel, France, Great Britain,  Austria, Russia, Azerbaijan and many other.


Логотип Асса
Healthy Vascular Clinic - innovative solutions in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and brain pathology. Unique recovery technologies (treatment and neurorehabilitation) of an organism of varying complexity - after a stroke, heart attack, cranial & brain injuries, car accidents, coma. Neuropsychiatric treatment diseases from early symptoms to severe. Integrated Approaches to Treating Diabetes by
restoration of internal control of sugar by the body (correction of sugar level, restoration of affected organs and systems - vessels, eyes, kidneys, limbs). Exclusive treatment methods for children with developmental delay, Down syndrome, oligophrenia, autism.
Treatment of neurological diseases from early symptoms to severe cases including genetically determined.

Healthy Vascular Clinic was founded in 1996 by a doctor of medical sciences, academician Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine, Professor Ulyana Lushchyk. Today Clinic Healthy vessels are dozens of saved lives, hundreds of absolutely healthy patients.


Логотип Асса

MedicoMente - Medical center of modern addictology

Medical center MedicoMente was created according to international standards, taking into account all aspects of the fight against various types of addiction. We accompany the patient from the first visit to the end of his rehabilitation. We support at all stages in order to maintain motivation and desire for a conscious life.

The mission of MedicoMente is to organize in Ukraine assistance to addicts and their relatives using the most effective methods from world practice.

MedicoMente was  created as international center where quality treatment (rather than switching to other substances) of addiction and mental disorders can be received by people from anywhere in the world.

For several years, our specialists worked in foreign clinics in order to adopt the best practices, select the most effective methods and apply them in our center, with a unique combination of high-quality treatment of all kinds of addiction and comfort at the level of a five-star hotel.

Now we know for sure that you can cope with addiction and there are “former drug addicts”.


Логотип Асса

Medical Club Grace is the top management of beauty and health. Having brought together the best specialists, ultramodern equipment and the most effective techniques, we have been doing our best for 12 years not only to fulfill our client's dream, but also to make his way to it as comfortable, safe and enjoyable as possible. The following medical fields are represented at Medical Club Grace:

  • plastic surgery;
  • cosmetology;
  • general and aesthetic gynecology;
  • endocrinology;
  • therapy and anti-aging;
  • health check-ups;
  • gastroenterology;
  • phlebology

The main focus of Medical Club Grace Clinic is the happiness, safety and comfort of our clients.


Логотип Асса

Beatrice Medical Center is a modern European-style center for the entire family, offering quality beauty, health and preventive medical services.

Key areas of Beatrice Medical Center’s specialization include:

  • Plastic surgery of face and body
  • Pediatric surgery and dentistry
  • Treatment and rejuvenation using stem cells
  • Biobank
  • Injection procedures
  • Hardware cosmetology
  • Classical cosmetology


Логотип Асса

The Sanatorium named Gorkyy is the only one drinking resort in the South of Ukraine, where is combined climatotherapy, mud therapy and balneotherapy. Balneology or balneotherapy is practiced over 175 years at our spa . Sanatorium named Gorkyy has a powerful diagnostic and treatment base and is a multidisciplinary institution of the highest category of accreditation. Our doctors help restore health to patients with digestive, respiratory, blood circulation, metabolism, vision, musculoskeletal system and nervous system.


Логотип Асса

Amethyst Radiotherapy is an international network of medical centres that specialises in the latest oncologic therapies. In the case of radiotherapy, all the network’s patients may use the latest methods of radiation, shortening the treatment period and limiting complications. Amethyst network centres operate in France, Romania, Italy, Austria and Poland.
Amethyst Radiotherapy Centre in Kraków has been operating since 2013 and treats around 3000 patients yearly. Amethyst Radiotherapy Centre in Kraków is a modern medical facility equipped with world class apparatuses, developed in close cooperation with the Ludwik Rydygier Specialist Hospital. The Patients may undergo all the diagnostics stages and oncology therapy in one place, from surgical oncology, chemotherapy to radiotherapy.
The team of Cracow-based Amethyst centre comprises of over 100 employees, including top-class doctors, medical physicists, technicians and nurses. The patients are also under constant care of a dietician and psycho-oncologist.


Логотип Асса

Liko-Med is a modern clinic offering wide range of medical support for the whole family. The base of our activity is a “full - cycle” - we supervise the patient from the moment of his referring to the clinic until his recovery. The outpatient clinic and hospital are equipped with the modern equipment for the diagnostics and treatment.

The main areas of our activity are: Plastic surgery, Diagnostics and treatment of ENT diseases, Gynecology, Gastroenterology, Pediatrics, Pediatric surgery, Family medicine. In the Liko-Med clinic, specialists of the highest category, candidates of sciences, professors and leaders in their fields are working for you.

Our major priorities are based on adequate diagnostics and treatment, an individual approach to each patient, comfort, safety and confidentiality.
Your trust - our help.

Логотип Асса
FORSA GLOBAL is the only Ukrainian medical tourism agency that brings together top specialists in medicine, law, and management, and for the first time in Ukraine provides premium accompanying services in infertility treatment, stem cell therapy, aesthetic dentistry, and plastic surgery.
We create a new market of medical tourism in Ukraine, proving a contemporary model of effective work combined with innovative products.
Логотип Асса
GREEK GROUP — company with Greek roots organizes treatment and rehabilitation of patients in Greece and Ukraine. Greece - the birthplace of Hippocrates, has the most modern achievements of European and world medicine. Excellent medical centers and clinics, technologies, and equipment. The friendly and professional staff of specialists in all areas of medicine. And of course, the famous Greek hospitality and respect for the person.

We will provide the selection of clinics, correspondence, and face-to-face consultations with the best medical specialists, and the solution of all questions that arise. We will do everything for a speedy recovery and high-quality treatment with minimal costs.

Логотип Асса
Rulacom Consult GmbH was founded in 2000. The company is an officially accredited support service for foreign patients of the Asklepios Kliniken Hamburg GmbH medical group and the Klinikum Stephansplatz multidisciplinary clinic.
The company's mission: "We are created to make the achievements of world medicine more accessible!" The main direction of work is the organization of diagnostics and treatment in Germany.
Rulacom Consult actively cooperates with various medical institutions in other countries, offering patients continuity of therapeutic care after treatment in Germany and returning home.
The company's strategy allows to provide the highest quality of medical services at every stage, thanks to which the company is recommended and trusted. All this enables Rulacom Consult patients to receive a very high level of services.
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DOCTORITAS is an Austrian company providing an online platform with just 1 simple goal: The right diagnosis and treatment plan for the patient's individual needs. DOCTORITAS helps patients with questions about their health especially in situations where they feel uncertain and have troubling doubts. 

DOCTORITAS is a pioneer in medical second opinion and telemedicine by offering a completely independent service for patients. No cooperation contracts with particular health care providers influence the medical decision. The secure online portal ensures a direct patient to medical expert communication. By providing a high-quality evaluation of medical reports and images by a leading medical expert, DOCTORITAS is a cost-effective way for patients to be assured of the best available medical therapy.

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Medical Expert Tourism - provides consultation in the rapidly developing medical tourism industry. Highly qualified medical experts coordinate all stages of preparation for treatment and healing.
The company provides a full range of services both for outbound, inbound and domestic medical tourism.
Patients with oncology are coordinated for treatment and rehabilitation in the leading clinics of the world and modern oncology clinics of Ukraine using international standards - prevention, cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment and rehabilitation of patients (lung cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and many other oncological nosology).
The company accepts documents and consults the patient; makes translations; it helps to choose a country, clinic, doctor, taking into account the treatment methodology and all the innovative technologies in treatment, and also provides all the services: air travel, accommodation, insurance, visit program, visa support, doctor’s support.
The main mission of Medical Expert Tourism is to provide everyone with access to essential medical solutions. Your health is our care.

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MedCare Ukraine is a one-stop health & medical solutions agency, bridging Nordic clients with highly skilled Ukrainian doctors, clinics & touristic services. Quality, individual approach & European standards are what we focus on. We ensure that our clients get a pleasant and enjoyable medical and recreation experience in Ukraine.

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Deautschmedic GmbH - 22 years specializing in the organization of examination and treatment in Germany. Selection of clinic, preparation of estimates for medical treatment (paid directly to the clinic) and additional services, qualified translators, transfers, translating of medical documents, “second opinion“, organization of leisure time.

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TRIO Weight Loss Academy

Rejuvenation, detox, health improvement are three pillars on which the entire program of the academy is based.

It is located on the territory of the modern country complex GOODZONE, located in an ecologically clean area near the Dnipro.

It is here that favorable conditions have been created for the detox programs of the TRIO Academy.

As a result of the TRIO detox program, you can normalize body weight without harm and stress, improve digestion and metabolism, as well as cleanse, heal and rejuvenate the body.

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Spizhenko Clinic is a hi-tech oncological medical center that provides a full range of cancer treatment services. We have 300 medical specialists, 11 years of research and cancer beating, modern technologies and treatment methods. Patients from over 30 countries entrust their health to us. 

Spizhenko Clinic offers a full range of diagnostic tests, cancer and precancerous conditions treatments. 

We offer our patients all procedures of modern medicine that are in strict compliance with the  National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Clinical Practice Guidelines: Radiosurgery CyberKnife; Radiation therapy; Surgery (including laparoscopy); Neurosurgery; Chemotherapy (including Immunotherapy and Targeted therapy); Mammalogy (Breast care); Urology; Gynecology;

Our clinic is equipped with the state of the art diagnostic equipment Magnetom Sola 1.5T MRI scanner and Somatom go.up CT scanner from Siemens, Toshiba Xario ultrasound. Diagnosis and treatment at very reasonable prices.

The medical center offers exclusive methods of combined therapy in order to achieve the best recovery effects while maintaining a good quality of life after treatment.

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Elite Med Tour was established in Switzerland in 2008. The company is headquartered in Lausanne. We have representatives in Kazakhstan and Ukraine. We are ready to offer our clients the following services: Coordination activitiesOrganization of consultations with leading experts in SwitzerlandOrganization of treatment in Swiss clinicsAll kinds of check-upHealth insuranceLanguage supportEscort 24 hours.

We provide services of treatment in the best clinics of Switzerland with VIP service at Swiss airports, Transport serviceAccommodation, Excursions.

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Dental clinic Smart Dental is located in one of the most comfortable cities of Ukraine - Vinnytsia and offers unique techniques: Dental face lifting, Snoring treatment, Orthodontics (teeth straightening) with distance systems for children and adults (visit the clinic once every six months), joint pain, and all types of dental services.
Teeth alignment and occlusion correction, both in children and adults, is carried out using modern orthodontic appliances. The treatment is carried out by a highly qualified team of doctors under the guidance of an orthodontist, vice-president of the All-Ukrainian Association of Myofunctional Therapy, the founder of the clinic Olga Kozyk.

Wherever you are, we invite you:

  • to get an online consultation with our experts;
  • to get the necessary treatment in our clinic as soon as possible at affordable prices;
  • full support by a personal manager for non-resident and foreigners from arrival at the airport to departure!
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Leopolis Med is a medical tourism facilitator with a vision to provide medical and wellness care, travel arrangements in Ukraine, Lviv. We are committed to providing exclusive, personalized medical treatment and wellness rehabilitation to our patients that suit their particular medical needs. We understand all their specific needs and demands. We will take care of your travel, accommodation, treatment, follow up care, sightseeing, mode of treatment and most importantly, your budget, and make arrangements perfectly suited for you.

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VerMax Medical Center has been operating in the market of dental services in Kyiv since 2005 and has more than 19,000 patients. The medical center is located in the Holosiivskyi district, in the Teremky-2 residential area, near three metro stations. There are modern offices where four patients can be served at the same time. Clinic equipment from world manufacturers Castellini (Italy), Planmeca (Finland) and equipment made in Japan. We receive about 1,000 patients every month. Our medical center is open seven days a week! Calls are accepted around 24/7!

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"Novopetrovsk Medical Consultative and Diagnostic Center" has united high-level specialists into a single professional team, the purpose of which is to implement a set of measures to support public health regardless of age. Novopetrovsk Medical Center provides comprehensive medical care for both individuals and corporate clients in the following areas: family planning, obstetrics and gynecology, pregnancy management, pediatrics, ophthalmology, neurology, therapy, surgery, ultrasound diagnostics, laboratory research, physiotherapy, day hospital.
The medical center is actively developing and is always ready for partnership and cooperation. 

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Simpladent - is a medical center which focuses its work on masticatory function restoration. The technology of dental implants installation  allows in 3 days to return a smile to the patient even in cases: bone atrophy, diabetes, rejection of two-stage implants due to peri-implantitis.

The history of the “Simpladent” association is a demonstration that the development and implementation of smart and simple treatment solutions that make life  for patients easier is the driving force of dentistry. In Ukraine, the medical center began its work in 2016. During this time, the center has proven that dental implantation can be fast, high quality and safe. Each operation is performed under the personal supervision and control of the author of Strategic Implant® technology, Professor Stefan Ihde.

“Simpladent” is a comprehensive care that combines the use of technology, the priority of which is the patient's needs, comfortable rest after surgery and maintaining contact with the patient after the fixation of new teeth.  

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Cell Therapy Center EmCell offers advanced patented methods of stem cell treatment for different diseases and conditions. The fetal stem cells we use have the highest potential for differentiation into other cell types and are not rejected by the recipient’s body. 

For over 26 years, since 1994, we have performed thousands of fetal stem cells treatments. Our cell therapy helped to prolong life and improve life quality to thousands of patients including those suffering from the incurable diseases who lost any hope for recovery. We have developed the protocols for more than 30 conditions for both kids and adult treatment, such as degenerative neurological conditions, diabetes, autism, azoospermia, etc.

We care about our patients and our reputation worldwide. We keep up to date with modern technology and innovations and advance our methods of work in order to ensure the highest quality and safety standards of the cells. Our specialists in all fields continuously work on the advancement of stem cell suspension preparation and proper application technologies, they write experience-based articles on different aspects of stem cell application, learn and introduce new methods and approaches.  All of this is for the patient’s benefit. The best award for EmCell is successful treatment and improvements in our patients, their words of gratitude and smiles on their faces.

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"Ukraine Invites" is a Medical, Educational & Leisure Travel Facilitation Company with an office located in Kyiv, Ukraine. The company handles all aspects of the patients traveling to Ukraine for the medical treatment/procedure as well as After-care monitoring/Care.
We ensure that medical tourists visiting Ukraine for different types of treatment get the best Ukraine has to offer as a country of destination for Medical Tourism. Common Medical procedures we facilitate include Fertility Treatment, Ophthalmology, Anti-Ageing Care,  Dentistry & others. There are well-equipped hospitals, wellness centers, Spas and recuperative centers that are opening up in Ukraine in order to meet the needs of International patients and tourists. These are managed by well-trained and Internationally certified professionals. 
So if you have ever thought about medical treatment in Ukraine, world-class quality medical service with a combination of unforgettable tourist attractions – let us know!  

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Robotic Orthopedic Surgery Center is a sub-brand of Turan Turan Health Group in Bursa, Turkey, which performs 600+ arthroplasty surgeries with Robotic-Assisted technology.  We are proud of delivering a personalized experience to meet your needs and exceed expectations. At Robotic Orthopedics Surgery Center, we are committed to providing the best care and experience for you. Our team is dedicated to make your surgery, stay, and the transition home as smooth as possible. Our priority is to provide high-quality service with many high-experienced Orthopedic Specialists, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialists, physiotherapists, and other healthcare personnel that are separated sub-specialties at Robotic Orthopedic Surgery Center. 
It is a source of gladness for us to bring you together with the cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques in the following health services: • Arthroplasty • Arthroscopy • Sports Surgery • Hand Surgery • Foot and Ankle Surgery • Spine Surgery (with O-ARM technology) • Pediatric Orthopaedics • Regenerative Orthopedics • Bacteriophage Therapy • Limb Lengthening • Wound Therapy • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

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Prusa Medica - the best way to make your medical travel safe, comfortable, and easy! As Prusa Medica, we aim to provide the best Turkish health infrastructures in the most efficient and affordable way for people wishing to be treated through medical tourism “Medical Travel”. We offer the Turkish hospitals and clinics that own high-quality healthcare services to the potential medical tourists “travelers” so they could get the best possible treatment. Your health is the top priority of our healthcare and medical tourism consultants. Prusa Medica Travel Agency offers to patients all around the world, safe and easy organization of medical travel and the possibility to be treated in one of the well-equipped Turkish healthcare facilities in any of the following medical branches: •Orthopedics •Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation •Aesthetic •IVF •Gynecology •Ophthalmology •ENT (Ear, Nose. Throat) •Neurosurgery •Oncology •Cardiology •Dentistry •Thermal Cures

Union professionals SPA hotels and Wellness resorts of Ukraine. The main purpose of the Union is the optimization and maintenance of a unified system of education, motivation and training of experts and industry executives resort, hotel, SPA and Wellness-industry of Ukraine.
Community of Public Health of Lviv region is a non-profit organization, created in July, 2015. The main goals are: to promote health; to strengthen public health; to promote healthy lifestyles; to represent and protect professional, social, economic, creative and other rights of members of the Community.


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International Medical portal EuroMD is an European online resource specializing in the development of medical tourism in Europe (Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Israel). Here any doctor or patient will find not only useful information, photos or videos about the treatment and rehabilitation, but also can take advantage of a variety of medical services, the full database of medical institutions and medications, online consultations practicing doctors and many other features.

EuroMD is an European integration tool in medicine and medical tourism.



DoctorGEO is a Russian-language analytical platform for posting information on the topic of medical and health tourism for the CIS countries.

DoctorGEO is an online portal and printed magazine with relevant information for professionals and patients, consumers, health and wellness services abroad. DoctorGEO also acts as a partner and organizer of business events. The company has operated since 2012.

Association of  Physicians of Medical Tourism is a voluntary, open, independent, non-profit association of physicians involved in the field of medical tourism and interested in its development.

Ukrainian Football Association of Medical Doctors - non-profit, independent organization, which brings together healthcare professionals.

Aeroplan Magazine has a category of inflight entertainment & advertisement. Free edition is addressed to airline passengers who commit their regular flights to Ukraine. Readership - people that often use the services of airlines, both for business and recreational purposes. Magazine's partners: British Airways, Royal Jordanian, KLM, LOT, Air France, Air Arabia, the agency Aviareps. Also applies to hotels, restaurants, wellness center, at the international exhibitions. Among the main categories of the magazine: travel and tourism, business tourism, medical tourism, health of passengers.

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