Addiction treatment in Ukraine

Drug addiction treatment in Kiev

Drug addiction is a serious problem, the solution of which is addressed by specialists from all over the world, including Ukraine. But despite all the measures taken, drug addiction continues to “grow younger”, and the number of drug addicts is growing steadily. The average age of drug addicts today is less then 22 years, and only according to official statistics in Ukrainr there are more than half a million of them.

The reasons why a person tries drugs are many. And the new types of drugs that cause addiction after the first use. In a matter of months, they can cause severe mental pathologies and even lead to death.

It is practically impossible for a person suffering from addiction to get rid of it on his own. The help of qualified specialists is needed, which is enough in our country today. Drug treatment in Ukraine will be not only effective, but also costs much less than in clinics in Europe.

Why is it so difficult to get rid of drug addiction?

Most ordinary people view drug addiction as a addiction to a particular substance. And they believe that it’s enough to remove the drug so that the person recovers. But it is not so. In addiction, not only physical dependence develops, but also psychological one.

A person gets used to a constant state of joy and euphoria. And even in the absence of withdrawal after refusing drugs, he feels bad: he is anxious and depressed. Life becomes gray and boring. In order not to aggravate the condition, you need to seek help at a specialized clinic.

Drug addiction treatment in Ukraine consists of several stages. And the result is achieved thanks to the joint work of narcologists, psychiatrists and psychologists, whose task is not only to save the patient from addiction, but also to teach them to enjoy life without drugs.

How is drug addiction treatment in Kyiv performed?

Getting rid of drug addiction in Ukraine

A single universal method of getting rid of addiction does not exist. But thanks to the methods developed today, it is possible to quite successfully combat all aspects of the manifestation of the disease.

Treatment of drug addiction in Kyiv is carried out in a complex and provides a comprehensive impact on the body. Therapy is more effective when performed in a hospital, in a specialized narcological clinic. You can contact the rehabilitation center anonymously.

Stages of treatment:

  1. Detoxification is a series of procedures aimed at eliminating the remains of narcotic substances and their metabolism products from the body. Its main goal is to improve the physical condition and reduce the patient’s acute craving for drugs. In the future, work with a psychological problem is important;
  2. Psychological rehabilitation is the stage at which psychologists and psychotherapists join to treatment. The result of their work should be the patient's awareness of the severity of his disease, its dangers and complications. As well as the formation of propriate motivation to continue treatment;
  3. Therapeutic treatment - is carried out to normalize the functioning of organs and systems, and for the treatment of concomitant diseases. The patient is prescribed vitamins, drugs to restore the water-salt balance, massages, exercise therapy. If necessary, drug therapy with blockers in the form of tablets or subcutaneous implants may be recommended. Drugs block opioid receptors, making further drug use pointless;
  4. Social readaptation - its purpose is to teach the patient how to cope with life's difficulties and build relationships with people without drug support.

The cost of drug addiction treatment in clinics of Ukraine

The cost of drug treatment in Ukraine is calculated individually. The price will depend on the methods of therapy used, the duration of the rehabilitation course, the drugs used, and some other factors.

Estimated cost of some procedures:

  • Initial consultation - free of charge;
  • Detoxification - 180-255 EUR;
  • Session with a psychologist - 11-18 EUR;
  • Hypnosis course - from 29 EUR.
Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor