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ONCOMPASS is a unique service conducted in Hungary, which uses molecular analysis to select from all currently available methods of cancer treatment the exact therapy that will bring maximum efficiency, saving both the patient's time and health.

ONCOMPASS identifies genes of mutant cancer in a tumor. There are several cancer genes, and each tumor contains from 1 to 8 mutant genes. In order to select the most suitable treatment program for the patient, it is necessary to identify mutant tumor genes. For this test specialists use the same tumor tissue sample, which was previously used to diagnose cancer. Diagnostics with ONCOMPASS extracts DNA from this sample and analyzes up to 60 of the most important cancer genes

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Basing on the result, ONCOMPASS pinpoints the best available targeted therapies in the world. The ONCOMPASS database contains over 400 targeted methods and medications. The efficacy of these drugs is cross-linked with the patient's cancer gene test. The patient will be listed with both the potentially effective and ineffective drugs. Based on the molecular test results, ONCOMPASS service also identifies the most appropriate of the current clinical trials aimed at specific mutations of the tumor gene. Therefore patient will be provided with information on the type of appropriate treatment from all the existing options in the world. This may also include a medication treatment for a specific type of tumor and a drug in the stage of clinical research and trials. Often a valuable information, figured out with ONCOMPASS, allows patient to refuse the inefficient treatment in advance, and therefore to avoid unnecessary costs and suffering.

ONCOMPASS is a unique service in a whole Europe. This is a world's new type of the medical and information service of molecular oncology. At the moment there are only a couple of similar services, newly established in the USA.

Issues related to testing more than 600 genes and the availability of over 400 drugs led to information overload, which makes their perception extremely difficult. This is why the diagnostic center of ONCOMPASS provides support services for physicians, helping them to interpret the results correctly. ONCOMPASS specialists will consult an oncologist in determining to which active substance the tumor will be sensitive or resistant. At the same time, the choice of a particular drug will always depend on the attending physician, who must take into account other criteria, such as the stage of the disease, co-morbidities, blood count, etc.

There are many new medications approved around the world, and hundreds of drugs are under the research stage in different countries, still many of them are associated with a biomarker. In addition to molecular tests, ONCOMPASS provides a constantly updated database containing all clinical trials available. Thus, the center of ONCOMPASS structure has up-to-date information on almost all clinical trials relating to targeted treatment conducted in the world.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor