Is Kaletra a panacea for the COVID-19 pandemic or an experiment? New reality and new hopes.

2020 was the year when the familiar world has changed. Mankind has seen a threat that spreads quickly and carries a mortal danger. Today everyone knows her name. Coronavirus infection COVID-19. It all started in Wuhan (Hubei Province, China) in December 2019. In just 4 months, the infection spread to almost all countries of the world.

What is COVID-19? The enemy must be known.

Protection from COVID-19

COVID-19 is an abbreviated name from the English COrona VIrus Disease 2019, which literally translates as "disease from the corona virus." This is a dangerous infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. In humans, it can occur in mild, moderate or severe form. If the mild form of this disease may not even be noticed, the severe form is characterized by serious, life-threatening complications. Viral pneumonia entails acute respiratory distress syndrome or respiratory failure. In such cases, the patient must be immediately connected to a ventilator. Otherwise, the death of the patient is inevitable.

Today this infection already has official pandemic status. This status is assigned when the disease has a high level of infection and has already spread to almost all continents. It also means that more than half the world's population is at risk of contracting COVID-19.

Are there any specific medicines to treat coronavirus infection?

Since this is a new infection, there are no specific drugs for its treatment. Pharmacologists, scientists and doctors around the world are working on their creation. And even successful clinical trials and isolated cases of recovery cannot guarantee safety for mass treatment. In addition, it is impossible to predict what changes in the body will lead to the use of a particular drug.

In Israel, there are cases when experimental treatment has yielded results. Infectionists know that around the world, a medicine called Kaletra, manufactured by AbbVie, is successfully used to treat HIV. The main active substances of this drug are lopinavir and ritonavir. In one tablet, their content is 200 mg and 50 mg, respectively. In fact, these are inhibitors that block the synthesis of viral proteins, reduce the severity of the disease and contribute to recovery. Although the drug has been successfully used to treat HIV, as well as cases where its use has contributed to the recovery of patients with moderate COVID-19, Kaletra cannot be considered a panacea. Now the drug is undergoing clinical and laboratory tests.

Israeli special operation to obtain the purchase of Kaletra for the treatment of COVID-19

Delivery of Kaletra to Israel

In order for Israeli experts to be able to begin work on testing Kaletra, the medicine had to go to the country. The Israeli Ministry of Health can be very stubborn and persistent when it comes to saving the lives of its citizens, and in the future, probably, many people outside the country.

To get Kaletra, a real special operation was developed in which the Israeli Ministry of Health, Sarel company, K.S. Kim International, El Al planes and even Mossad took a direct part. After all, to buy Kaletra in the free market is almost impossible. It is worth noting that these organizations almost do not participate in such operations, but, given the importance and significance of this mission, Israeli intelligence could not stay away.

According to information from open sources, it became known that one of the employees of El-Al walked about 30 kilometers, only to get to the airport, where the drugs were being loaded. This is due to the fact that the country has a ban on traffic, in connection with quarantine. A batch of Kaletra, with a total weight of 2.3 tons, arrived in Israel on March 26, 2020. Then, the state-owned company Sarel received it. Now she will be directly involved in the distribution of drugs to the hospitals that are in need.

How to buy and get Kaletra?  

Kaletra for COVID-19 treatment

Kaletra has already proven effective in treating coronavirus infection in China and several other countries. In relation to Israel, it can be stated that those who took this drug showed clinical improvement.

New Life Assistance understands how difficult the situation is now in every country. Also, we are fully aware of how important it is to get quality specialist advice in a timely manner. Let the borders be closed, and we are always ready to help you get an online consultation with Israeli doctors from leading clinics in the country. If a need arises, we will also do our best so that you can buy and get Kaletra in any country.

Importantly! It is also possible to arrange for delivery of other deficient drugs used to treat COVID-19 coronavirus, such as Tamiflu and Plaquenil.

In no case do not self-medicate! It can be not only useless, but also dangerous. Any medicine should be taken only on the recommendation of an experienced doctor. And especially with coronavirus infection.

Dear our patients, partners, friends!

New Life Assistance wishes you and your loved ones health, resilience and patience. Follow simple hygiene rules for your personal safety, take care of your immunity and control the development of your chronic diseases. Only together can mankind confront such a dangerous enemy as the COVID-19 virus. Do not self-medicate, at the first symptoms - consult a doctor.

Be healthy!