IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) in Turkish Clinics

In vitro fertilization

IVF is in vitro fertilization or an artificial form of fertilization in which an egg is fertilized under laboratory conditions with sperm and then placed in the uterus of a female donor.

Every year, tens and hundreds of thousands of married couples turn to this method for help in order to find a long-awaited child. IVF in Turkey is a fairly popular method of treating infertility, similar to other countries of medical tourism. However, most couples prefer to solve the problem through the Turkish specialists, which is explained by several factors.

In Vitro Fertilization in Turkey is the newest equipment, competent and qualified specialists who professionally perform all procedures for treating infertility.

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What are the advantages of IVF in Turkish clinics?

IVF clinics in Turkey have a list of advantages:

  • the best attending doctors of the country, with international certificates;
  • positive results of the application of the technique, which allows to achieve pregnancy from the first attempt
  • availability of the latest modern equipment, allowing to apply all existing methods;
  • accurate monitoring at all stages of treatment;
  • selection of the optimal individual program;
  • the best conditions for the passage of all procedures;
  • adequate prices, much lower from European or Israeli;
  • high quality of services provided.

All the best IVF clinics in Turkey provide additional services:

  • conduct genetic diagnostics;
  • perform cryopreservation of embryos;
  • if necessary, work with auxiliary hatching.

How is the IVF procedure in Turkey performed?

IVF in Turkish clinics

The IVF procedure in Turkey is carried out using the microsurgical technique of injecting active sperm into the reproductive egg.

In vitro fertilization takes place in several stages:

  1. Collecting anamnesis of the patient, finding out all the nuances with regards to previous attempts of pregnancy, initial consultations.
  2. The implementation of injections that stimulate the development of eggs. At the conclusion of this stage, the eggs are removed from the ovary and fertilized in the laboratory.
  3. Transferring active embryos and fixing them to the walls of the uterus. After all the manipulations comes pregnancy.

IVF in Turkey with pre-cleaning of sperm is prescribed if infertility refers to the male factor, and the sperm is of poor quality.

What is the success rate of IVF in Turkey?

Artificial insemination in Turkey is performed successfully in more than 55% of cases, and according to this indicator they can compete with clinics in Europe.

At the same time, in order for the treatment to end positively, a number of conditions must be observed:

  • appropriate body weight;
  • do not take alcohol and caffeine;
  • age of the woman;
  • period without reproduction, etc.

The younger the patient, the greater the chances of getting pregnant from the first attempt, and in many clinics it reaches 50-70% succeed. Women aged 35–40 years old endure IVF successfully in approximately 40% of cases.

How much does IVF in Turkish clinics cost?

The price of IVF in Turkey, as in other countries of the world, is formed individually for each patient. But it necessarily includes all the necessary stages of treatment: from initial consultations, taking tests, to successful conception and the development of pregnancy.

In prestigious medical centers in Istanbul, prices for infertility treatment can vary from 2,900 to 4,700 €. The lowest cost of IVF in Turkey - 2300 €.

Before choosing this or that clinic, pay attention to its accreditation, to the level of education of reproductive specialists, to reviews about services, and only then make your choice. The best medical centers and clinics that successfully treat infertility are located in Istanbul, Mugla and Izmir. If you are in doubt about choosing a clinic - you can ask for help at UAMT, we work with clinics directly and can suggest the best option in your particular case. For patients, our services are free.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor