Treatment of herniation of the intervertebral disc in Israeli clinics

Herniated disc

Herniated disc - protrusion of the pulpous nucleus through a defect in the fibrous membrane. The clinical picture varies depending on the location of the defect and its size. In some cases, the situation is complicated by squeezing of nerves, vessels, spinal cord.

Treatment of a herniated intervertebral disc is a complex process, not a separate method. To do this, get rid of the main cause - overload of the spine. It is necessary to radically change a way of life, to start to eat correctly and to engage in atraumatic kind of sports. Most hernias do not require surgical intervention because of the absence of complications.

Surgical and therapeutic methods of treatment in many cases do not bring a positive effect, which is due to the imperfection of the techniques. That's why you should only apply to the best institutions in the world that specialize in the problem of intervertebral discs, and are able to rid this problem once and for all. Treatment of a hernia in Israel is performed at the highest level, using new technologies and techniques.

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What methods of diagnosing intervertebral hernia are used in Israeli clinics?

Diagnosis of a herniated spine

Diagnosis of hernia starts with a consultation of a neurosurgeon. Doctor starts with the clinical examination of the patient, and then additional research methods are used to confirm the diagnosis.

The most important method is computer tomography. New computer tomographs, which are in Israeli clinics, are able to localize a hernial defect with an accuracy of 0.01 mm. For a more accurate visualization of soft structures (vessels, spinal cord), the method of magnetic resonance imaging is used. The use of MRI is prescribed in cases when there are obvious complications like compression of soft tissues.

Methods of diagnosis of the intervertebral hernia in Israel also include laboratory diagnostics. It is used to reveal the general condition of a patient and exclude serious co-morbidities that may affect the course of the operation or treatment. General blood analysis, general urine analysis, biochemical analysis (level of creatinine, urea, total protein, gamma globulin, ALT, AST). All of the above methods are performed on new automatic systems that have greater accuracy than analogues in other countries.

How is the treatment of a spinal hernia in Israel performed?

Treatment of the intervertebral hernia in Israel

Treatment of the intervertebral hernia in Israel is ahead of its counterparts in other countries for several years, due to the high level of medical technology.

  1. Laminectomy. The most extensive method used for hernias of large size, or recurrent hernias. Treatment of a hernia in Israel by this method has been conducted for a long time. But the technology does not stand still, and operations in Israel are beginning to be performed using robotics to conduct more accurate, jewelry work. During the operation, the affected disc and the arch of the spine are removed, after which the implant is implanted.
  2. Discectomy. The most commonly used method. Compared with the previous it is less traumatic, but its use is not always possible. Treatment of intervertebral hernia by the method of discectomy requires subsequent implant placement. In Israel, synthetic implants are used. They do not require subsequent replacement operations, they serve until the end of life. Qualitative synthetic material of implants guarantees no side reactions - rejection, displacement, suppuration.
  3. Therapeutic methods of treatment are used in the postoperative period. Each patient undergoes a course of physical rehabilitation using therapeutic massage, physiotherapy exercises and physiotherapy methods.

What are the prices for the treatment of the intervertebral hernia in the best clinics in Israel?

Prices of hernia treatment in Israel are slightly higher than in other countries. This is due to the much greater quality of the equipment, the use of new medical products, analogues of which are nowhere else found.

Procedure Assuta Clinic Shiba Clinic Suraski Clinic
Consultation from 475$ 450-600$ 650-750$
Laminectomy from 14000$  - 14000-16000$
Diskectomy from 18000$ 12000-18000$ 25000-28000$
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