Endoprosthetics (replacement) of joints in Austria

Joint replacement in Austria

Endoprosthetics of joints is a type of surgical operation, the main task of which is to replace a diseased joint, relieve the patient of pain and return to him the joy of movement, i.e. the patient’s return to a full life.

Modern endoprostheses allow, after surgery to replace the joint and the required course of rehabilitation, to lead the same lifestyle that the patient had before the onset of the disease (the ability to play sports, run, walk, swim and even ride a bicycle).

The most popular procedure among medical tourists was the joint replacement procedure in Austria, and there are significant reasons for this.

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The benefits of joint replacement in Austria

  1. The accuracy of surgery. Computer technology for prosthetics of joints allows you to place the prosthesis in the patient’s body with maximum accuracy, which subsequently ensures the stability of its work and the absence of stiffness of movements;
  2. Modern joints, as a rule, are made "to order", while all the features of the patient's anatomy are taken into account. Joint replacement in Austria - guarantees the patient a return to a full life, filled with the joy of movement;
  3. When prosthetics is carried out, a thorough examination of the patient and healthy joints is carried out, computer simulation is carried out, which subsequently eliminates the disproportionality of the length of the limbs and the associated deterioration in the quality of life;
  4. Dentures are made from materials compatible with each other and with the tissues of the body. This excludes the option of rejection of the endoprosthesis in the future;
  5. During surgery, it is possible to replace several joints during one operation.

What joint replacement methods are used in clinics in Austria?

Joint replacement in Austria

When replacing joints in Austria, invasive surgery methods are usually used. This approach allows for endoprosthetics by performing several inconspicuous incisions, which ensures the preservation of the structure of muscle tissue, a faster rehabilitation period. After the intervention itself, subtle scars remain on the patient's skin.

Joint replacement in clinics in Austria is carried out using automated systems. In the country's medical centers, when conducting operations, the Da Vinci robotic system is widely used, which, under the supervision of an experienced surgeon, performs the operation with filigree accuracy. This approach eliminates the influence of the human factor, which reduces the number of postoperative complications and the occurrence of side effects.

How fast is rehabilitation after arthroplasty?

The rehabilitation phase after joint replacement usually takes three months. But after 6 weeks after the operation, most of the daily physical activity becomes available to the patient. Short walks, moderate physical activity - benefit the rehabilitation process. True, you need to be prepared that the first 3-4 weeks will have to learn to walk again and develop the naturalness of movement when building a step.

After the patient is discharged, he is recommended to attend classes with a physiotherapist to undergo the further recovery procedure according to an individual program.

After three months, you can safely talk about complete rehabilitation and a return to a full life filled with movement. Sports are recommended, but it should be borne in mind that traumatic species are excluded! Suitable for swimming, Nordic walking, cycling and more, i.e. those types of physical activity that sparingly affect the joints.

Cost of joint replacement in Austria

The cost of joint replacement is affected by several factors. First of all, this is the material from which the prosthesis is made (metal, polymer or ceramic).

Next in importance is the type of surgery performed. An open operation will cost less, but unlike an invasive intervention, it will be followed by a longer and more difficult rehabilitation period, because open surgery injures the patient's adjacent muscle tissue.

No less important is the diagnosis. The final price is affected by the completeness of research, the equipment used and the application of various techniques during its implementation, for example, the method of computer modeling and visualization. All this gives the specialist a clearer picture, but increases the final cost of arthroplasty.

As an example, here are a few average prices for joint replacement in Austria:

  • Replacing the hip joint will cost 20,000-23,000 EUR;
  • Knee - 22000-24000 EUR.
Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor