Transplantation of kidneys in Belarus

Kidney transplant in Belarus

Belarusian doctors carry out highly complex surgical interventions on kidney transplantation for citizens of the country and guests from abroad and have been doing well in this field for more than a dozen years. Transplantologists from this country have organized common programs with the world's leading experts at Birmingham Children Hospital and Oxford Kidney.

Kidney transplantation in Belarus is masterfully performed by experienced surgeons with European qualifications. It is worth noting that more than 2,000 kidneys have been successfully transplanted, of which 1,000 have only been in the past 4 years, which is a very good result and far exceeds the same figures in the neighboring countries.

In addition, many women who underwent kidney transplantation in Belarus have become joyful moms: during this time 13 wonderful babies appeared!

The Republic of Belarus is currently in the first place in the CIS and the eighth in the world in terms of the number of kidney transplants per 1 million population.

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Benefits of kidney transplantation in Belarus

From year to year clinics of Belarus perform hundreds of surgical interventions for kidney transplants. And this is why kidney transplantation in Belarus is so in demand among medical tourists from all over the world:

  • In Belarus, transplantation from unrelated donors is legally permitted (unlike other countries) - this is the main advantage;
  • For many years of practice, the Belarusian doctors managed to overcome the main difficulties of this operation - the technological complexity of surgical intervention, kidney rejection in the postoperative period;
  • Based on statistical data, 92% of operations have beneficial effects, or rather patients recover and return to their normal lifestyle;
  • Medical specialists of the country have many years of experience;
  • Clinics use innovative methods and constantly improve staff skills;
  • All Belarusian clinics are equipped with the latest equipment;
  • Carefully selected each donor so that the organ maximally suits the patient.
  • The survival rate after kidney transplantation is 85 - 90%. This is a very high rate and is on par with clinics in the European Union.

How does kidney transplantation in Belarusian clinics take place?

Kidney transplantation in Belarus

By kidney transplant is meant the transplantation of a healthy, healthy body to a patient who cannot do without this type of treatment.

A kidney transplant in Belarus involves three phases:

  1. The kidney is taken from the donor (if it is alive relative of the patient, then the organ is taken laparoscopically, which means there is less risk of injury, and recovery of the donor itself will take much less time);
  2. The organ is being prepared for transplantation;
  3. The transplantation surgery itself (general anesthesia is used, the time of surgery is from 3 to 8 hours).

As a rule, the patient’s own kidneys are not removed. And for the safety of the transplant, it is mandatory to take drugs aimed at artificially suppressing immunity.

After transplantation, the diet is systematically changed until the newly appeared kidney begins to work in full.

When the clinic discharges the patient, he is instructed to observe safety and maintain vital functions.

The cost of kidney transplantation in Belarus

The total costs varies depending of the extra charges of the patient, his condition, necessary medical examinations and other things.

So, the price of a kidney transplant in Belarus depends on the type of service provided:

  • Organ transplantation from a patient's relative donor - 36000 USD;
  • Kidney transplantation from an unrelated donor - 60,000 USD;
  • Diagnostics before scheduling to the waiting list for a donor organ is 5400 USD.
Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor