UAMT actively cooperates with advertising and information structures, public relations companies to increase the promotion of healthy lifestyles, the level of development of medicine and medical tourism in Ukraine.

We offer:

1. Conferences

 - To participate in the ongoing activities (supported UAMT) in national and international conferences on favorable terms.

2. Advertising

- Participate in the forum for negotiation between  patients, healthcare professionals, insurance companies and other healthcare providers.

- Advertise and highlight services on UAMT's website and websites relevant to the medical tourism,  UAMT's magazine and other UAMT's promotional and informational media partners.

- Advertise your services during conducting advertising and public relations activities.

- Participate in various online projects to develop medical tourism.

3. Ways to develop medical tourism

- Have access to medical tourism market research both in Ukraine and abroad.

- Take part in cooperation with Ukrainian and international non-governmental organizations, charities.

- Receive and provide objective information about the best healthcare facilities and leading hospitals in Ukraine, the quality of their medical care, efficiency and effectiveness of treatment.

- To have the UAMT's support  in the development and protection of the reputation of medical tourism in Ukraine conforming medical services to high quality and international standards of treatment and prevention.