Head hair transplantation in Turkish clinics

Hair transplant in Turkey

Hair transplantation is a fairly common procedure these days, which is carried out both for men and women. Today, technology has made great strides forward, which has made the process almost painless.

World clinics use three main methods of transplantation, and these are FUT, UE, IPF. These techniques are popular in European countries, but most patients suffering from loss of cover choose clinics and centers in Turkey. One of the reasons for this is that hair transplantation in Turkey is a popular area of medical tourism, which is performed in dozens of clinics by the best specialists in the country.

Hair transplantation in Turkey is the use of effective techniques, years of experience of doctors, the work of qualified personnel, and most importantly, the positive effect in most cases of transplantation.

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What hair transplant methods are used in Turkey?

Hair Transplant Techniques in Turkey

Hair transplant clinics in Turkey operate mainly on the three main methods of transplantation:

  • FUT - or strip method. In the process, the skin flap is removed, divided into fragments, and it is placed on the part where the hair is missing. Although the method is not expensive, but quite traumatic. Rehabilitation may take up to a month, and a scar will remain at the place where the flap was taken. In addition, hair does not always grow at the right angle;
  • FUE - unlike the previous method, is not at all traumatic and does not require a long recovery (small cuts at the site of seizure usually pass in 1-2 weeks). The whole essence of the procedure is the removal of hair follicles with a special machine and placement them in the place where there is no hair;
  • IPF is a combined method where a machine is used for donor patches, and the additive is made using a special pen and a scalpel with tweezers.

Each hair transplant surgery in Turkey differs in its duration, the number of sessions, and depends on the volume of folded follicles in place of baldness.

Advantages of head hair transplantation in Turkey

Head hair transplantation in Turkey - manipulation is more popular than eyebrow or beard transplantation. In addition, the main advantage of Turkish specialists - they have achieved that the chances that the hair after treatment will begin to fall out again, have significantly decreased.

In addition, the main advantages include:

  • opportunity to choose the best clinic. In Turkey, most clinics and medical centers are engaged in similar operations, and therefore you can choose the most suitable one for yourself;
  • price range - prices here are significantly lower than in Europe;
  • professional doctors;
  • long experience of transplantation;
  • successful transplantation in most cases. The approximate effect of hair transplantation (before and after) in Turkish clinics you can see in the photo.
Hair transplant in Turkey before and after
Hair transplant - photo before and after

What should be done before and after hair transplantation?

The procedure for hair transplant is still a surgical procedure, but the patient does not need to prepare for it especially. As with any operation, you can prepare for transplantation only morally and set yourself up for a good result

There are no special restrictions before the procedure, but doctors recommend 14 days before that not to use antitrombotic drugs.

Rehabilitation care includes taking painkillers and other medicines prescribed by the doctor, as well as providing specialized skin and hair care products - shampoos, creams, gels, etc.

How much does hair transplant in Turkey cost?

The process of hair transplant in the best clinics in Turkey varies in price from 1,500 to 2,500 €. Such institutions are located mainly in Istanbul - the very heart of the country.

On average, the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey is 1600-1800 €. In this case, you can independently find a suitable center, choose the best doctor and sign up for the procedure. The cost includes all preparatory stages - tests, consultations, the operation itself and recovery.

The lowest price for hair transplantation is € 1,300. However, this price can only be for the operation of hair transplantation in the area of the beard or on the eyebrows. A transplant cover on the head will cost from 1500 €.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor