Online doctor consultation in Ukraine and abroad. Telemedicine.

It is difficult to disagree that technology makes our life more comfortable and convenient: the invention of the Internet, smartphones, the development of computers and new communication standards 4G and 5G contributes to the emergence of new channels and new ways of communication between people from all over the world, it’s enough to recall the opportunity to see the person through video calling in Skype, Viber or WhatsApp applications, which, for example, allows patients to receive online doctor consultation hundreds of kilometers from the clinic. All this contributed to the emergence of a new term - telemedicine, which with the development of medical tourism has become even more relevant. Let's look into this a bit more.

Regeneration of the Endometrium is an innovative solution to infertility problems based on a women own endometrial stem cells.

Surrogate programs are no longer the only solution for women which have got:

  • a uterine genesis infertility and endometrial hypoplasia;
  • the diagnosis of Asherman’s syndrome stage 1-2;
  • several failed IVF programs.

As you know, pregnancy requires not only high-quality embryos, but also a healthy and mature endometrium, which can ensure the implantation of the embryo and the onset of a long-awaited pregnancy.

The Professional event of the year was held on February 20-21, 2020 - MedTW.Ukraine - Medical Tourism Workshop 2020, which combined the business interests of a large number of Bayers and Suppliers of the medical tourism world once again.

The Event took place in the heart of Kyiv, in the hospitable conference hall of ALOFT KYIV and brought together representatives of 12 countries, more than 120 participants, including representatives of medical centers, specialized clinics, SPA resorts and hotels, rehabilitation centers, medical services companies, associations, clusters, medical tourism providers, assistants and insurance companies, travel and medical tour operators, diagnostic centers and doctors.

There were busy and fruitful two days. Representatives of Germany, Austria, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Spain, Lithuania, Czech Republic and other countries worked successfully with Ukrainian medical tourism specialists without any epidemiological threat.

An innovative method for the treatment of intestinal cancer with the use of artificially synthesized antibodies in the Confraternität Private Hospital in Austria.

Austria is among the leader countries in the study of cancer. World-renowned oncologists from the Confraternität Private Hospital, who are constantly searching for new methods of effective treatment of various types of oncology, also contributed to the history of scientific evolution in medicine. In the same article, we will talk about innovative approaches in the treatment of intestinal cancer in Austria.

It is worth recalling! The basis of modern therapeutic methods for the treatment of cancer is the principle - the cooperation of multidisciplinary medical experts, which allows doctors to increase the ability to determine the most accurate and effective treatment method in each individual case. The human body is a holistic structure, so it is extremely important to look at the problem from different medical directions.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are today among the most common reasons to consult a specialist for specialized advice and treatment.

If you are looking for a high-quality level of diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases, Medical Center "Clinic Manufaktura" is a reliable and proven partner of the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism, which provides a wide range of treatment services for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Importantly! Today, endoscopy of gastrointestinal tract diseases is the most reliable way of diagnosis during which an endoscopist doctor is able to assess the condition of the internal organs (esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines).

Gastrointestinal endoscopy of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract at the Medical Center "Clinic Manufaktura" has its advantages:

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