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Treatment of Dilated cardiomyopathy by stem cells

With the advent of stem cells for the treatment of dilated cardiomyopathy, all patients in the long queue for heart transplants received real hope for life.

If you know where to find a spare heart, don't read this article. But, since no one has such spare parts yet, neither for themselves, nor for parents, nor for children, your knowledge of innovations in the treatment of such a deadly heart disease will help save someone's life. Know this and share this article with those who need it!

Stem cells Therapy for male infertility treatment

Not only women face with problem of infertility. Almost a third of married couples have problems with inability to conceive a child because of man's reproductive problems. Stop! Do not rush to get depressed! Modern methods of male infertility treatment successfully solve this problem!

In particular, an innovative method of treatment of male infertility by Stem Cells Therapy will give you a long-awaited happiness - to become a father!

Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS therapy) as a advanced method of modern surgical treatment of epilepsy.

VNS Therapy (Vagus nerve stimulation) - vagus neurostimulation is considered as the most common and effective treatment for refractory epilepsy. Vagus stimulation has convincingly proven to be 3 times more effective technique surgical treatment of epilepsy than all previous surgical interventions in history of surgery in epileptology.

Coronavirus and pregnancy. Safe childbirth at the Döbling Private Clinic in Austria.

How are pregnancies and births during the coronavirus epidemic? This question is important, because the lack of a vaccine and unified treatment protocols for Covid-19 virus caused fear, misunderstanding and doubts among expectant mothers: how to protect yourself and your child under the heart from the harmful effects of the virus. Moreover, unprofessional and unverified information constantly appears, which is thoughtlessly distributed in the media and social networks from the lips of pseudo-experts.

In this article, Christian Kainz, professor, obstetrician-gynecologist and medical director of one of the best private clinics in Austria - Döbling Private Clinic, breaks down common myths about the effect of coronavirus on pregnant women and newborns.


A new era in reproductive medicine has come, where the ability to determine the sex and features of the embryo have made him a full-fledged patient in a reproductive clinic. It used to be a fiction, today it avoids the process of transmission of hereditary diseases from mother to child with the use of innovative technologies. Using the latest NGS method in Ukraine preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) has already made happy more than one hundred married couples, diagnosis is performed not only for patients with diagnosed infertility, but also when infertility is not present.

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