TrueBeam Radiation Therapy System

The TrueBeam radiation therapy system is a cancer treatment method based on the ability of the TrueBeam linear accelerator to expose cells to large doses of ionizing radiation. Its main advantage is ease of use, selectivity of action and the speed of achieving a stable long-lasting remission.

Surgery by Da Vinci Robot

The Da Vinci Robot is an innovative surgical complex developed by experts at the NASA Research Center. The first unit of the device is the workplace of the surgeon, the second is the console, consisting of three manipulators equipped with a surgical instrument and one equipped with an endoscope.

Operations using the Da Vinci robot are highly accurate, safe and relatively painless (compared with abdominal operations performed in the classical way).

Proton Cancer Treatment

Proton therapy is the most advanced method of radiotherapy for cancer. Tumor is “bombarded” by a beam of protons that can destroy cancer cells. Despite its effectiveness, this is the most gentle method of treatment, because high-precision radiation of an oncological formation does not harm healthy internal organs.

Proton therapy clinics successfully treat patients who have been diagnosed with diseases such as brain oncology, prostate cancer, oncological neoplasms of the eye, and other types of tumors. As a rule, located in hard-to-reach places for classical methods, where there is a risk of damage to healthy organs surrounding the malignant neoplasm.

Cost of orthokine joint therapy

Orthokine therapy is an innovative medical procedure that allows you to stimulate the natural ability of the human body to stop the production of inflammatory mediators.

The essence of the method is to take the patient's own blocking substances, as well as to process them and introduce them into the cavity of the affected joint.

SVF and PRP joint therapy

SVF and PRP joint therapy is a unique method of treating degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the joint tissue, combining the effectiveness of treatment with conditioned autoplasma and the regenerative potential of autologous adipose tissue cells.

This approach allows in the shortest possible time to help the renewal of the destroyed cartilage tissue, or at least significantly delay the installation of the endoprosthesis.

Passing SVF and PRP therapy allows:

  1. To weaken the local pain and inflammatory syndrome;
  2. To prevent cartilage fibrosis and dystrophic changes in the joints;
  3. Stimulate the restoration of destroyed cartilage structures.

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