Treatment of spine diseases in Israeli clinics


The spine is a unique organ that can carry the weight of the entire human body. Thanks to physiological bends and intervertebral discs, it is capable of withstanding enormous loads, and no changes will occur in it. In addition, the ridge serves as a protective skeleton for the most important organ - the spinal cord. But in some cases, for a number of reasons, diseases may appear.

Degenerative and dystrophic changes (osteochondrosis, osteoporosis), autoimmune diseases with the formation of conglomerate of vertebrae (ankylosive spondiloarthritis), oncological diseases, hernia, traumatic and compression fractures. All these diseases have different origins and pathogenesis, but each of them can significantly worsen the quality of human life. Therefore, you should trust your health only to the most highly qualified medical institutions that can be found in Israel. Treatment of the spine in Israel is carried out exclusively by new methods using high-precision equipment.

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What are the most common diseases of the spine treated in Israeli clinics?

Diseases of the spine
  • Treatment of spine cancer. Tumor process itself has a deadly effect on the body. With the development of a large tumor in the small space of the spinal canal, the spinal cord can be compressed, which entails paralysis of the underlying parts of the body and many other problems. Oncological diagnosis requires timely and targeted therapy.
  • Treatment of vertebral fractures. Fractures of the spine are of 2 types. The traumatic fracture is similar to the fracture of other parts of the skeleton, because the parts of the vertebrae break, fractures and dislocations may appear. Compression fracture occurs only in the vertebrae, when from excessive load bone tissue is crushed, breaking up into many parts.
  • Treatment of a hernia of the spine. The protrusion of the pulpous nucleus of the intervertebral disc can lead not only to the onset of pain, but also to some other consequences - compression of the vessels, nerves, spinal cord.
  • Treatment of the cervical spine. Dislocations and subluxations of cervical vertebrae are especially dangerous, because the cervical part of spinal cord is responsible not only for the motor function, but also for the function of respiration and circulation.
  • Spina bifida occulta. Congenital defect of the spine, which only a few countries in the world deal with, including Israel. Due to lack of vitamins during pregnancy, the vertebra arcs do not coalesce in the child, forming a gap on the back surface.

Methods of surgical treatment of the spine in Israel

Surgical treatment of the spine in Israel
  • Discectomy and laminectomy. These methods are performed with complicated hernias of intervertebral discs. During the operation, the intervertebral disc and part of the arch of the vertebra are removed, and than a synthetic implant is placed in their place.
  • Resection of the tumor. Depending on the size and location of the primary focus, complete or partial resection is performed. Thanks to the introduction of robotics in Israel, very precise, safer  operative interventions for oncology are conducted.
  • Substitution of the vertebra. Multi-stage operation, in which the removal of the vertebrae, which is crushed by compression, is performed, followed by the installation of a synthetic implant. This method of treatment is considered the gold standard in the world.
  • Implantation of a large number of vertebrae. It is performed with ankylosing spondylitis and Spina Bifida.

Prices for the treatment of the spine in the best clinics in Israel

The cost of treating the spine in Israeli clinics depends on many factors - the nature and neglect of the process, the prices of necessary materials and the equipment used. Prices of spinal treatment in Israel are justified by the provision of higher-quality medical services, compared with many other countries.

Procedure Assuta Clinic Shiba Clinic Suraski Clinic
Consultation from 475$ 450-600$ 650-750$
Blood tests from 320$ from 70$ from 910$
Diskectomy from 18000$ 12000-18000$ 25000-28000$
Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor