Transplantation of organs in Belarus

Organ transplantation in Belarus

Transplantation of organs in the Republic of Belarus as one of the methods of treatment is at a decent level. Yielding to the United States, the leader in this area, among the CIS countries, Belarus ranks first in the number of operations of this type: 50 per 1 million inhabitants of the republic.

Organ transplantation in Belarus is on good level in means of the quality of operations and European standards. The Republic of Belarus is in the list of 20 developed countries of the world with a high level of organ donation, ahead of Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, and being approximately at the same positions as France and Italy.

Transplant centers work in all regional cities of the republic. Their main specialization is kidney transplantation. Among the organs that are successfully transplanted by Belarusian specialists are liver, heart and lungs.

Not only citizens of Belarus, but residents of Ukraine can receive treatment at the expense of this country's funds in agreement with the Ministry of Health.

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Advantages of organ transplantation in Belarus:

  • Practice and many years of experience of doctors, as well as the use of modern techniques. This is the basis of a properly performed and successful operation;
  • Hundreds of operations per year are carried out by Belarusian specialists in the field of transplantology;
  • In Belarusian transplantation centers, they successfully prevent and solve problems that may arise during transplantation (the main one is the rejection of a transplanted organ);
  • The latest equipment in the clinics, where they carry out organ transplants;
  • The result of 92% of operations is positive, as stated by statistical data. This fact almost guarantees that, while adhering to some recommendations, the establishment of a normal state of health and health, as well as a return to a normal life is possible;
  • Waiting time is only about 3 months. In other countries, this period may take up to 2 years;
  • The cost of organ transplantation in Belarus is significantly lower than in European clinics;
  • Transplantation is possible from an unrelated donor (unlike operations in other countries).

Statistics of survival after organ transplantation in Belarus

Organ transplantation in Belarus

The survival rate of patients after the operation of this kind is at a fairly high level, as well as comparable to that of the United States and European countries.

Statistics of survival after organ transplantation in Belarus differ depending on their type. This is due to the fact that the need for a heart and liver transplant saves human life. Without this type of operation, a person cannot live for a longer period.

In the case of a kidney transplant, surgery is needed to improve the quality of life. There is no need to connect a person to the devices on an ongoing basis, he can return to normal life. After kidney transplantation from a living donor, 92% of patients and from a deceased 80% of patients live for more than 3 years.

Survival statistics after liver transplantation in clinics of Belarus are even better today than in the USA and European countries. So, for example, the one-year survival rate after surgery is at 91%, for comparison, the same figure in the US is 85%, in the European Union countries it is 84%.

Organ transplantation most often allows a person to live a full life. Evidence of this is that in Belarus, after the transplantation of organs, over 30 women were able to become mothers. A larger number of them had a kidney transplanted, some had a liver, and one had two organs transplanted.

Prices for organ transplantation in clinics of Belarus

For citizens of Belarus, operations of this kind are free of charge. Foreign patients pay for themselves.

It is worth noting that the transplanted organ is provided free of charge. The cost of surgery consists of the payment of the operation itself, the work of medical personnel, drugs and other things.

The price of organ transplants in Belarus for foreign citizens is comparable to the prices that are available in European countries:

  • Kidney transplantation - about 67 thousand, in the case of a related kidney transplant - about 40 thousand dollars;
  • Liver transplantation - 132 thousand dollars;
  • Heart transplantation - over 100 thousand dollars.
Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor