Prices for the treatment of diseases in Georgia

Recently, Georgia has more and more confidently declared itself as one of the centers of world medical tourism. The growing popularity of treatment in Georgia is due to the gradual improvement of the material and technical base, the increase in the qualifications of medical personnel, as well as a convenient geographical location and a wide transport network.

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Georgian medical clinics are developing by the country's government

Treatment in Georgia

The development of medical tourism to Georgia is closely monitored by the national government, which, despite the absence of some legislative mechanisms and specialized industry associations, has achieved significant success. This was facilitated by:

  • Introduction of new medical standards - thanks to timely adopted and thoroughly thought-out regulatory acts, it was possible to achieve the widespread introduction of European standards and requirements for the quality of medicine in the industry;
  • Low cost of medicine - after the abolition of the health tax, medical institutions have the opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of services;
  • The opportunity to receive additional services - a convenient geographical location, mild climate and an abundance of natural resources allows not only to receive qualified medical care, but also to visit one of the many first-class sanatorium-resort establishments located in such tourist centers as: Batumi, Kobuleti, Akhtala and Borjomi ;
  • A wide range of medical services provided - in Georgia’s clinics such demanded medical segments as plastic surgery, artificial insemination, organ transplantation, oncology, traumatology and ophthalmology have developed widely.

Benefits of Treatment in Georgia

The benefits of treating diseases in Georgia include:

  • Low cost of services - the cost of treatment in Georgian clinics is almost 70% lower than in clinics in Europe, Asia and the countries of the former Soviet Union;
  • Highly qualified medical personnel - they regularly take advanced training courses at the world's leading scientific centers;
  • The latest equipment - Georgian clinics are distinguished by the most advanced medical equipment in the Caucasus;
  • Convenient transportation - Georgian medical facilities can be quickly and conveniently reached from almost anywhere in the world;
  • The opportunity to diversify the treatment - a comfortable climate, the presence of mountains, the sea coast and mineral springs allows you to combine medical procedures with first-class relaxation.

The most demanded services in Georgian clinics

Medical Clinic in Georgia

The most popular services provided in medical clinics in Georgia are:

  1. Aesthetic dentistry - the use of the latest technologies and materials allows you to quickly, efficiently and inexpensively restore the aesthetically attractive appearance of the teeth, as well as restore their lost functionality;
  2. Plastic and reconstructive surgery - Georgian surgeons have techniques that can successfully carry out even the most complex surgical interventions;
  3. Reproductive medicine - IVF performed in Georgia will cost much less than in medical centers of other countries, while, despite the acceptable cost, the quality of the procedure remains at the highest level;
  4. Restoration of lost hair - Georgian clinics have a unique hair transplantation technique that eliminates the appearance of scars and scars.

Prices for the treatment of diseases in Georgia

It is worth noting that Georgian medical institutions are not only the latest equipment and highly qualified personnel, but also more than a comfortable price level. The cost of the same procedure in clinics of Georgia and medical facilities of the European Union may differ by 2 times or more.

For example, the cost of treating cataracts in Georgia will be $ 840, and a kidney transplant will cost $ 20,000.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor