Reproductive medicine in Ukraine

Reproductive medicine

If a couple who has regular sexual contacts and does not have contraceptive means, during the year pregnancy does not occur, you should contact the specialized specialists and pass the examination. This does not mean that the couple are sterile, in the language of doctors, the couple is temporarily unable to conceive a child. But most likely, to acquire a posterity, it will be necessary to apply to the center of reproductive medicine.

One of the most popular and rapidly developing segments of medicine in Ukraine is reproductive medicine. Issues of reproduction of offspring and infertility treatment are given serious attention in all developed countries, without exception, and in Ukraine, including. Thanks to the prerequisites that have developed over the past few decades, the development of reproductive medicine in Ukraine has reached an international level. This is facilitated by:

The fact that the full range of services is within the legal framework, and is provided on a perfectly legal basis. The quality of the services provided meets the high international standards, which in turn affects the interest of foreigners, so-called, medical tourists seeking to obtain a range of services of this industry in our country.

Why are more and more foreigners using the services of Ukrainian reproductive medicine?

Clinics of reproductive medicine in Ukraine

Statistics show that almost half of the patients of reproductive medicine clinics in Ukraine are foreign citizens. In the first place are patients from Israel, followed by Italians, Germans, Englishmen and citizens of other countries of the European Union. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the flow of people from Georgia and Transcaucasia. Most of the couples address just the problems of infertility.

First of all, they are attracted by the high quality of services provided by medical centers in combination with the relatively low cost of reproductive medicine in Ukraine, and once again, the absolute legality of the services provided. For example, in many European countries, reproductive medicine is in a strict legislative framework, sometimes not permitting the necessary procedure. An example, a genetic study of the embryo, for the congenital diseases, is banned completely in countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, but without any problems is carried out in Ukraine.

Prices for reproductive medicine services in Ukraine:

differ from the world in several times. A vivid example can serve as a comparison of prices for IVF (fertilization of the egg is produced outside the female body) in Ukraine and the United States. The cost of the procedure in America will roughly range from $ 80,000 to $ 95,000, whereas in Ukraine the cost will be about $ 800- $ 1,000 for the first attempt, and if the attempt is unsuccessful, a discount is given for subsequent procedures. Approximately the same situation is with other services, which, without a doubt, is the determining factor for choosing medical tourism in Ukraine.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor