Cancer treatment in clinics of Germany

Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a malignant oncological disease that can affect any organ of a person. In Germany, a huge budget for scientific research is allocated, due to which the methods of diagnostics are constantly improving, the speed, accessibility and accuracy of detection of cancer is increasing.

Investments in scientific projects enable German doctors to constantly improve their skills, develop new methods and medicines for the treatment of cancer.

Cancer treatment in Germany fully complies with international standards and guidelines at all stages. The country recorded the highest survival in the past 5 years in patients with cancer. Among the German oncologists there is a Nobel laureate who was able to develop a vaccine against cervical cancer.

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The main advantages of oncology treatment in Germany

Treatment of oncology in Germany can provide patients the following benefits:

  • Highly qualified specialists with a high level of training.
  • Modern equipment.
  • Scientific research in oncology, which makes it possible to raise the level of medicine in this direction.
  • Ethical, attentive attitude of the staff, which creates comfortable conditions at all stages of staying in the clinic.
  • Prices for oncology treatment in Germany are comparable with other European countries, but the quality of medical services is much higher.
  • Most large clinics provide an independent translator who accompanies the patient throughout the therapy period.

Advanced methods of diagnosing cancer in clinics in Germany

Diagnosis of cancer in Germany

German clinics for cancer treatment provide a complex approach for cancer treatment. It means that the diagnostic of cancer in Germany is carried out by multidisciplinary team of specialists, because the further success of the entire therapy depends on the accuracy of the diagnosis made. The most commonly methods used are:

  • The general blood test, biochemical blood test. It makes it possible to identify cancer markers in the blood.
  • Checking the immunology of the tumor.
  • Biopsy is the study of a tumor at the cellular level.
  • Genetic analysis. Scientists from Germany unraveled the genetic code of many malignant tumors and could distinguish them. Due to this, the optimal therapy option is chosen.
  • Puncture of bone marrow.
  • Endoscopy - examination of some internal organs using endoscope. It helps to recognize the disease at an early stage.
  • Radiography, CT, PET, MRI. With the help of such modern equipment, it is possible to assess the extent of the tumor's spread, its condition with the help of a high-precision 3D image.

What innovative methods of treatment of oncological diseases are used in Germany?

Treatment of oncology in German clinics

How much does oncology treatment in Germany cost? Price directly depends on the diagnosis, stage and prevalence of the disease in the body. Based on these indicators, the optimal method of therapy is chosen.

Treatment of cancer in Germany includes the following methods:

  • Surgical methods of tumor removal. German clinics actively use for this purpose robotic equipment, such as, for example, a radiosurgical "Cyber-knife", ultrasonic ambition method HIFU, da Vinci system and others. Such equipment makes it possible to remove the affected areas without touching healthy tissues.
  • Radiotherapy. In this case, the radioactive isotope is injected directly into the tumor site to destroy it.
  • Radiation therapy. It is applied to tumors sensitive to radiation. In this case, the tumor gradually disintegrates along with metastases.
  • Bone marrow transplantation. A material can be taken from as from healthy donor, and it also can be purified cells of the patient's bone marrow.
  • Treatment with stem cells for allogeneic transplantation instead of hematopoietic bone marrow stem cells. This method can be used for elderly patients, infected patients and patients with limited work of some organs, thereby reducing possible complications.
  • Treatment with monoclonal antibodies. Some types of oncology use drugs based on monoclonal antibodies, which directly affect the tumor cells.

Treatment of cancer in children in German clinics

At the moment, clinics in Germany are fighting against all types of cancer in children. To treat children with cancer, the most gentle methods need to be used to avoid injuring the child. Also for the best result, combination of different types of therapy can be used.

In children's cancer centers, patients are supported by various specialists: therapists, surgeons, immunologists, radiologists, psychologists and other doctors. After the end of treatment the child is under observation for the complete elimination of relapse.

The most advanced international protocols are used for the treatment of cancer of children in Germany. Most of this protocols are developed by German oncologists.

Prices for cancer treatment in German cancer clinics

The cost of treating cancer in Germany directly depends on the patient's health status, the stage of the disease, the treatment prescribed, the doctor's qualification. In general, prices in different clinics are not too different from each other.

Violetta Yanyshevska
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