How much does in vitro fertilization in Ukraine cost?

In Vitro Fertilization in Ukraine

In vitro fertilization, or simply IVF, this is a method that allows couples who have long and unsuccessfully tried to become parents naturally, to become them with the help of medical technologies. Without going deep into medical terminology, the method of IVF can be described in simple. Fertilization of the selected egg with the sperm of the father occurs outside the female body, in the "test tube". And already fertilized egg is introduced back into the body of the future mother.

In vitro fertilization in Ukraine is a rather popular service, both among citizens of the country, and among foreigners who specially come to Ukraine for treatment in reproductive medicine clinics. Both of them are attracted by high professionalism and the ability of Ukrainian doctors to solve the problems of infertility of married couples. Foreigners have financial interest, because the cost of the procedure in Ukraine is much lower than in Western countries.

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What is the average price for IVF in Ukrainian clinics?

Let's figure out how much IVF in Ukraine costs and what forms the price. The total cost of IVF in Ukraine starts from 5000 Euro in the case of standard package. This price includes diagnostic, IVF and of course medications. If will be needed other reproductive technologies such as Egg donation or NGS screening or others the price will be more higher. Please, be informed that reproductologists in Ukraine are ones of the most experienced in the world and be sured that during the treatment process will be used the best world medicines and consumables. It is reason why Ukrainian IVF clinics are  among global leaders regarding results and success rates of treatment. 

How much does this procedure in Europe cost?

When you compare the cost of in vitro fertilization in Ukraine and European countries, it is worthwhile to understand that the level of wages of the population of Ukraine is lower than the European one. It is this fact that plays a decisive role in choosing Ukraine to treat infertility by foreigners. Although the level of qualification of specialists and the level of technology and equipment are at high level, the cost of IVF in Ukraine is lower. As an illustration, the following figures can be named: the price of IVF for similar package in European countries starts from 6000 Euro, and in USA the same procedures will cost at least $ 12,000.

Does IVF guarantee a 100% result?

Cost of IVF in Ukraine

Today, IVF is the most effective method of treating infertility, but unfortunately it does not guarantee 100% successful pregnancy. Statistics shows that at the first attempt pregnancy occurs in 30-50% of cases, and successful fertilization occurs usually with 2-4 attempts. Naturally, every attempt is paid by future parents.

The success of the procedure is influenced by many factors:

  • the age of the woman. The success rate of attempts at the age of 20 to 25 years is about 50%, and at the age of forty - only 15-20%;
  • the reaction of the female body to hormonal stimulation;
  • quality of eggs and spermatozoa;
  • psychological condition of patients.

If the attempt turned out to be unsuccessful, the married couple may refuse further tests to become parents. Or they can use additional techniques of IVR and try again.

How many attempts of artificial insemination should be done?

Results of IVF

There is no general rule. Everything is extremely individual and is determined by the attending physician, based on the patient's condition. The procedure itself is not dangerous to the female body, and can be repeated several times. In medical practice, it is common for a long-awaited pregnancy to occur from the eighth or even the tenth attempt of IVF.

In order to attract their clients, many clinics reduce the cost of each next attempt, on average, about UAH 1000, so the price of in-vitro fertilization in Ukraine with each new attempt is lower.

Naturally, everything has its own, reasonable limits, and the number of attempts too, but they must be determined by the doctor and patients together, taking into account the specific situation and medical indications. In the case of repeated attempts usually embryos obtained in the past times are used.

But, according to couples who have been through the IVF procedure: the money and time spent can not be compared with the smile of your baby.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor