Cancer treatment in Israeli clinics

Oncological diseases

Cancer is a generalized name for a group of diseases that can affect any organ or part of the body. Oncology is on the third place in the world among the main causes of death.

Treatment of oncology in Israel is one of the main directions. In addition, Israeli medical centers are engaged in serious research work and due to this, they can boast of modern development of vaccines and preparations for early diagnosis and effective therapy in this direction. Due to this, even the treatment of oncology with metastases in Israel became possible. The best Israeli clinics for oncology accept about 5 million patients annually.

First of all, emphasis is placed on early diagnosis of oncology. Innovative methods are used to detect a malignant tumor prior to the onset of symptoms of the disease.

All Israeli clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to detect the location of the tumor and the presence of metastases. Doctors can create a three-dimensional image of the tumor that makes it possible to work on it without affecting healthy organs.

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Advances in Israeli medicine in cancer treatment

  • Biomarkers. The method of diagnosing cancer diseases invented by Israeli scientists.
  • Infrared diagnosis of mammary glands. Another method of detecting cancer appeared in Israel.
  • The Israeli specialists of the Suraski Clinic for the first time performed non-surgical treatment of skin cancer.
  • Removal of pancreatic tumor by Nano-knife. The Shaarei-Tsadek hospital is the only one in Israel and one of the few in the world who possesses such technology.
  • The possibility to use the non-surgical method of treatment of prostate cancer, applied in the Assuta hospital.
  • The unique diagnosis of tumor cells CellSearch is practiced in the oncology center Shiba. The analysis is so accurate that it makes it possible to detect the presence of a single cancer cell.
  • Treatment of cancer in Israel using stem cells. They produce a certain protein that prevents the growth of tumors.

What advanced methods of diagnosing cancer are used in Israeli clinics?

Diagnosis of cancer in Israel
  • PET-CT. The method allows to find different types of cancer and also to detect the presence of metastases. This method of diagnosis is used not only to detect oncology, but also to track the results of treatment. It is good at the expense of speed and complete examination of the whole organism.
  • Biopsy. This is a sampling of tumor cells for further examination. Only this method makes it possible to establish a malignant tumor.
  • Blood test for oncomarkers. Oncomarkers are specific proteins, the appearance of which in the body signals the presence of a malignant tumor in the patient.
  • Cytological analysis. With its help, changes are determined at the cellular level. This method makes it possible to diagnose a precancerous condition.
  • Infrared mammography is a non-contact and completely safe method of breast diagnosis. It is based on the difference in radiation in the infrared range between healthy and tumor cells.

The main advantages of cancer treatment in Israel

Cancer treatment in Israel
  • Qualified specialists. Cancer treatment in Israeli clinics is possible due to experienced doctors and medical scientists. They constantly improve their skills by improving their skills, exchanging experience with foreign colleagues, mastering innovative methods of treating oncology.
  • High-quality diagnostics. In the treatment of oncology, as in anything else, early and accurate detection of cancer cells is important. In just a few days, Israeli doctors will conduct a full examination, ensure a diagnosis and begin a therapeutic process. Diagnostic is performed by a whole commission of specialists from different areas, thereby increasing the accuracy of diagnosis and determining the optimal treatment regimen.
  • Modern technologies. The clinics of Israel are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, which makes it possible to diagnose and treat cancer effectively.
  • Availability. The cost of cancer treatment is often two times lower than in other countries. This is due to the support and investments in medicine by the state.
  • Comfortable conditions. A cozy atmosphere and attention from the staff contribute to an early recovery.

Prices for cancer treatment in the best oncological clinics in Israel

The price of cancer treatment in Israel is formed from several factors, among which:

  1. Which clinic you choose. In Israel, medicine is supported at the state level, and therefore treatment in the public hospital will be cheaper than in private. However, you will not be able to choose a ward, the comfort of your stay will be lower.
  2. The level of the attending physician. It is worthwhile to understand that the help of a doctor with the world level will be more expensive. However, his reputation and many positive reviews of other patients work for him.
  3. A set of procedures that have been assigned. Prior to the appointment of treatment, preliminary diagnosis is mandatory, on the basis of which the necessary method of treatment is chosen. The cost of oncology treatment in Israeli clinics will directly depend on the selected procedures.

On average, clinics offer such prices for different types of procedures:

Procedure Assuta Clinic Shiba Clinic Suraski Clinic Hadassah Clinic
Oncologist consultation from 720$ - 650-1100$ -
PET-CT from 1660$ from 1900$ 1550$ -
Mammography 360-560$ - 480-700$ -
MRI of the abdominal cavity with contrasting from 1350$ - from 1450$ -
Biopsy - - from 650$ -
Cytological (histological) study of the biopsy 650-780$ - 550-850$ 600-750$
Genetic examination - - from 1480$ -
The robotic system Da Vinci - - 25000-30000$ -
Investigation of gene mutation BRAF - - 980-1320$ -
Revision of biopsy with immunohistochemistry - - from 650$ -
CT of the chest - from 280$ from 580$ -
Chemotherapy from 620$ - - from 1200$
Prostatectomy from 18000$ 8000-10500$ 21000-25000$ -
Mastectomy - - 12000-16000$ from 1200$
Stereotactic radiosurgery - - 22500-31000$ -
Craniotomy from 30000$ - 32000-36000$ -
Consultation of a neurosurgeon from 475$ 450-600$ - -
Radiation therapy from 10000$ - - from 10000$
Nano-knife from 36000$ - - -
Cystectomy from 12000$ - - -
Immunotherapy 3800-5000$ - - -
Polypectomy - from 6000$ - -
Gastrectomy - 24910-28920$ - -
Keitruda - - - from 2000$
Whipple Operation - - - 44000-49000$
Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor