Treatment of colon cancer in clinics of Germany

Rectal cancer

Rectal cancer is a common cancer, which is common in people over 50 years old. Its danger is that the symptoms are often mistaken for an inflammatory process, such as hemorrhoids.

Treatment of rectal cancer in Germany will be most effective if it’s diagnosed on early stages. A feature of this oncology is the propensity to metastasize. Blood supply of rectum is high, that’s why cancer cells spread through the body really fast. Most often the liver and lungs are affected with metastasis.

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Stages of rectal cancer

The following stages can be distinguished by the degree of distribution:

  1. Stage 0. At this stage, the formation is really small. It develops asymptomatically and can be detected only if look for it precisely.
  2. Stage 1. A small tumor that does not exceed the boundaries of the mucous membrane, without metastases.
  3. Stage 2. Tumor cells can be found in the mucosa and the submucosal layer of the intestine. Quite a low risk of metastasis.
  4. Stage 3. Cancer spread to the muscle layer and serosa, partially to the lymph nodes. High risk of metastasis formation.
  5. Stage 4. Multiple metastases have spread in other organs.

Innovative methods of diagnosis of rectal cancer, which are used in Germany

Diagnosis of colon cancer in clinics of Germany

Preventive examination of the gastrointestinal tract need to be done annually. Diagnosis of colorectal cancer in Germany includes such studies:

  • Finger rectal examination, with which the doctor can detect tumor.
  • Ultrasound. It makes it possible to visualize the size of the tumor, the nature of tissue changes and to detect the presence of metastases.
  • Colonoscopy. The flexible probe, which is used for the study, allows you to examine suspicious areas, take tissue for biopsy and even remove benign polyps.
  • Biopsy. The analysis of the taken tissues from the focus allows you to check the tumor for malignancy, the degree of neglect of cancer and spread.
  • Irrigoscopy. After the introduction of a small dose of barium into the patient's body, it settles on the walls of the intestine and then the X-ray is made. Due to the sensitivity of barium to X-rays, intestinal pathologies are clearly visible.
  • Blood test for onco-markers. It makes it possible to identify the tumor in the early stages of it before the onset of symptoms.
  • CT and MRI of the abdominal cavity are used as additional non-invasive methods for suspected oncology.

Methods of treatment of rectum oncology in Germany

Rectal Cancer Treatment in Germany

The treatment of rectal cancer in Germany is selected individually for each patient and usually consists of the following methods:

  1. Surgical method. Sometimes when removing a tumor, you have to cut out the sphincter apparatus if it is less than 7 cm from the anus. Then, during a second operation, the process of excretion of stool masses is restored.
  2. Radiation therapy. It is most often used as preparation for an operation. It helps to weaken cancer cells and thus reduces the growth.
  3. Chemotherapy. In the treatment of rectal cancer is used more after the operation to prevent the possible spread of metastases.

Prices for treatment of colorectal cancer in the best clinics in Germany

The price of treatment for colorectal cancer in Germany is formed depending on many factors that differ in each patient. It will depend on the method of treatment, the stage of the disease and the need for additional examination.

Violetta Yanyshevska
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