Psoriasis treatment in Hungary at the Harkany thermal spa

Psoriasis Treatment in Hungary

Balneological resort Harkany in Hungary - is located 25 km from the ancient city of Pecs in the south of the country. For fame in the world, he takes second place after the Dead Sea.

The popularity in the treatment and prevention of gynecological and skin diseases, especially psoriasis, was gained because of the use of natural elements, in combination with the healing properties of mineral waters.

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The secret to psoriasis treatment in Hungary

The treatment of psoriasis in Hungary is based on three important elements that contribute to the cure of the disease:

  • Ultraviolet rays;
  • Author course of physiotherapy;
  • Healing properties of local springs.

More than 400 years of history are a strong evidence that the thermal waters of the resort are a great alternative to the many medications prescribed for psoriasis patients. To achieve the long-term effect of the asymptomatic period, water is used in complex procedures, combining classical skin therapy with balneological baths.

It is clinically proven that therapeutic baths filled with fresh thermal water activate the synergistic capabilities of the body.

Salt and gas with sulfur content dissolved in water, released, forms steam, which is absorbed into the skin and the membrane of the respiratory tract, thereby inhibiting and inhibiting the activity of pathological processes. A 3-week course of treatment for psoriasis shows a decrease in the PASI index by 34% from the initial 100 taken as a basis at the beginning of the procedures.

Benefits of Harkany Thermal Waters for Psoriasis

Psoriasis treatment in the resort of Harkany

The healing properties of the area are complemented by the mild, warm climate of the region - Harkan can provide 2100-2200 hours of natural solar radiation per year.

The excellent results obtained by an integrated approach to the treatment of symptoms of psoriasis and other skin diseases have been proved by a rather long period of remissions in patients. The passage of a 3-week course of individual baths, light therapy and therapeutic applications greatly simplifies patients' lives for a period of several months to six months.

The oldest and most proven treatment method adopted here is baths.

Treatment of psoriasis in the resort of Harkany with the help of bath procedures helps to cleanse the skin, exfoliate scales, scabs, and the remnants of medicines used previously. Bath procedures improve the absorption of drugs and facilitate access to the deeper layers of the skin when receiving light therapy.

Side effects from complex treatment in the baths are very minor. The appointment of medical procedures is always individual. This always takes into account:

  • The clinical condition of the patient and possible complications;
  • The combination and effect of drugs taken;
  • Characteristics of existing psoriasis.

The main emphasis in treatment is placed on the detection of factors provoking the disease. Clinical trials of the properties of Harkan sources have proved: bath therapy with thermal waters significantly inhibits the progression of psoriasis at the immune level.

What other diseases are treated at the thermal resort of Harkany?

Medical tours to the thermal resort of Harkany are very popular among tourists traveling here from all over the world for healing and relief of their ailments. An effective cure and long-term remission from diseases are received by patients suffering from:

  • Psoriasis The entire spa department is profiled to treat this serious illness. Thermal water with unique properties is successfully used in the treatment of psoriasis, changes in the processes of keratinization of the skin with joint damage as a concomitant factor;
  • Infertility with undiagnosed causes. Various gynecological inflammations;
  • Inflammatory processes of the joints - pathological abnormalities caused by underlying skin disease;
  • Diseases of the toes;
  • Complications associated with diabetes;
  • Post-traumatic rehabilitation;
  • The consequences of neurosurgical operations;
  • Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Prices for the treatment of psoriasis in Harkany (Hungary)

The price of psoriasis treatment in Hungary is relatively affordable in comparison with the resorts of other Mediterranean countries. In addition to professional medical supervision, it includes:

  • Bath and pool with thermal waters;
  • UV light therapy;
  • Medicinal applications.

The treatment process is divided into seven-day courses at a cost of 290 euros. Two seven-day days will cost 565 euros. To achieve satisfactory results, it is recommended to go through 3 complexes, lasting 21 days for - 860 euros.

Therapy together with the prevention of concomitant diseases costs 380 euros per course. Two weeks - 730, and 21 days with 110 procedures 1030 euros.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor