Knee replacement surgery abroad

Knee replacement abroad

Of all the joints of the musculoskeletal system, knee is the most vulnerable. It carries the greatest load, and therefore is most susceptible to illness and injury. Modern medicine has a sufficient number of treatment methods, but even the most innovative of them can be ineffective.

If the destruction has reached 70-80%, treatment measures to preserve the joint lose their meaning. In this case, arthroplasty - replacement of a joint with an artificial prosthesis will help to restore the lost motor function. The performed operation will restore mobility to the limbs, relieve pain and allow you to lead a normal life.

Advice! Endoprosthetics is a complex procedure that requires a special approach and special technologies, because it depends on its results whether a person can fully move. It can only be performed by experienced specialists.

Surgeons of foreign clinics cope with this task best of all. Thanks to the latest developments, knee replacement is unrivaled abroad. The performed operation helps the patient to forget about the disease for many decades.

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Types of knee replacement surgery abroad

The knee joint of each person has its own anatomical features, so specialists select the surgical method individually for each patient. When replacing the knee joint abroad such methods are used:

  1. Arthroscopic method is a low-traumatic type of surgery without damaging the surrounding soft tissues. Through small punctures, an arthroscope is inserted into the articular cavity, which is connected to a camera. The image from the camera with multiple magnification is displayed on the monitor, which makes it possible to obtain detailed information about all structures;
  2. Unipolar arthroplasty is a partial prosthetics in which only the damaged articular fragment is replaced. An implant made of plastic or metal is installed in its place;
  3. Total endoprosthetics - during the procedure, the affected bone and cartilaginous tissue is removed, and replaced by a prosthesis made of high-strength polymer, plastic or metal alloy.

Modern methods of knee arthroplasty abroad

Knee arthroplasty

Knee replacement surgery abroad is a rutine surgery. In the United States alone, about 600 thousand such interventions are performed per year. But foreign experts do not stop there and continue to improve the technologies used.

So, surgeons are faced with the task of increasing the accuracy of the selection and installation of an endoprosthesis. To make the implant ideal for the patient, computer navigation is increasingly used today. To do this, the scan data of the knee joint is entered into the computer, and the smart machine, using special programs, simulates the volumetric shape of the prosthesis and issues recommendations for the operation. These "instructions" increase the setting accuracy to 0.10 and 0.1 mm.

The Signature Knee technology is also well-known. A few weeks before the intervention, the clinic sends a 3D virtual image of the joint to the prosthesis manufacturers. By the due date, manufacturers send an implant designed for weight, physical activity and individual characteristics of the patient.

The structure of the male skeleton differs from the female in the proportion and shape of the bones, as well as the angle of flexion of the joints. However, denture manufacturers have long ignored these differences. Therefore, surgeons had to make a lot of effort to fit a "male" implant for a woman. This problem was solved in the USA - it was there that in 2007 the first prostheses for women appeared. Since then, the novelty has been used in the practice of clinics around the world.

Specialists are also working on the search for new materials for prosthetics. In the late 90s, scientists managed to create a "trabecular metal". In the heads of tubular bones, trabeculae are presented in the form of the thinnest partitions, which are necessary to increase strength. The resulting porous metal has a remarkable resemblance to bone. The prostheses made of it are lightweight, durable and are not rejected by the body. After their installation, the bone tissue quickly grows into the pores, so the endoprosthesis is fixed very firmly and lasts much longer.

How is knee replacement performed abroad?

Before the operation, the surgeon creates a virtual 3D model taking into account the patient's characteristics. This reduces the risk of complications, makes it possible to avoid the inconvenience associated with the operation of the prosthesis, and prolongs its service life. Then, depending on the indications, the procedure for the intervention is selected.

In most cases, replacement of knee joint abroad is performed using minimally invasive techniques. Doctors try to preserve the joint whenever it is possible. Often, specialists practice partial endoprosthetics, in which only the damaged fragment is replaced. For such an operation, the robotic technology MAKOplasty is used. All critical stages are performed by a robot under the supervision of an experienced surgeon, and it does it more accurately than a human.

During the operation, computer navigation is used, which allows the doctor to have real-time information about the state of the surface of the bones and ligaments.

This makes it possible to:

  • Determine the desired angle for implantation;
  • Install the endoprosthesis with maximum accuracy, which is a guarantee of its full functioning and durability;
  • Perform the operation through a smaller incision compared to conventional intervention, thereby reducing postoperative complications;
  • Preserve surrounding tendons and tissues and ensure less blood loss

Thanks to these advantages, rehabilitation is much faster, the patient begins to walk on the second day, and the next day he can return home.

Cost of knee replacement surgery abroad

Even in the same country in different clinics, prices for knee replacement abroad can vary significantly. But in general, the total cost includes the cost of the prosthesis and its individual fitting, and the cost of the operation.

Attention! Postoperative rehabilitation is not included in the treatment budget. This must be taken into account when planning your expenses.

Estimated prices in different countries are shown in the table:

Country of treatment

Cost of knee joint replacement


from $35000


from $17000


from $19000


from $7500


from $8000

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor