Endoprosthetics (replacement) of the hip joint in Poland

Hip arthroplasty

Nowadays, a large percentage of people (especially those of more advanced age) are in need of hip arthroplasty.

What does it represent? This is a surgical intervention focused on relieving the patient from pain and absolute “reanimation” of motor functions.

At the moment, using innovative endoprostheses and the correct method of fixing an artificial joint, you can easily return the person to a active lifestyle.

Such treatment is guaranteed by the clinics of Poland. After the frontal replacement of the hip joint in Poland is implemented, the person will be able to do real physical activity! For example, cycling, hiking, and walking.

But that is not all. Partial replacement of the hip joint can be made to young patients. This technique reverses the lost opportunity to practice sports.

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Advantages of hip replacement in Poland

That is why this surgery is so popular in patients of Polish clinics:

  1. Medical innovations. Polish medicine is recognized as one of the most advanced in Europe. Rationalization principles of work, in particular, this also applies to orthopedic surgery, are promptly implemented in clinics in Poland. Thus, the procedure of hip joint arthroplasty itself in Poland is greatly simplified and, of course, modernized;
  2. Injuries are minimized, and the rehabilitation process is well organized. After such surgical interventions, the patient rapidly restores his strength and begins to lead a normal life;
  3. Quality endoprostheses. Polish clinics work with artificial limb manufacturers with the highest international level. In these prostheses only biocompatible high-strength raw materials are used, and using is possible for more than a decade. The patient himself will not experience any discomfort, and the risks of rejection are minimal;
  4. Highly professional doctors. In Poland, very strict requirements are applied to medical personnel, and therefore only the best specialists work with patients;
  5. If the need arises, you can replace two hip joints in one surgical procedure;
  6. A jewelry analysis of both healthy and diseased joints is performed. Computer simulation ensures accurate proportionality and length of the limbs;
  7. Innovative artificial joints “Zimmer-Biomet” and “Stryker” are used, which fully take into account the individual anatomical features of each person and ensure maximum comfort of movements;
  8. Through computer navigation, the endoprosthesis is fixed as accurately as possible - this ensures the stability of its work in the future and the naturalness of the patient's movements.

How arthroplasty occurs in Polish clinics

Hip replacement in Poland
  • Examination of the patient;
  • For each patient, an endoprosthesis is chosen taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism;
  • Surgical intervention is performed using general anesthesia through electromagnetic navigation systems;
  • The endoprosthesis is attached to the bone (there are 3 methods of attachment - hybrid, cementless and cement);
  • After surgery, the patient receives antibiotics and painkillers;
  • The rest period after surgery depends on the method of attachment of the prosthesis.

Cost of hip replacement in Poland

The pricing policy is influenced by the following factors:

  • Cost of diagnostic procedures;
  • Qualification of the surgeon and the price of the operation;
  • Type of endoprosthesis and method of fixation.

The rates for this procedure in Poland are significantly lower compared to Western Europe. Thus, the cost of hip arthroplasty in clinics in Poland will be about 7,500 €.

At the same time in Israel, this procedure will cost from $ 17,000 to $ 22,000, in Turkey - from $ 14,000 to $ 17,000, in Austria - from € 20,000 to € 23,000, in Germany - € 18,000.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor