Diabetes treatment abroad

Diabetes treatment abroad

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease caused by disorders in the endocrine system. Its symptoms are an increase in blood glucose and a decrease in insulin production in the pancreas.

This disease affects the whole body and requires constant monitoring and treatment. There are two types of diabetes. The first type occurs in childhood and adolescence, is characterized by complete dependence on insulin and dangerous consequences in case of violation of the regime.

The second type most often appears in people after 40 years. In the absence of timely diagnosis, the disease can provoke a heart attack, stroke, and even to coma.

Treatment of diabetes abroad is a quick way to undergo a full examination with qualified specialists, identify the cause and choose the appropriate method of therapy.

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What new diabetes treatments are used abroad?

Diabetes treatment abroad is aimed at the complete elimination of sugar from the urine and maximal compensation of blood glucose. The main goal of therapy is to restore the hormonal background in the patient’s body and minimize the risk of complications.

Treatment of diabetes abroad consists of several stages. The most important of them is the choice of a suitable diet. Also, a permanent day regimen is formed to control the sugar level and select the required dosage.

For type 2 diabetes, weight reduction and restoration of the endocrine system is recommended.

In addition to the listed traditional methods, innovative methods are being introduced in foreign clinics such as:

  1. Insulin injection. There are several types of insulin: animal origin, genetically modified and human biosynthetic. Abroad they use modern insulin Afrezza, which is introduced during a meal through an inhaler;
  2. Treatment of diabetes with stem cells. Another type of foreign therapy. For this purpose, clinical trials are conducted on new regenerative preparations based on the patient’s stem cells. After that, the patient's condition improves and the blood glucose level decreases due to the formation of healthy pancreatic tissues;
  3. Apparatus physiotherapy (one of the most effective ways is magnetic therapy, administered in combination);
  4. Balneological treatment (one of the methods of complex therapy - radon baths);
  5. Extracorporeal hemocorrection (this method of treating diabetes is the most difficult because it modifies the blood components outside the body to change their properties).

Features of treatment of diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2 abroad

Treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes abroad

Treatment of diabetes abroad is carried out in modern medical centers. The main feature of foreign clinics is the ability to conduct a full examination on the latest equipment.

For the treatment of type 1 diabetes abroad, not only medical methods are used, but also the transplantation of part of the pancreas is practiced, as well as the installation of an apparatus for the automatic administration of the required dose of insulin.

In the process of treating diabetes of the second type in foreign clinics, mainly medical preparations are used to reduce blood sugar levels, as well as those that reduce the absorption of sugar into the blood from the patient's digestive system.

Prices for diabetes treatment abroad

Before starting the therapy, all doctors recommend a complete examination, its cost abroad varies from 350 to 950 Euro. The total amount depends on the individual patient. The final cost may affected by the presence of complications in the patient, severity of disease, weight of patient, etc.

In addition, in different countries, the price of diabetes treatment may differ:

  • China (from 2.5 to 7 thousand dollars);
  • Turkey (from 2.4 to 9 thousand dollars);
  • Israel (from 4,000 to 10,500 dollars);
  • Germany and the United States (from 4.5 to 12 thousand dollars).
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