Treatment of stomach cancer in clinics of Germany

Stomach cancer

Cancer of the stomach is a dangerous malignant formation, because in the early stages does not manifest itself, or manifests itself as symptoms typical for many diseases. It can be loss of appetite, pain in the upper part of the stomach, heaviness in the stomach, too fast satiety with food and others. Oncology of the stomach is usually detected too late and therefore it has a high death rate. This is also due to the fact that stomach cancer is characterized by a rapid spread of metastases to other organs.

Treatment for stomach cancer in Germany is a chance to recover or at least to significantly prolong life by applying the latest techniques and equipment.

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The main benefits of treating stomach cancer in Germany

The main advantages of German clinics:

  • Cooperation of highly qualified specialists from different fields of medicine to achieve the best results at all stages.
  • Treatment is predominantly minimally invasive.
  • Robotosurgery. Increases accuracy, reduces injuries to healthy tissues and accelerates the process of rehabilitation.
  • Combination of different therapies, taking into account the peculiarities of the patient's illness.
  • Development of new chemotherapy regimens with the latest generation of medicines.

Advanced methods for diagnosis of gastric cancer in clinics in Germany

Diagnosis of stomach cancer in German clinics

Diagnosis of gastric cancer in Germany is done by such basic methods:

  • Gastroscopy. The main method helps to identify the disease and determine the stage.
  • Biopsy. This analysis of tissues makes it possible to most accurately understand the shape and stage of the tumor of the stomach.
  • Virtual gastroscopy. It is produced with the help of computer modeling, makes it possible to look at a three-dimensional image without penetration into the body. Used in the case of contraindications to classical gastroscopy.
  • Computer and magnetic resonance imaging. Show the extent of the spread of the tumor process and tissue damage.
  • Transabdominal and endoscopic ultrasound. Allows you to assess the abdominal cavity, to detect the presence of neoplasms and metastases, the extent of their spread.
  • Positron emission emission and radioisotope scintigraphy. Contribute to determining the stage of prevalence of metastases.
  • Lapascopic examination of the abdominal cavity. Also allows to recognize the stages and areas of tumor spread.
  • Laboratory analysis for oncomarkers, a complete blood count and a test for latent blood in the stool.

What methods of treatment of stomach cancer are used in German clinics?

Treatment of stomach cancer in Germany

For the treatment of gastric cancer in Germany, the following methods are used:

  • The surgical method is the main method used for gastric oncology. The type of surgical intervention depends on the size of the tumor, its location and the stage of the process.
  • Radiation therapy is the irradiation of an organ with pathological cells by X-rays. It is usually used after surgery to kill small tumors that could not be cut during surgery.
  • Chemotherapy. It is mainly used at high risks of relapse combined with surgical intervention. Selection of medicines, doses and treatment is determined individually for each patient, which significantly increases the effectiveness of treatment. To treat stomach cancer in the 4th stage in Germany, chemotherapy is used as an independent method. For this, preparations are prepared in the form of tablets, which can be taken even at home.
  • Stem cell therapy - gives a high stability of remission even in the last stages.
  • Therapy with fermented preparations - the reception of enzymes similar to gastric, which significantly improves the quality of life in the last stages.
  • Immunotherapy - for certain types of stomach cancer, suitable antigens are selected that affect the tumor and make it smaller.

Prices for treatment of stomach cancer in the best clinics in Germany

The cost of treating stomach cancer in Germany is certainly not cheap. But taking in account the quality and effectiveness of treatment, it becomes clear that the price is justified. Investments in treatment in Germany fully pays off the result.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor