Cancer treatment in oncology clinics of France

Cancer treatment in France

In the ranking of the WHO French medicine occupies a leading position among more than two hundred member countries of the organization. Innovative approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and the consistently high level of medical services provided make cancer treatment in France attractive among medical tourists.

Comfortable conditions in clinics, highly qualified oncologists, attentive and responsive staff - these are wonderful bonuses to the main thing - the best level of medicine in the world, so the treatment of oncology in France is so effective.

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Benefits of French oncology clinics

Statistics show that the percentage of fully recovered patients after undergoing treatment at cancer clinics in France is an impressive 70%, and there are good reasons for it:

  • High qualification of oncologists. A French oncologist confirms his qualification by obtaining a license every two years;
  • Modern diagnostic methods. The high-precision diagnostic equipment that cancer clinics in France are equipped with allows you to determine malignant tumors in the initial stages of manifestation;
  • Advanced surgery methods. The most commonly used method is laparoscopic intervention, which allows the surgeon to influence only the affected tissues without affecting healthy ones. This fact ultimately affects the quality of the operation as a whole;
  • Development of new methods of treatment. Together with oncologists, the scientists of related medical specializations - pharmacists, radiophysics, psychologists, and others - are involved in cancer issues and methods of dealing with them. About 5000 of French leading scientists are involved in cancer issues.

Modern methods of cancer treatment in France

Cancer Clinics of France

Let's see what makes French oncology clinics the best. Modern cancer treatment methods in France are famous for by an advanced approach to treatment of the disease and attentive attitude to the patient's health. The following facts should be highlighted:

  • Laparoscopic surgery. Precisely accurate removal of the tumor, not affecting healthy tissue;
  • Gene therapy Bombing of cancer cells with a genetically modified material, the impact of which leads to the death of malignant tumors;
  • Biotherapy. Introduction the drugs to patient’s body that stimulate the immune system, thereby mobilizing the internal reserves of the patient;
  • Local hyperthermia. The impact on the tumor cells by high temperatures, leading to their death;
  • Proton therapy. A new word in the radiation medicine methods. Irradiation of cancer produced by a proton beam, and at the moment is considered more efficient and safer;
  • Cryoablation. Influence on a tumor by ultra low temperatures;
  • High intensity ultrasound. Using an ultrasound probe that causes local heating of tumor cells, it effectively affects formations;
  • Neutron enhancement therapy. The patient receives a drug that can accumulate in the tumor cells, and during subsequent proton radiation, it acts as an amplifier of irradiation;
  • Cyber knife. Automated, highly effective method of accurate exposure on tumor;
  • Gamma Knife. An improved method of irradiation, in which the effect is achieved due to the concentration of multiple radiation sources in a single beam;
  • Robot da Vinci. The most advanced technique to date, which allows the surgeon get access to tumor, even in the most hard-to-reach places.

Prices for cancer treatment in French clinics

Compared to other countries that are at the forefront of oncology treatment, France is interesting because of fairly acceptable price level for treatment, which attracts a huge number of medical tourists from all over the world. The cost of cancer treatment in France depends on many factors and is determined individually, depending on the chosen clinic, the qualifications of the doctor, the list of received medical procedures, etc.

The approximate prices for oncology treatment in France are as follows:

  • specialist consultation - 350 EUR;
  • blood test, with subsequent research on tumor markers - 550 EUR;
  • chemotherapy - from 2900 EUR;
  • radiation therapy - from 9000 EUR to 13000 EUR;
  • surgery - from 13,000 EUR (mammary gland) to 80,000 EUR (brain tumor).
Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor