Regeneration of the Endometrium is an innovative solution to infertility problems based on a women own endometrial stem cells.

Surrogate programs are no longer the only solution for women which have got:

  • a uterine genesis infertility and endometrial hypoplasia;
  • the diagnosis of Asherman’s syndrome stage 1-2;
  • several failed IVF programs.

As you know, pregnancy requires not only high-quality embryos, but also a healthy and mature endometrium, which can ensure the implantation of the embryo and the onset of a long-awaited pregnancy.

You can become a parent

To solve the issue of infertility treatment when the quality of a woman's endometrium is not sufficient for pregnancy and childbearing, in the medical company ilaya, the stem cell technologies are successfully applied. The endometrial regeneration program allows not only to grow the needful endometrium of a woman, but also to strengthen its receptivity using the resources of his own biotechnological laboratory. A highly qualified team of gynecologists - reproductologists cares about creating favorable conditions for the implantation of a fertilized egg.

Nowadays, thankful to this approach to solving the problem of infertility, almost every woman can bear and give birth to her genetically own child!

Advantages of using cell technologies for the treatment of uterine genital infertility.

A major benefit has already been said: using stem cells can allow a woman to do it herself! bear and give birth to her genetically own child. If you describe these benefits with a thesis, there are:

  • An alternative to surrogacy;
  • Restore its own endometrium.;
  • High probability of implantation of the ovum and normal pregnancy;
  • Lack of rejection.

It is important to emphasize! This method of infertility treatment is not only innovative but also safe, as it uses its own stem cells!

What does a step-by-step the program for endometrium recovery look like?

the usage of cellular technologies for the treatment of infertility

* Before arrival: Confirmation of diagnosis and skype call with the doctor.

Step 1. Preliminary diagnostics, tests, screenings.

Step 2. Material sampling using the endometrial pipelines biopsy method (in the proliferative phase of the period).

Painlessly. The stay in the clinic is up to 2 hours.

Isolation of stem cells, their growth and testing, the creation of a cellular product. (up to 21 days).

Step 3. Usage of the stem cell product.

Occurs at the beginning of the menstrual period - (proliferative phase). During the procedure, qualified clinic staff returns the patient's own stem cells (scaled, testing) back to the uterine cavity, thereby stimulating the body's own potential for regeneration.

The stay in the clinic is up to 2 hours.

Step 4: Observation and discharge.

In case of absence the other causes of infertility in both partners, pregnancy can occur naturally or as a result of IVF, if the couple previously have had unsuccessful attempts!

Also, you can end the IVF program at the clinic with their own embryos.

What medical services are included in the Endometrial Regeneration Program?

ilaya clinic

The program «Regeneration of the Endometrium» includes all the necessary examinations (more than 20 required tests), endometrial sampling, cultivation (cultivation) of the endometrium, hysteroscopy followed by the introduction of the endometrium, consultations and ultrasound.

* The program is based only on autologous (patient’s own cells).

Cellular therapy using autologous mesenchymal stem cells - A RELIABLE, SAFE AND EFFECTIVE METHOD OF TREATMENT UTERINE GENITAL INFERTILITY.

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