Cost of bone marrow transplant abroad

Bone marrow transplant

Bone marrow transplant is a treatment that involves transplanting blood stem cells into a patient. It is effective for hematological and autoimmune diseases. Most often, BMT is performed for leukemia, various forms of lymphoma, myeloma and anemia.

Thanks to a number of improvements, the scope of application of the technique has recently expanded significantly. Bone marrow transplantation has become possible for older patients. Also, the method is used to treat some cancers, in which transplantation was not previously used.

Despite the fact that TCM has become widespread throughout the world, the cost of the operation is still quite high.

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What determines the cost of a bone marrow transplant?

Reference. In addition to the operation itself, the total cost includes examination of the donor and recipient, keeping the patient in a sterile box, drug therapy, and nutrition.

The cost of an operation is influenced by many factors, including:

  • Diagnosis and stage of the disease;
  • The general condition of the patient;
  • The presence of complications;
  • Pricing policy of the selected clinic.

Also, the price of a bone marrow transplant depends on the method used to perform the intervention.

What are types of transplants and what are their costs?

Bone marrow transplant surgery

Radiation and chemotherapy are used to treat many types of cancer. But in the treatment of myeloma and lymphoma, these methods are effective only when using large doses. Low doses are useless in the treatment of these diseases. The danger of high dosages is that they often damage blood stem cells.

Therefore, in patients in advance, before undergoing such an aggressive therapeutic course, stem cells are taken and stored until the end of treatment. The cells are then returned. This type of transplant, during which the patient is implanted his own cells, is called autologous.

But for some diseases (for example, leukemia), the patient needs a donor bone marrow transplant. This type of transplant is called allogeneic. The donor's cells take over the functions of the host cells and also attack the damaged ones. When donor cells are used, the cost of a bone marrow transplant is different from that of an autologous transplant.

The donor can be a relative, not necessarily a blood relative. Sometimes stem cells are used, which are taken from the blood of the umbilical cord of newborns. But not in every country unrelated donorship is legal.

A transplant of your own stem cells will be cheaper than from a donor, especially an unrelated one.

You should also be aware that not every country will perform a child transplant. For example, in Turkey, only adult patients are accepted for treatment.

How much does a bone marrow transplant cost in different countries?

Transplantation is a complex and costly procedure. But in different countries, the cost of the operation is different, and quite significantly. In addition to the type of transplant, the cost of bone marrow transplantation will also depend on the need to select a donor.

We give an approximate cost of the procedure in different countries. This will make it possible to understand how much a bone marrow transplantation operation costs abroad and in our country.

Service price:

  • Germany - transplantation can be done here for 200-250 thousand euros. This cost includes payment not only for the operation, but also for the rehabilitation period, which takes a lot of time and requires complex immunosubstitution therapy;
  • Israel - the cost of transplantation will depend on the diagnosis and stage of the disease. In general, the operation will cost 100-150 thousand dollars, which is much cheaper than in Germany or the USA;
  • India – in Indian medical centers you will have to pay from 17 thousand USD for own stem cells transplantation. When transplanting donor cells, the operation will cost from 25 thousand USD;
  • Belarus - treatment in this country will cost 25% less than in Europe and is about 120 thousand dollars, including all associated costs. In addition, transplantation from unrelated donors is allowed in Belarus;
  • Ukraine - the cost of transplantation includes the cost of medicines, consumables and expensive laboratory tests. The approximate cost of treatment in the absence of complications is 100 thousand USD.

To make your path to health simple and comfortable, you must carefully weigh the pros and cons, and make the right choice, and also study the legislation of different countries in advance to see if this operation is allowed in them.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor