Cancer treatment in clinics of Poland

Cancer treatment in Poland

Poland is a country that has relatively recently become a full member of the European Union. In an effort to meet its high standards in the medical field, the country is still pursuing medical reform, constantly improving the quality of service provision.

Quite a lot has already been done in this area, so Poland is gaining increasing popularity among medical tourists. And there are reasons for this: the quality of services is not inferior to the leading European clinics, but the prices compared to other countries are low, due to the still not big popularity of Polish medicine.

One of the priority areas is oncology, in the development of which significant investments are directed. Its high level and low prices attract patients from all over the world to undergo cancer treatment in Poland.

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The benefits of cancer treatment in Poland

Oncology clinic equipment in Poland

The main advantages of the treatment of cancer in Poland include:

  • The compliance of Polish oncology centers with high European standards. The best practices and methods of treatment are universally adopted in cancer treatment;
  • The high level of qualification of medical staff. Polish oncologists constantly improve their qualifications, conduct scientific research, develop their own and adopt modern cancer treatment techniques from their European colleagues;
  • Relatively easy accessibility to Polish clinics. They are only gaining popularity, so there are still no long queues at leading Polish clinics;
  • The cost of oncology treatment in Poland is one of the lowest in the European Union. It is 80% lower compared to countries like Germany, Great Britain or Austria.

What treatments are used in Polish oncology centers?

Due to the high level of equipment of Polish clinics, most advanced methods of dealing with oncological diseases are used in the treatment of oncology clinics in Poland. We list only some of them:

  • Radiotherapy. Perhaps the most studied and mastered method of dealing with oncology. Is the most effective, well-tolerated by patients, ultimately improving the quality of life of the patient with a cancer treatment method;
  • Electrochemotherapy. New, modern technique used mainly in the treatment of formations of the skin. It allows you to control their development locally and prevent complications that are dangerous for the patient’s life;
  • Targeted therapy. The method of treatment, which is based on the fight against cancer at the molecular level. First, the molecular target is determined, and then it is subjected to a point attack with a personalized drug, the action of which is aimed solely at destroying the tumor cells;
  • Hyperthermia. The method, which is based on the impact on the cancer formations of thermal energy for their subsequent destruction;
  • Cryoablation It means destruction of malignant tumors by ultra low temperatures. It is quite effective in treatment tumors of small size;
  • Cyber knife. It is used in the treatment of tumors located in hard to reach places. Allows you to attack the affected tissue, without affecting the healthy areas;
  • Proton therapy. The technique combines high efficiency and safety of the treatment. The affected area is point-bombarded with protons, affecting only the affected areas.

Diagnosis of Oncology in Poland

Diagnosis of Oncology in Poland

Being confident that a comprehensive diagnosis is the key to effective treatment and the achievement of maximum results, Polish oncologists use all of its advanced techniques. The whole spectrum of laboratory and instrumental studies, involving specialists from related fields of medicine, is involved in determining the disease. A particularly important role in them is played by methods of visual determination of the ailment, such as: ultrasound, x-ray, computed tomography and MRI.

Modern technologies now serve the Polish oncologists well, greatly simplifying and improving the accuracy of diagnostic procedures. In oncological clinics in Poland, methods of researching hard-to-reach places in the patient's body are widely used like small capsules containing a miniature camera inside. The frames obtained with its help provide a detailed picture of the area affected by the malignant formation.

Another technique that specialists of Polish clinics have mastered is the analysis of tumor markers. It allows you to track the development of the disease in dynamics, to predict the success of treatment, on the basis of the results obtained to build a treatment strategy.

The cost of cancer treatment in clinics in Poland

Prices for cancer treatment in Poland are almost twice lower than the level of prices considered normal in the more developed countries of Europe and North America. Of course, the final cost of treatment will be determined on the basis of the diagnosis and the stage of the disease. We give an approximate prices:

  • Prostate cancer - from $ 1500;
  • Malignant tumors in the liver - from $ 1700;
  • The cervix - from $ 1700;
  • Breast cancer - from $ 2600;
  • Melanoma - from $ 2500.

But do not forget that for these relatively small money, patients receive a high level of effective treatment that is not inferior to leading European clinics.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor