Treatment in the best clinics in Germany

Treatment in Germany

Treatment in Germany is considered one of the best in the world. Medical institutions of this country, both private clinics and medical institutions at universities, have at their disposal the most modern equipment and advanced treatment methods. The latest developments in the field of world medicine in German clinics almost immediately become part of the standard of medical services. It is the factors that make treatment in clinics in Germany the most effective and popular among medical tourists.

Benefits of treating diseases in Germany

German medical and pharmacological sciences have reached world heights thanks to German pedantry and effort, coupled with the technological progress. Medical clinics in Germany adopt the most advanced techniques and bring them to perfection, providing the highest class medical services. There is no field of medicine in which German doctors would not occupy leading positions. Treatment in the best clinics in Germany is preferable for the following reasons:

  • Treatment using advanced medical practices. As soon as the new technique is certified, it immediately begins to be applied;
  • The level of equipment clinics. The most modern equipment and preparations are used for medical needs;
  • High professionalism of doctors. They have a long-term education in the best German universities and experience of a long internship in leading German clinics;
  • Diligent medical staff. The patient’s health and interests are put in the first place, therefore care is provided with German thoroughness.
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How to go to Germany for treatment from Ukraine?

Medical tourism in Germany from Ukraine

Although today it’s not difficult for a citizen of Ukraine to go to Germany for treatment on his own, as there is an agreement on visa-free travel between Ukraine and the countries of the European Union, you shouldn’t organize your trip yourself. Dealing with language and profile of treatment of a particular clinic can significantly delay the process in time. The best option would be to conclude an agreement with an agency that provides services of finding a clinic and organizing treatment abroad. The contract should specify the entire list of services provided, including the purchase of air tickets and accommodation options. In addition to the cost of treatment in Germany, you must also remember that the agency does not provide services free of charge and may require additional commission.

Therefore, in case of planning treatment in Germany for Ukrainians is a good option to use the services of the public organization "Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism." The organization’s services are free for patients; it is funded by the state to provide comfortable treatment for Ukrainian citizens abroad.

Leading German Medical Clinics

The best clinics in Germany

Clinics in Germany are the world's leading medical institutions. It does not matter whether it’s the university clinic or private one - the level of medical services is consistently high. As an example, here are just a few German medical clinics specializing in various fields of medicine:

  • It is better to entrust the treatment of cardiac diseases to the Berlin German Heart Center or the Heart Center located in the lands of North Rhine-Westphalia. This clinic performs complex cardiac operations at the highest level. The highest achievements of the center are considered to be a large number of successfully performed heart transplants;
  • The largest neurosurgical center in Europe is considered to be the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Cologne. In this medical institution,  complex brain operations are performed using modern magnetic resonance equipment that eliminates damage to healthy tissue;
  • The Diagnostic Clinic of the City of Wiesbaden specializes in conducting a comprehensive examination of patients, as well as in diagnosing patients with difficult cases who could not identify the illnesses in their home country.

Prices for treatment in German clinics

Prices for treatment in Germany are at the level above the average, but significantly lower than in England or Switzerland. In addition, they are fully consistent with the tariffs for medical services established at the state level. So patients can be assured that clinics are not interested in imposing unnecessary services in order to receive extra money. In addition, in most cases, treatment is started after the final tariffs are announced and the patient makes a 100% prepayment.

Approximate prices in clinics in Germany are as follows:

  • General examination of the patient - 2500-9000 EUR;
  • Examination of the cardiovascular system - from 5000 EUR;
  • Oncology detection - from 9000 EUR;
  • Heart surgery - from 20,000 EUR;
  • Removal of a malignant tumor - from 30,000 EUR.

The following factors influence the cost of treatment:

  • Reputation of clinic;
  • Location of clinic;
  • Diagnosis and conditions of stay in the clinic of a particular patient;
  • Type and level of services provided.

To determine the exact cost of treatment in clinics in Germany, you should contact the relevant agency with the results of surveys conducted at the place of residence. The agency, on the basis of the available documents, will be able to make a request to one of the specialized clinics to receive the cost of treatment in this particular case.

Violetta Yanyshevska
Violetta YanyshevskaAuthor and medical editor